I admit that yesterday's entry was uncalled for. I mean, I think I crossed the line of some "borders" which shouldn't be conquered. If this said "border" is taken down, many things will be affected like respectability and credibility. I'm more into trouble now I presume.

Yesterday's entry though removed the excess baggage in my system. I don't think that it was the right thing to do though. I may have really crossed the line with the entry. If that's the price that I have to pay, so be it. I'm sorry though. But I think saying sorry adds insult to injury. But saying sorry also is important and I'm sincere about it.

This is now called "facing the music". I have to pay the consequences for what I did and that's the bottomline. I deserve it anyway.

On a lighter side though, I'm more comfortable now in doing some things and when I'm alone, I don't think of it too much.

NBA News:
The Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Detroit Pistons by the score of 87-91. LeBron James was the man for Cleveland. But a rookie named Daniel Gibson took the spotlight away from James as he made clutch jump shots and free throws to make Cleveland stay in the game. Series is now tied at 2 games apiece. This time though, the referees did a superb job on officiating the game. They engaged in non-partisan officiating. They were consistent and were not biased. Kudos referees!

This is all for now!


The Miscellaneous Entry

Now that school day is getting nearer and nearer, I want to do these adjutments:
1. Sleep early because my "biological clock" or "body clock" is still set at sleeping late at 2am.
2. Wake up early because I'm still used to waking up at 7am. I have to get used to waking up at 5am.
3. I have to get used to not using the cellphone because I won't be able to use it during the school year.
4. I have to CONTAIN and LOCK all the remaining emotions inside me. Why? This emotions caused my downfall last year. I learned my lesson and indeed, I rushed things. I feel sorry to myself. Very sorry indeed.
That's all for the adjustments.

Well, now that I'm still trying to forget, my mind has been boggled by it. I've been doing everything to cover it up but my sheer stupidity and hard-headedness prevails always. At times, I want to be invincible. I want to be invulnerable. I want to be a man who can be tough, strong and determined enough to beat those problems regarding the matters of the heart.

Removes the mask that has been covering the truth that I've been hiding.

I consider myself a failure at times because of all those things. I regret it at times but I should not regret it. At least I learned something right?I mean, I was just infatuated then I did that? I mean, man, that four-letter word makes a person do foolish things ha? I've been asking Ate Kat for some nuggets of wisdom and she was right. She said that I just have to be serious about my studies and when I do that, forgetting will follow. Hmm, going with the flow has been essential too. I mean, at times, I'm happy and sometimes I'm not. I mean, I have to do some "soul searching". Having chatmates have helped me. I have vowed not to do some idiotic things related with love but I have to control myself from not breaking that vow of mine. I'm sorry to myself but I'm okay now. I just have to release this statements and emotions subsequently to remove the pain inside. This indeed makes me wonder. Da*n!


Makes Me Wonder by Maroon 5. This is the No.1 song in the Hot 100 of the Billboard Charts.

The Lowdown

Some NBA News first:
1. The Utah Jazz were beaten by the San Antonio Spurs by the score of 91-79. Game was held in The Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah. The game was intense and close for let's say, 43 minutes of the game until Manu Ginobili, the Argentine guard of the Spurs, took over alongisde another Argentine, Fabricio Oberto who did the dirty work inside. I said that the game was intense and close for 43 minutes until the 44th minute came. Well, Manu Ginobili took over the game in a sense that he made the whole Jazz team lose their composure on their OWN COURT. People might say that Manu flopped and I agree. Because of his flopping, Derek Fisher's focus was alienated, distrubed and obviously, his game was off. A factor taken into consideration also was the REFEREES. The referees did a POOR JOB on officiating the game. I mean calling a second technical on Derek Fisher even though he already received his sixth foul which automatically ejects him, was so unfair. I mean, he did not even make a gesture which provoked the referees. Man, the Spurs will now surely win the series on Game 5.

2. Rashard Lewis has opted out of his contract with the Sonics. This means that he is now a free agent.

3. The Houston Rockets has officially fired head coach Jeff Van Gundy. They have now hired Rick Adelman, the former head coach of the Kings, to do the coaching duties.

4. The Charlotte Bobcats have hired former Mavs assistant Sam Vincent as their head coach. Former head coach Bernie Bickerstaff will now do managerial duties only.

WWE News:
1. The Draft Day comprising all three brands, namely Raw, Smackdown and ECW, will be two weeks from now.

2. John Cena and Bobby Lashely lost to the trio of Umaga, Shane McMahon and The Great Khali on Raw's main event earlier.

3. Well, there are now rumors that Edge will face Benoit after Benoit rematches with MVP for the U.S Title so stay tuned!

This is is for now!


Some WWE News

Here are the latest developments in WWE:


The agents like Dave Kapoor (Runjin Singh) as The Great Khali's manager because he can speak Punjab & Hindi and Khali doesn't know much English. Also, Kapoor is better at explaining finishes and match layouts to him.

The agents were negative on using Daivari as Khali's manager because they thought he yelled too much in his promos and didn't act cowardly enough. That pretty much explains why they were broken up as a tandem when Khali was moved to Raw.


Due to the incredible lack of depth on the heel side of Raw's women division, it kind of forces Melina to be focused on because they don't really have any other options. Also, Melina has a better personality and gets more heat from the audience than Victoria, which explains why she gets the nod over her. Melina is kind of like the female version of Randy Orton in a way because the depth issue forces her to be focused on.


Yes, the Draft Lottery might be back on Raw's episode tomorrow. I'll just update tomorrow about this though.

Six Weird Things About Me

I got tagged by Kevin so it means that I have to reveal the six weird things about me. But before I mention them, I would mention the necessary rules to be followed.

Each player of this games starts with 6 weird things about you. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

1. When there is a game featuring the Golden State Warriors during the Playoffs, I would wear a yellow t-shirt to signify that I'm a Warriors fan and I shout at the top of my lungs shouting the following: "Screen harder!", "Wake up Warriors!", "We Believe!", "Baron Davis go go go!" and of course, "Warriors, please beat the hell out of the Mavs!". Because of these words, I got scolded by my parents! Seriously!

2. I cried really da*n hard when my Mother said that since I couldn't snap my fingers when I was a child(until now), I would die due to lack of blood circulation! Well, why did I believe my Mom? It's because when I was a child, I was taught that I should always believe what my parents say ALL THE TIME.

3. When I was a child, I thought that the chants of basketball crowds of "DEFENSE!" was "SIGE!" accompanied with the beating of the drums.

4. While walking around the mall during it's opening hours, I talked to the security guard and you know what? The security guard thought that I was a foolish man because I'm talking to him.

5. During the Commencement exercises for the honor pupils in my first year days, hmm... the teacher said that the Perfect Attendance pupils will line up. I didn't hear when we'll line up so much to my dismay, I PROUDLY lined up and the said teacher scolded me for being a foolish guy.

6. When I was watching a soccer game before, I thought that the crowd was ridiculous saying those chants. Well, to justify my point, I said these words: "Bolang, bolang, bolang, bolang yung mga tao sa crowd" But then, I started to love watching soccer even more and I finally know the reason behind those hard-to-understand chants, it's somewhat a ritual and it's really important to be said.

Well, I won't stop just yet. I would share more things about me:
7. I had eaten lasagna before. The weird thing is that I combined it with rice. Yes, I combined it with rice.

8. Another is I combined longanissa and sardines with tausi in a sandwich. Definitely disgusting right?

Well, this is all I can say for now.


Okami Review

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
DEVELOPER: Clover Studios
ESRB Rating: Teen

When I was strolling along the videogame shops in the mall, this game suddenly piqued my interest. And why is that so? It's because of the way the wolf is done in the cover art. Nifty cel-shaded graphics is what I expected and that's what I received. Being a game developed by Clover Studios, the guys who developed Viewtiful Joe, I expect this game to be loads of fun and I wasn't wrong! Now the review shall we?

The game starts off with a long introduction presenting the game's strongest point: "cel-shaded interactivity". The prologue might be long but it is essential to the story. The prologue is about a peaceful town which went berserk thanks to this dreaded 8-headed monster, Orochi. Then, a wolf named Shiranui with the help of a mortal named Nagi, klled Orochi and peace was observed in the town again. 100 years have passed and then someone set the cursed monster, Orochi, free again and the whole Nippon continent is in darkness again. Shiranui's dead body(He died due to a disease), was enshrined and turned into a statue. Because of the turmoil caused by Orochi, Shiranui was encarnated in the form of another wolf whose name I won't divulge just yer. Then, Sakuya, a goddess of the forest, tells you your mission: To restore peace in the whole Nippon continent. This is the time you meet yuor sidekick, Issun who's kinda annoying and green-minded. Then, you get to do some early gameplay mechanics. As you see, I've said "cel-shaded interactivity" earlier, why is this so? It's because in the game Okami, you get to use "Brush Techniques" wherein you use a paint brush to progress in the game- even in the battles!

Now the name of the wolf. The wolf's name is actually Amaterasu or Ammy for short. Amaterasu is actually a sun god! The first Brush Technique you will do(There are 13 of them) is called Rejuvenation. It restores destroyed infrastructure like destroyed bridges.

So much for spoiling now. The exploration is one of the best that I've ever seen! It's the Zelda of PS2 mind that. Lots of secrets are about to be found. Also, a nifty Zelda touch is that you also have a sidekick in the person of Issun just like Zelda's fairy sidekick Navi. This game really is one of the best that I've ever seen.

Now the downsides, the battles are easy even the boss fights. Also, camera issues at times. But aside from these niggles, it's a game that you'll love and cherish!

Nifty cel-shaded graphics everyone!
One of the best that I've played!
SOUND- 80%
The dialogue sounds annoyed me but aside from that, it's atmospheric.
GORE- 30%
Beating monsters to a pulp sure looks nice but without blood that is.
One of the best PS2 games out there!


I'm UPBEAT, EXCITED, HAPPY... what a day!

" I'm lost without you. Can't help myself. How does it feel? To know that I loved you baby!"
- Robin Thicke's Lost Without You -

This entry will be an upbeat one- an entry contained without any other emotion aside from BLISS, HAPPINESS, and CHEERFULNESS.

There are just wherein after I reflect on a very serious statement, I become happy, an energized person. What are my parameters regarding being happy? Well, it has to do with OPTIMISM, EXPRESSION OF CONFIDENCE, EASILY BRUSHES OFF PRESSURE AND SO ON AND SO FORTH.

Well, I'm just really happy because I finally solved that statement said by Gelli to me last night regarding life being unfair at times. Well, having solved the problem successfully, I will use the "answer" to the statement as a motivation for me to be better... better in a sense that I will make wiser decisions in the future... better in a sense that I won't commit risky decisions that often.

I'm excited because I want to go to school and see my friends especially Patrick Andrew Del Rosario! LOL! Heck, when Patrick and I chat, we chat as if we haven't seen each other for ages already!

I'm upbeat because I will do some exciting things tomorrow like playing with my siblings in the outdoors. Heck, this is already exciting because our dog plays with us so we have to hustle to retrieve that good ol' shuttlecock fast.

To sum it up, I just really had a good day.

This is it.




"I got a problem and I don't know what to do about it. Even if I did, I don't know if I would quit but I doubt it. I'm taken by the thought of it, and I know this much is true"
- an excerpt from Ne-Yo's Because of You -

It's already May 23, 2007 and that's exactly 11 days, 244 hours, 14640 minutes and 878400 seconds before June 4, 2007. Whoa! The time left is maybe not enough for me to do some "last-minute enjoying". Heck, I'm now getting excited to see my friends again after a loooooong time.

"Just go with the flow of things"
- Celine -

This was the advice given to me by cLn about my lingering problems. Now that this was said, I've followed this advice and I am reaping benefits from it. I'm feeling better than before and I'll just go with the flow and take things in stride. Hopefully, I can attain success this school year.

1. RVD and Sabu are officially released by WWE. Da*n it! WWE is going nuts isn't it? But still with Edge being the World Heavyweight Champ will suffice the disappointments for now.

2. Media's election coverage has been superb. Kudos to all those news networks!

3. Now that school is near, I want to finish Okami this week!

4. Forum posting is still good!

5. Jordin Sparks will win American Idol but Blake Lewis is my bet! Talk about being a fanatic!

6. Tim Duncan is too much for the Utah Jazz to handle. Spurs will win the series in 4 or or 5 or 6 games.

7. The Cavs and Pistons series will be a tightly-contested one. Detroit wins in 6 or 7 games.

8. The Portland Trailblazers officially have the No.1 pick in the NBA Draft and that means a chance to pick highly-touted center Greg Oden.

9. Philippine Basketball must improve heavily. I still have my faith on the National team though.

10. Sore losers- politicians per se, must stop crying they were cheated if ever they lose in the elections. They must acceft defeat with grace.

This is it for now!


Just arrived at home...

" If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?"
- Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol -

After 3 days and 2 nights, we finally went home after a well-needed outing in Subic. I really had fun there! I took some pics but I won't upload them because of some certain reasons. Heck, I just really had a good time there and made me feel great! I'm feeling well now and it's just like that I can conquer any obstacle now. It looks like I've regained my confidence in the end.

The house where we stayed at during the outing was so huge! The house was owned by the boss of my Dad. Traditionally, only the family would stay but this time around, the friends of my Dad and Mom, who consequently are my Titos and Titas, joined the fun this time.

While traveling, I kinda fell dizzy but thanks to Mentos, the #1 Freshmaker, I felt ok the rest of the way. Once we arrrived in the house, we ate some snacks and did our thing subsequently. I just played some PS2 games and then slept.

The children of a Tita of mine were really fun to be with. Heck, one of them even blamed his sister for not voting Zeke of PBB fame to enter the PBB house anew. The boy, named Anton, said with gusto: "Ikaw kasi Kin 'di mo binto si Zeke! Tingnan mo tuloy ang nangyari!" Heck, after this was said, everyone in the house laughed so hard! Sleeping time came and the room was really cold and I can't seem to sleep but thanks to some boring music and I finally got my sleep.

Well, earlier, we just played billiards once we woke up and then swam in the pool and gathered some seashells and stones. After all those stuff, we packed our stuff, which were lots BTW. After that was done, we went off and after the long time traveling, I'm happy to arrive at the house safe and sound.




This just means that I won't be able to update this blog for three days. We will be going to Subic to have a R&R(Relax and Recreation). I'll just try to upload some pics here.

See ya soon mates! Savvy?


"Love transforms our lives and connects it with others"
an excerpt from a story from Reader's Digest

"If you judge people, you have no time to love them"
Mother Teresa

Now the usual stuff...
CURRENTLY DOING: Chatting, listening to music, Internet surfing, forum posting
NOW LISTENING TO: Because of You by Ne-Yo

Now the entry...

Yesterday's entry was for me, a necessary thing to be done. There is still pain inside me. There is still the feeling of being upset. There is still the uneasiness inside me. There is still the discontentment. Disappointment still lurks inside my system. I'm hurt. I'm unwell obviously.

As you can see, I liked a girl who was very nice and beautiful. Heck, at first, I didn't mind all those rejections that I've received. I was really just taking it seriously but still it looks like that I was unfazed at all. I've doubted my feelings in the first place but I took a huge risk- a risk that made my life uneasy. I regret doing those asking that one DREADFUL question to the person. Heck, I shouldn't have done it in the first place. My sheer stupidity got the best of me. Yes, sheer stupidity- the trait that caused all my misfortunes in the first place. I thought it was love but persons that I've "consulted" to tell the opposite. So it looks like a wrong move in the end.

These certain misfortunes are now making my life tough. Heck, if I will find someone else, then I just used the person as a "covering" for the pains. That's wrong. If moving on is the solution, how would I do it? Being busy? I don't think so. Why? When I do times, thoughts of her suddenly invade my brain. Avoiding contact or communication? I can't do that. I'm not even mad at the person then I would do that?!? That just doesn't make sense. Maybe what a friend of mine said which is "Just act normally and time will heal those pains and wounds." You know what, I've read lots of books that told the same thing.

This is already a tough time for me considering the fact that I'm not yet really in good terms with my Mom but the effort is there. Also, a friend told me that the person isn't ready to have a relationship then why did I still do that? I'm pretty miserable now.

When I'm alone, what comes into my mind is thoughts of obviously... her. If the person gets mad, I'm sorry. This is it for me. I want to expire from this world. Seriously, I can't handle lots of problems at the same time.

This is it for now. Bye. Savvy?


"Give me something to believe in 'cause I don't believe in you anymore anymore"
Makes Me Wonder by Maroon 5

Hmm, this entry won't be about my life just yet. I'd rather post something different for this entry now.

A shocker happened in American Idol. Highly-expected to be a part of the finale, Melinda Doolittle was booted out of the show. I was extremely shocked! When Jordin was told she was safe, I said to myself that it would be an all-girl showdown. Then Melinda gets called, I said uh-oh. I was really expecting that Blake would be eliminated when Melinda was called. I was expecting Ryan Seacrest to say "Melinda, you are safe" but that didn't materialize. Now this season wouldn't be predictable after all. Good thing, Maroon 5 performed live and sang "Makes Me Wonder". Ü

About the elections this time around, Fr. Ed's margin over Lilia Pineda has been lower and the race is now closer than before.

According to reports, "Blueboy" is winning the mayoral race. While "Tarzan" Lazatin is leading the congressional race.

Now, the senatorial race quick counts. According to NAMFREL, it's still 8-2-2 in favor of GO. Da*n it. But the quick count stated that only 16.37% of all the presincts in the country were counted so there is STILL lots of hope.




"The right person will come to the person in the least unexpected way"
My textmate

CURRENTLY DOING: Downloading songs from Timbaland's latest album "Shock Value", chatting, Internet surfing, forum posting
LISTENING TO: Give It To Me by Timbaland featuring Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake and Break It Off by Rihanna featuring Sean Paul

At the beginning of the day, I was upbeat. I was excited. I was happy. I was really just happy when I woke up. Afternoon came, I'm still cheerful. Heck, I was really just having fun.

Then, evening came and someone texted me and we then talked about love. Then, it suddenly went downhill. Heck, for reasons unknown, my past troubled me AGAIN for the nth time. My textmate sensed it and the textmate said if I'm really serious about love, I should do everything to show how I feel. But, I've lost my self-confidence during those tumultuous times in the past. This summer, I've said to myself, that during the school year, my commitment will be more serious than before.

Back to the textmate thing. The said textmate said if the need for moving on arises, I have to do it. I asked how. The person replied that I must be busy. But being busy for me is not the solution. Heck, I'm just really frustrated and upset in a sense that I don't have a sense of direction in terms of love.

Sad because my past is still troubling me up to this moment. I've been asking myself this question: "To find someone else or to move on". I've tried both options and I've failed. My sense of commitment and detemination in doing both options was HIGH but still I failed. How come it happened like that? I just really need answers.

Hurt because those painful moments have been taking their toll on me. I try to shield them by putting a "mask" on my soul but it still won't work. Do I have to "face the music" to solve the problem? I just really don't know.

This is it for now. Bye mates! Savvy?



NEWS #1: As of the recent quick count results, GO is dominating the senatorial race.
MY THOUGHTS: Oh men! This is certainly not good. The voters simply don't realize that GO's ONLY AGENDA is TO OVERTHROW THE ARROYO ADMINISTRATION. And oh yeah, the GO lineup features CONSPICUOUS PERSONS like that Trillanes, Legarda and I forgot, if ever they will lose, they will whine about cheating. TYPICAL POLITICS!

NEWS #2: Fr. Ed Panlilio is leading the quick count results in the race for the Governor
MY THOUGHTS: Hopefully, he doesn't get victimized by cheating and fraud. Fr. Ed, if he ever wins, is the positive aura that Pampanga politics need. He run because of conscience and he has this charisma which makes him a viable choice.

NEWS #3: Lazatin is leading in the Congressional race
MY THOUGHTS: Hmm... I've heard reports that there was this nuisance candidate wherein his nickname was also "Blueboy" and his surname is also "Nepomuceno". What a report that was and heck, the Pampanga voters are Team Unity voters.

FACT #1: Tessie Aquino-Oreta and Tito Sotto got berated BUT Loren Legarda didn't receive bickering.
MY THOUGHTS: This has something to do with the Impeachment case against Erap during Erap's term. Tessie did a dance while Legarda cried when the envelope wasn't opened. Now look at them, especially Legarda, switched sides. Wow! Talk about some political alliance serving personal interests. What an ironical event that is. Heck, oppositonists are fools. Why don't they just shut up and do something great and just help the administration?Case in point.

FACT #2: Election violence has been a major problem
MY THOUGHTS: The international community is concernced about this and they should be. The casualties have reached 100 plus. That's bad. The Jonas Burgos case has to be solved pronto.



Kinda tired...

Today, we went to SM City North Edsa and went to various stores. Heck, those comic books are darn expensive. My legs were tired after the walking. I bought some clothes. I really need them! Heck, The Block was so nice! So big, full of space and really cold! There are also lots of stores especially Fully Booked(Damn! The prices are a killer to my wallet!). Heck, seeing The Company perform some songs was a plus.

We ate our lunch in the food court specifically in that Jollibee store there. We ate our dinner in Shakey's. Hmm... my legs are kinda wobbly thanks to all those walking. We really spent a long time in that Surplus Store just because we were choosing and buying consequently lots of clothes. We didn't spend lots of time in the National Bookstore because it was hot there and I was having hiccups that time.

One bummer was that it was raining when we were going to The Block. Heck, I really got wet just because of the rain. Another is that those hiccups. One is, I think I overate. Damn it.

The experience was nice! I really needed it for me to refresh my mind. Mother's Day is coming and I'm kinda not excited yet still I'm excited. How stupid of me. Anyway, maybe my brain isn't functioning well at this moment. Heck, I'm kinda happy now but still tired.

In the upcoming days, I'll read some guides about adding a second sidebar in my blog. Hopefully, it will work out. I already have lots of ideas for this blog but those darn HTML codes are nerve wracking and they are doing one heckuva job destryoing my patience.

This is all for now. See ya mates! Savvy?


The Untitled Post

I can't really seem to find a suitable title for this post so I just named it as "The Untitled Post". I will be posting a pic which made me laugh so hard. Here it is:

Heck. so this is now how they express their feelings for the U.S soldiers. LOL! Well, this photo made me LOL to the max.

Now the usual stuff that I type before the main part of the entry...
CURRENTLY DOING: Blogging and forum posting

Last night, while I was about to finish my third post for this blog, I had a fight with my Mom. So I had to cut that entry short. I'll just edit it later. Now, I'll just post something about my fave musicians.

1. Justin Timberlake- This former N* Sync band member surely has the chops to be a solo artist. He has already produced two successful albums which are both produced by Timbaland. This albums are "Justified" and of course "FutureSex/LoveSounds". With Timbaland's genius recording, his latest album "FutureSex/LoveSounds" was a smash hit. My fave songs from this guy are "Sexy Back", "What Goes Around... Comes Around" and his latest single "Summer Love".

2. Maroon 5- this band formerly known as Kara's Flowers garnered its big fan base thanks to their smash hit "This Love" from their "Songs About Jane" album. Lead singer Adam Levine has this voice which is good. I love all their songs especially their latest single "Makes Me Wonder" from their latest album "It Won't Be Soon Before Long".

3. Coldplay- One of my fave bands ever! It has Chris Martin doing the vocal chores and some piano. Hits from this band are "In My Place", which by the way, made them popular in the first place. Another is Yellow also from their first album. From their X&Y album, I like Speed of Sound.

4. U2- Bono... Bono... Bono! This band entered the music scene in the 1980s with their first single "New Year's Day". This band was known for Bono's humanitarian views and even made a song about his(Bono) nation. That song produced was entitled "Sunday Bloody Sunday". This band has garnered lots of worldwide praise and has received lots of music awards. Their latest album features 18 of their prominent hits and is entitled U218 Singles.

5. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus- I only knew this band thanks to those Billboard charts. I really love their song Face Down from the album "Don't You Fake It" .

6. The Fray- Coldplay-like style of playing. With Isaac Slade playing the piano, it really just looks like a Coldplay look-alike. Their smash hits are "How To Save A Life" and "Over My Head".

7. Linkin Park- I've never ceased liking this band after all those years. They already released 3 albums which are: Hybrid Theory, Meteora and their latest album Minutes To Midnight. My fave song from this band is Numb.

8. Good Charlotte- this band has already released 3 albums. Notable albums from this band are The Young and The Hopeless, Chronicles of Life and Death, and the latest album Good Morning Revival. I love the song Keep Your Hands Off My Girl from this band.

9. Typecast- I really like The Boston Drama and Will You Ever Learn. The band members are thin though.

10. Fall Out Boy- Oh men! Two words: Awesome band! It features Patrick Stump as the vocalist and Pete Wentz as the bassist. Their latest single is Thnks Fr Th Mmrs from their newest album Infinity On High. They also make a record with Timbaland in Timbaland's latest album "Shock Value".

11. Timbaland- This rapper/producer is one of the best! He has produced lots of smash hit singles. He was the man responsible on Justin Timberlake's albums and Nelly Furtado's album "Loose".

12. Nelly Furtado- This singer, who according to my research is JT's girlfriend, first entered the music scene with her hit "I'm Like A Bird" from her first album "Folklore". Her second album flopped though. Because of this, she sought Timbaaland's services and it surely paid off. I like the song "Say It Right" from her "Loose" album.

13. Nickelback- This band famous single "How You Remind Me" was their supposedly last single. After this single, the band faded away and said they disbanded. In 2006, they got together again and released their new album "All The Right Reasons" featuring the single "Photograph" amongst others. The band won "The Rock Album of The Year" in 2006 besting Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Stadium Arcadium".

14. Incubus- This band accumulated success thanks to its single Drive by its Make Yourself album. The band released the album Light Grenades in 2006. I really love the single Megalomaniac from this band. This single was from its "A Crow Left Of The Murder" album.

15. Akon- One of the best rappers in the generation. His new album, Konvicted, has garnered lots of success worldwide. My fave song from this guy is Don't Matter.

16. Adam and Andrew- Emo songs at its best baby!

17. Evanescence- One of the best bands which has a female vocalist. Amy Lee really has a nice voice. Famous songs from this band are: "Bring Me To Life", which by the way, was featured in the 2002 version of WWE's No Way Out PPV. Another famous song is "My Immortal". The band has two albums out. One is "Fallen" which was no. 3 in the Hot 200 of the Billboard charts and their newest album, "The Open Door".

18. Gwen Stefani- The former No Doubt vocalist surely is famous worldwide. Her first solo effort, "Love.Angel.Music.Baby" enjoyed critical success worldwide. The first single from the aforementioned album was "Holla Back Girl". Her sophomore album, "The Sweet Escape", even bested the sales of her first one. The first single from the second album is "Wind It Up". What I like about this singer is the way her videos are presented. They are presented in a lively manner, IMO, they are expressed creatively. Try listening to "The Sweet Escape", her second single from her second album in which she collaborated with Akon.

19. My Chemical Romance- Emo rock at its best! IMO though, they are better during their Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge days. It composes of Gerald Way as the vocals and mikey Way as the drummer. I'm still digging more info for this band though. Try listening to "Teenagers" from their phenomenal album, "The Black Parade". "The Black Parade" has garnered lots of phenomenal and critical success worldwide.

20. Robin Thicke- This R'n'B guy has this soothing voice. His latest single, "Lost Without You", has been the no.1 in the R'n'B charts in the U.S.

21. 311- I love this band because of the songs "Love Song" which by the way was featured in the 50 First Dates Soundtrack and the song "Amber".

22. Bamboo- This band really rocks. Their songs talk about some social issues(listen to Tatsulok) and some life-related topics. This band has Bamboo Mañalac as the vocalist. Bamboo was the former vocalist of Rivermaya. This band's first album, "As The Music Plays" was a success and their sophomore effort, "Light Peace Love" was also a success. Now, their latest effort "We Stand Alone Together" is also a huge success.

23. Rivermaya- I like this band in its Bamboo-era days. The band nowadays has gone like err... some emo type band but still impressive. It now has Rico Blanco doing the vocalist's chores.

24. Blue October- If you are looking for some relaxing alternative songs, then listen to the songs from this band especially the songs "Hate Me" and "Into The Ocean".

25. John Mayer- This singer/songwirter first used an acoustic guitar in his songs. But as his songwriting matured, he used an electric guitar to add more "edge" to his music. Try listening to "Waiting For The World To Change" from his successful album, "Continuum".

This will be edited in a while.

NBA Updates:
Golden State lost again to Utah. This time, Derek Fisher was the spark that the Jazz needed.

Chicago lost to Detroit. Detroit now leads 3-0.


What's interesting me at this moment . . .

This picture depicts a scene from the comic version of Spiderman. The guy in the lowest comic pane is Morlun. He removed Spidey's left eye much to Peter's dismay. The scene is bloody isn't it? Well, there are already lots of Spidey comics out there and I wana buy one haha.

Here are some news about Mr. Rob Van Dam leaving the WWE:

As things currently stand, Rob Van Dam will be finished with WWE after the One Night Stand pay-per-view on June 3rd in Jacksonville, Florida. While WWE Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis was told to re-sign RVD and made an effort to do so, negotiations have ended, and RVD will be leaving the company.

Bad blood has brewing between Laurinaitis and RVD since Laurinaitis was going over the new company policy that talent could not leave the arena on TV days due to the fact that Sylvan Grenier got a speeding ticket after rushing back to the arena after leaving to go to the gym. During the meeting, RVD sarcastically asked the question if they could go to the gym in the morning before the shows.

Perhaps the breaking point in Van Dam’s relationship with WWE occurred after he learned of the re-forming of ECW and asked to get off of the RAW brand to head the resurrection of ECW and what really happened after that. Also, RVD had asked for time off after signing, citing how WWE offered Big Show a deal where he’d be paid for merchandising rights without having to work for a year. People within WWE felt that to be a dangerous precedent and refused to add that stipulation to his contract.

RVD felt that WWE had limited what he can do in the ring and refused to push him in comparison to Bobby Lashley, when Van Dam felt like he was over way more than Lashley. While RVD’s WWE finale will be before his contract actually expires, he’ll be paid until the end of his contract, but will be off of television to prevent him from working with TNA fresh off his stint with WWE.

At this point RVD is looking at working a limited schedule and make some money from special appearances and autograph signings. RVD also wants to take some time to spend with his wife, whom he has said to love to death, and hates being away from.

Source: www.rajah.com

This show is one of my faves! It stars Raven Symoné as Raven Baxter. This gal is so good. She can impersonate lots of jobs like a lawyer(in last night's episode, she imperosnated a lawyer and that impersonation is so damn good). That episode last night really was hilarious and kept me awake.


THIRD POST... w00tness

Before anything else, this blogsite of mine in Blogger has been so good. Problem is... it doesn't upload music unlike Xanga. I have to do some surfing in Imeem for music purposes. Bummer.

Now the usual stuff before the main part of the entry...
NOW DOING: Chatting with Jeff(Look at his blogsite. It's in my LOOK AT THESE sidebar), forum posting, watching Disney Channel and doing some downloading
YM STATUS: Diego Corrales 1977-2007 R.I.P
CHATTING ABOUT: My YM status, Timbaland, Akon, Soccer(Chelsea, Arsenal and Man United)

Now the entry...
First, the image header in this blog is my signature in the forums I'm registered at.
Second, I made another blog because I miss doing some posts in Blogger.
Third, heck, the Blogger site has to be improved. In the afternoon, the site botches up. WTH is that!
Fourth, just comment about my blog in the cbox located on the left side.

NBA Updates:
1 Detroit vs 5 Chicago
Detroit leads 2-0
My comment so far: Chicago's backcourt has been limited by the defense of the Pistons. Prince has been on fire on the first two games and Chicago has to contain the whole starting unit of Detroit because one of them can change the complexion of the game in the blink of an eye

2 Cleveland vs 6 Toronto
Cleveland leads 1-0
My comment so far: The Cavs' defense in Game 1 was spectacular. They defended the paint well. LeBron James' cold shooting was remedied by his supporting cast. Defense would be the key in this series

8 Golden State vs 5 Utah
Utah leads 1-0
My comment so far: Chaos vs structure. The Golden State team likes running and running and making plays at times without using playsets. They play small with Al Harrington as the Center. The Jazz have to make the Warriors pay for going small with Boozer and Okur. Okur can stretch defenses but Game 1 was close. It was a matter of shot selection.

2 Phoenix vs 3 San Antonio
Spurs leads it 1-0
My comment so far: Offense vs Defense. High scoring game is the Suns' liking. Score in the 80s is the Spurs' forte. Nash's play proves to be the key. If he was not sidelined for 45 seconds in Game 1, we would have seen a dramatic finish. Barbosa has to improve. The Suns have to limit the speedster Tony Parker's penetrations and kickout passes.

Oh yeah, tomorrow is enrollment day. But I've already enrolled so all I need to get is the books. Hmm... hopefully, tomorrow would be a great day.

Bull's Eye! See ya mates! Savvy?

Diego Corrales R.I.P 1977-May 8, 2007

Read the title of this entry and it's obvious. This is a sad day for boxing indeed. Diego "Chico" Corrales died because of a three-vehicle accident in Las Vegas. This man was a good boxer with a 40-5 record.

One of his memorable matches was his match against Jose Luis Castillo wherein he was knocked down twice but still fought and got the victory. This match btw, was the Match of the Year in 2005.

Boxing fans will surely miss you.

R.I.P Diego Corrales

For those who are intersted to read the story behind the accident, here's the link:

My Spidey Sense is tingling... Spiderman 3 mode haha

Hmm... I REALLY THINK that there WILL BE a Spiderman 4. My basis for this is that symbiote with Peter Parker's professor. The said symbiote still hasn't found its host. And by the way, that symbiote will turn into Lizardman or possibly Carnage(w00t!). Heck, I really love Spidey!

My fave songs as of the moment: Give It To Me by Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake; Thnks Fr Th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy; Because of You by Ne-Yo; How To Save A Life by The Fray; Mr. Brightside by The Killers; What I've Done by Linkin Park; One Step Closer by Linkin Park; Lying From You by Linkin Park; Makes Me Wonder by Maroon 5 and many other more.

Heck, I'm currently doing some forum posting and watching PBB. Heck, finally, my Nokia 7650 is now changed. My phone is now a Nokia 6600. Not that flashy but still functional hehe. Hmm... school will be back after 3 weeks. Heck, I'm not yet ready. I feel so sorry to that PBB Housemate who has hormonal imbalance. Heck, that's the first time I've heard that disease.

Finally, after hours of levelling up to level 94 in Kingdom Hearts 2, we defeated Sephiroth. That guy is damn strong. Heck, I feel so good. Oh by the way, Makes Me Wonder by Maroon 5 is now the number one in the Billboard charts.

American Idol this time... I expected that Phil Stacey and Chris Richardson would be eliminated. For me, the bomb was Blake's creative and explosive rendition of Bon Jovi's You Give Love A Bad Name. Hopefully, Blake goes to the finals and kicks the hell out of Melinda but that would be a daunting task so please America vote a lot!

Hopefully, I can watch that movie entitled Surf's Up and that Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End. Heck, this will be two good movies in my humble opinion.

Hmm... hopefully I can shed some weight because it looks like that the vice versa is happening to me. Damn.

I'll just update about WWE soon.



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