MLB 07: The Show Review

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MLB 07: The Show
ESRB Rating:

Graphics: 4/5 This is a sports game that takes pride in its gameplay. The graphics are still nice. In a baseball game, weather elements play a role and it's obvious in this game. If it's a day game, the sunlight really is present. Players look realistic but some players are really different from their real-life counterparts. Another problem is that the audience are really just cardboard cutouts. When you hit a home run, the camera switches into a view wherein you get to see the expression of the batter. All in all, this is better than the MLB 06: The Show.

Gameplay 4.0/5 This is a game which offers lots of gameplay modes. The gameplay modes are: Exhibition(A Quick Game), Season(You get to play as your team without the managerial aspects), Career(There are two choices here: Road To The Show which is you only get to control your player. If it's a pitcher, you only pitch. The second choice is the Classic where you get to control the team all the time.), Manager Mode(The mode wherein you get to control the team with the managerial aspects. This aspects include prices of tickets, training your team, ball park improvements. . . the list goes on and on.), Home Run Derby(This is a mode wherein who hits the most home runs wins.) and the Rivalry Mode(You get to create rivalries between the teams.) In the game itself, you mostly press X when you pitch. You are offered pitch selections and you use the X, O, Triangle, Square and even R1 when you select the pitch. The gameplay is just really realistic. At times, there are glitches like you should have only hit a double but the game will consider it sometimes as a home run. Also, the ball should have gone deep but suddenly, it goes in the infield.

Sound 3/5 The weak spot of the game. The game soundtrack is poor. The only band that I consider as great is Jet, that Australian band who performed Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. Another bad thing is that MCR is included in the soundtrack. Commentary-wise though, it's merely a rehash of last year's version.

Replay 4/5 With the Career and Manager Modes present, you can play this game for a long time. With that said, you can even invite your friends(Hopefully, they know baseball) to play with you on your homes. It can bore you at times when you play alone most of the time. If you are lucky enough, you can go online and play against the world's other baseball videogame players.

Overall 4.0/5 This is a sports game which is really good. It's an improvement from the original. In the end, you just get the best of all MLB videogames out there.

This is Jet's Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. This song was featured in the game MLB 07: The Show. This song is taken from the Jet's latest album Shine On.


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