"Happiness is a choice"
-Bo Sanchez-

"Your attitudes and behaviors toward other people can be expressions of corruption, decay, and death or expressions of life."
-Charles Stanley-

In life, we certainly face some challenges and sometimes, we think of life as a bed of roses. When we face challenges, we tend to give up and just do nothing at all. This is certainly the wrong attitude in facing problems. We certainly have to face things with conviction, with a purpose, with a mission, with a sense of urgency, with confidence, with a clever mind, with a planned action, with a clear conscience, and with an untainted faith in God.

Life typically is boring. But then, we can have a choice on how we live it right, ladies and gentlemen? We always have a choice. Remember that. We certainly always have a say about the way we handle things, situations, events and the like. The quote that you can see in the beginning of this entry talks about happiness. If we are to look at life, normally it is boring, nothing and simply empty. It all depends on our principles, perceptions, opinions, and beliefs on how we live it. It all depends on the aforementioned things on how our life would turn out. As Bo Sanchez said, "Happiness is a choice". It really just depends on us.

One common mistake among us is that we say "No choice". This is certainly wrong. We always have a choice. Our life is, by nature, an entity that can only be described on how we play it. Think of it as a team comprising of a roster of players. We then play the role of the team owner. We simply do what we think is right and just see on how it folds out. That essentially is life right? We do something and wait for the results of our action right? That simply justifies the fact that there is simply no saying such as "No choice."

I also believe in the principle "Everything that happens has a corresponding purpose that comes with it." I have carried this principle since my Grade 6 days - the days wherein I first matured as a human being, as a social being, and as a spiritual being. When we face problems, we connect it to evil which will then to the connotation that the devil is hounding our lives. This simply must stop. As I've said, everything has its corresponding reasons. With God in our side, we must not be afraid. We must not be rattled by problems. In fact, when problems come, I firmly believe that God simply wants us to grow out of the shell. God simply wants us to be stronger. We simply must be prepared for everything.

The saying by Charles Stanley, in my opinion, talks about everything that we do creates an impression, a reputation to other people. So we must be careful in everything that we do. Yes, we have the freedom. But then, we also must follow its concurring responsibilities for us to safeguard this liberty given to us by the Lord Almighty. We all have the right to say everything we want but we also must be careful since we might be putting our money where our mouth is in the least unexpected moment. Think of that.

In the end, life is simply a wide matter to be discussed. These are just my opinions.


"I don't mind spending everyday. Out on your corner in the pouring rain. Look for the girl with the broken smile. Ask her if she wants to stay awhile. She will be loved! She will be loved!"
- Maroon 5's smash hit, "She Will Be Loved" from their album, Songs About Jane -

Today, Exodus won their very first contest in terms of culminating activity types. That contest I'm talking about is the Katutubong Sayaw contest in the Buwan ng Wuka held every August so as to live out the Filipino spirit.

Well, this day is really happy. I am actually doing now some things so as for me to be closer with her. Oh man! It is really a fun and a learning experience that has left me feel worry-free and certainly relaxed.

Lunch time was super great! I just really tried everything to be close and I even shared something. But then, the plan for tomorrow is scrapped since it is our recollection tomorrow. I just really hope that September will be a good month to me.

Also, I am feeling well. I am in the Honor Roll for this grading period and that certainly is woot! I need not to say goodbye to this computer, to my cellphone, to my iPod, and to my PS2. Whew! What a great relief!

When High School Musical 2 is shown in Disney Channel, I would simply not watch it because it is simply overrated, shitty and loads of crap. It really is not a musical and Vanessa Anne Hudgens looks constipated and simply sucks.

Tomorrow, we will be having our recollection from 8 A.M to 3 P.M. I just really hope that I will have a nice experience tomorrow. Also, earlier, the subjects were simply 30 minutes only! Woot! Thanks to that culminating activity, we really had some short discussions. But then, there's a bummer that follows. Our C.L.E teacher told us that we have to read this pages blah blah blah. Mah gawd!

I am thinking of changing the URL of this blog for lots of reasons. When I change the URL of this one, only selected persons will know it. I'm serious about this one guys.

Another random thought of mine is that of the death of Sevilla player, Antonio Puerta. Rest in peace. You have made me watch Sevilla games last season and your sudden death makes me really sad.

I am certainly pissed off by the fact that Cena still has the WWE Championship belt. Dammit. Randy Orton must win it now.

This ends my random thoughts.


Hi SephiRonald! This is defintely hilarious!

The most laughable cosplayer ever! LMAO!

Mah gawd! What happened to the once-cute Pichu? Someone explain!

The picture says it all. Seriously.

Hi Cubone! I never thought that you existed in real life. LMAO!

LOL! Look at that guy in the middle. I remember that guy from Xiaolin Showdown because of him.

Thanks to Ate Konkon for the pics.



"The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people."
- Theodore Roosevelt -

This is definitely one of the best birthdays of my life ever! Seriously, the girl that I'm loving presently was the first one to greet me this day. I'm just really happy. I was doing something online last 12 midnight when suddenly someone texted me. I looked at the phone and I was shocked that it was her. I asked her how come she was still awake by that time considering the fact that they still have practice for the Katutubong Sayaw at the latter part of the day. She then replied that she was waiting for the hour hand to strike 12 in the clock because she was waiting for my birthday. I'm really touched! Then we just talked about our future treat day. Seriously though, she's asking me to treat her with a decadent cake. I would surely do this after the contest is done.

Well, I still chatted with Gio after I read the text message of the person that inspired me. We really just talked of some fun stuff like the videogame Juiced 2. Also, we talked about our future plans for KHQ like we have to be patient in attacking and so on and so forth. Then I said my good night to Gio and went to my room. But I did not yet sleep. You know what I did? I turned on my PS2 and played MLB '07: The Show for 2 more hours. I started at 2am and ended at 4am. That's what you call being nocturnal.

Once I woke up, I ate breakfast which was Manager's Choice variety of pizza from Shakey's. After that, I received the gift from my loving parents which was something nice. But lemme tell first the reason why I woke up. I woke up because someone called me. That someone was Jonel who greeted me through that call. He was essentially the first classmate of mine who did that in my life.

After that call, she texted again asking all about the decadent cake. I just promised that I would really give it. Then she greeted me again and I am certainly happy. After doing some online stuff, I ate my lunch. After eating, I went back to the computer for more forum posting. After that, I had my haircut. After that, I played PS2 again.

Well, I certainly received lots of greetings. I also would like to say good luck to Exodus, my section, for the Katutubong Sayaw tomorrow. Good luck guys!

When evening came, I just went to this computer whom I consider as innovative. I just posted some things at KHQ and I am now posting this entry.

It certainly has been a good 15 long years for me. I hope I can still live more out of this life. Thank goodness that I have lots of friends.

This is it.



Here are the results of SummerSlam:
Kane defeated Finlay thanks to his Chokeslam.
Umaga retains Intercontinental Championship after pinning Mr. Kennedy.
Rey Mysterio defeats Chavo Guerrero after hitting the 619.
Beth Phoenix wins the Divas Battle Royal and therefore gets the chance to face Candice Michelle for the Women's Title.
John Morrison retains ECW Championship after pinning C.M Punk with his feet on the ropes.
Triple H wins in his return as he defeated King Booker after hitting the Pedigree.
Batista wins his match against Khali by DQ so Khali retains his World Heavyweight Championship.
John Cena defeated Randy Orton with an FU.

All I can say is "DAMN!" Why did Cena win? Mah gawd! This is getting ridiculous!


It's just hours away before my birthday. I would be turning 15 already. I can't believe it! It certainly has been a year of rocky obstacles and some fun musings with my online friends namely the Rawr team and Konkon and Rikku_yunie. I also won't forget my friends in the "real world" namely Patrick, Jonash, Marti, Aidz, Atan, Mc, Jonel, Danica, Renato, Patricia Anne, and many more like the Amitians last year and one person that I won't disclose.

Man, it has been 365 days before I will turn 15 tomorrow and I certainly treasured my 14th year of existence. There certainly have been challenges like that of fighting my inner demons and all those matters of the heart. It certainly has been a wonderful ride in my journey going to 15. Seriously though, I've enjoyed every minute of it.

Thanks to all those musings and ramblings, I have been more mature to some extent and certainly stronger. Thanks for the memories everyone!



Mingle2 - Sacramento Singles

This is obviously the rating of my blog. Well, my rating is NC-17 as shown in the pic thanks to some curse words and some swearing! Mah gawd!




This entry is for that faggot, caguioa_47 and that fucking mod, Micael. To air my view on the deletion of the Rawr thread, the sudden deletion of accounts by me and my bosom online buddies, and other matters, I would post it here in this blog in its UNCENSORED glory. Sorry for the harsh language my dear reader but I think swearing is really needed.

It all started when we have this "Torta's BACK!" thread. This caguioa_47 interrupted all the fun! It's his damn fucking fault that everything started. It's his sheer stupidity that made the Rawr team, the EPIC Rawr team, start flaming him with lots of witty posts. We flamed the asshole to death. Still, the fucking insane amount of stupidity by the asshole, caguioa_47, was still imminent so we pwned him even more. Then the faggot got addicted to this member named Kimberly so we made use of this situation and pwned the faggot again. Also, there was this social thread we had named "Rawr!". This was the thread wherein we get to talk about some fun stuff, post some stories(the EPIC Dora the Explorer story is an example), play some fun word associations, pwn some noobs like caguioa_47 to death and many more. Then, one of the fucking mods named Micael thought that the situation was getting worse so he "isolated" the Rawr thread. I would definitely miss lots of stuff in this thread. Damn stupid and biased mod and admin!

Now, with the Rawr thread "isolated", AngryYoungMan posted a thread entitled as "W-w-w where's the Rawr thread?". I never thought that this thread will mark the so-called "last stand" of the Rawr team. As usual, the insane stupidity of the faggot, caguioa_47, started some flaming. Then the unexpected bullshit happened . . .

"@caguioa_47: *sigh* How many times must I tell you to stay away from these people. I have good reasons why I've been asking you to refrain from talking to your oppressors. I also have asked you to not disclose my recent actions because I'm too busy to read flame messages in my inbox.

@Rawr Group: Your beloved Rawr thread is not yet deleted. I decided to transfer your thread to a secluded mod board for review.

Let me be honest with you guys/gals of the Rawr Group... I want you banned from this forum but I unfortunately cannot do that yet. I will also do all that I can to make that permanent.

Respect. It's all that I'm asking from you guys/gals.

- Micael"

We were certainly pissed off with what this fucking moron said. All our respect was lost to this fucking mod. You want to ban us for doing the right thing? SHAME ON YOU MORON! SHAME ON YOU! Why don't you read the whole damn thread for you to understand huh? Isn't that simple and easy? Mah gawd for your stupidity and shittiness. Respect? Mah gawd! We respected the forum - its rules, regulations and we even did the right forum etiquette - and now we don't have credit at all!

I can't believe that some of the mods and admin sided with the moronic spammer named caguioa_47. That's simply what you call BIASED. They sided with the wrong guy and the guys who simply did their job to maintain the forum's integrity got the crap and trash instead of getting the bacon that is rightfully ours.

I can't believe that the fucking idiot did not get banned for Pete's sake! Then the fucking idiot made another thread because of his remorse and conscience. WTF! My message for you is this: SIMPLY SHUT THE FUCK UP ASSHOLE. GET A LIFE AND START GOING INTO A MENTAL FACILITY BECAUSE YOUR BRAIN IS EQUIVALENT TO THE SIZE OF VERY SMALL COFFEE BEAN! UNDERSTAND? YOU SIMPLY ARE STUPID AND YOU ARE SIMPLY A FUCKING ASSHOLE!

I also can't believe that the best mod in KHQ is receiving some "unwanted criticisms" by that effing mod. To set the record straight, WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU AND THAT FUCKING ADMIN WHEN THERE WAS A HUGE FLAME WAR DURING THE SUMMER? You simply can't understand that Konkon was doing her job while the both of you are having an easy time there. That's uber pathetic! Also, WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU WHEN THIS STARTED? YOU MAKE JUDGMENTAL DECISIONS - DECISIONS THAT ARE HASTILY DONE WITHOUT EVEN THINKING THE RIGHT WAY!


Also, Konkon is not yet receiving the credit that she deserves. She individually managed to make this forum stay in tiptop shape morons!




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The SummerSlam poster featuring the returning King of Kings, The Game, The Cerebral Assassin, Triple H!

Tomorrow is the PPV for the summer by WWE, the grandest party of the summer is here! That is SummerSlam! In this entry, I would be posting my opinions for the matches in this upcoming PPV.

Now the entry . . .
1. Divas Battle Royal
The stipulation of this match states that whoever wins this match will face Candice Michelle for the Women's Championship. I think that this match will be boring to say the least but still meaningful in a sense that this would shape up another storyline angle for the Women's Championship.

2. Kane vs Finlay
History tells us that Kane sacrificed personal glory by rejecting the role for him to stop The Phenom's undefeated streak at WrestleMania. Finlay, meanwhile, has been one of the best hardcore wrestlers in wrestling history. The storyline for this angle has been interesting in this writer's opinion. I expect Kane to win here in a convincing manner. If ever Finlay wins here, it would be because of his trusted friend, the shillelagh.

3. Intercontinental Championship Match: Umaga vs Carlito vs Mr. Kennedy
Recently, we have seen Umaga team up with that gay John Cena. I think that this means that Umaga is now a face. Man, what happened? Umaga is better as a heel. His personal is appropriate to that of a heel wrestler. But then, with him as a face, this adds logic to this match since the fans will have someone to root for. Carlito, meanwhile, is now reprising the heel role once again. This make him even better because when he was a face, he wasn't spitting apples anymore, a gesture that certainly established him as a good heel. When he was a face, he was really acting really "gentle" and "without some certain edge". This made him look pathetic that's why I laud WWE's move to give him the heel role again. Mr. Kennedy, the projected illegal child of Mr. McMahon, is one wrestler who simply has one of the best mic skills. This smashmouth guy really talks smack with confidence and with an edgy attitude that has left me amazed. If there's something that is needed to be improved with Kennedy's repertoire, that would be the finisher move. Yes, he has the Green Bay Plunge but still, he doesn't use it very often. I am rooting for both Umaga and Kennedy to win this one.

4. ECW Championship Match: John Morrison vs C.M Punk
John Morrison, formerly known as Johnny Nitro, has been on a winning roll as of late. C.M Punk meanwhile has been losing to lots of PPV matches. Seriously though, I'm rooting for C.M Punk in this one but I expect Morrison to win it.

5. Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrero
With Rey Mysterio returning from his knee injuries, I expect his return to be triumphant. But then, Rey Mysterio is overrated nowadays. Thanks to that championship reign of his that made him look pathetic. Chavo Guerrero has been recently mocking Rey Mysterio with some authority. I'm rooting for Chavo but I expect Rey to win in his return.

6. World Heavyweight Championship Match: The Great Khali vs Batista
Rumors are saying that Batista will win it and I would be happy if he wins it. Khali is just pathetic. Seriously, just give Batista the damn belt. This match would be boring though in my opinion because both are power wrestlers.

7. King Booker vs Triple H
All I need to say is three letters: HHH

8. WWE Championship Match: John Cena vs Randy Orton
I am rooting for the Legend Killer on this one. Rumors are saying that Orton will win the belt against Cena in this PPV. This just means that we won't see some Cena crap in the future! Woot!

These are my thoughts.



"Every little thing she does is magic. Everything she do just turns me on. Even though my life before was tragic, now I know my love for her goes on."
- The Police's "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" -

My recent days in school have been rocky and tumultuous. I'm wondering why thoughts of someone from my past is coming back and subsequently, makes me happy. It's just weird. The timing is questionable to say the least. When I'm alone, random thoughts of her- yes, my past - invade my mind without hesitation as if it's a free flowing river.

What about the "present" now? I love her so much. The question is will I be able to make the right move? You see, the "present" has this aura which just soothes me and this aura is what has been making me happy this days. But then, as I've said, thoughts from my past are returning to my mind. I'm not saying that these thoughts are unwanted. I don't know what to decide!

What the heck is happening? Look, it's just four days before my birthday then suddenly, mind-boggling situations have been infiltrating my thoughts again! I thought that last week was the temporary stoppage of all the problems but then I was wrong. This recent week presented more of a challenge to me as a person. I have to decide the soonest time possible. This is getting even harder don't ya think?

As I'm typing this entry, I'm listening to Justin Timberlake's "LoveStoned", from his phenomenal album FutureSex/LoveSounds album. This song is just really nice with its funky beat and very nice tune.

With the things that Jonel and dearest Ate Kat have told me, things are certainly more complicated. They have said that it all depends on what action I will do towards both the "past" and the "present". They also have said that the "present" will be the "reactor" . . . meaning I would be the "actor" or the one who'll initiate the action. This certainly makes things very interesting indeed.

Man, things have certainly been kinda hard and easy on me recently. Hopefully, by my birthday, I would have decided upon this issue already.

Sorry to that person whom I've presented as a bad person.



I am undergoing another dilemma. I don't know what to do. Lord please help me! Everyone is against me. I am in a "emotionally troubled" state as I type this entry. I am serious. I want to fight my inner demons. I am in a state wherein I want to fix my life. I don't know why I even did that thing. It makes me sick that I am gradually changing into a person who rants everything. I hate it. It sucks. It is degenerating my reputation bit by bit.

I'm still in a state wherein I'm distraught. I don't know why I said those harsh remarks. It seems that I destroyed her reputation in a way that I presented her as a bad person. The fact is I still remember all the good times. You see, it's just that I have to release the pain inside me so I can totally move on. But because of my sheer stupidity, I said everything - yes, all the truth - and because of it, the situation got worse.

I should also remember that she treated me with respect, kindness and to be honest, she really did treat me well. I don't know why I suddenly went on a rampage. What she did in the past was not shitty at all. What I did in the previous entries was the shitty thing. I should not have blamed her for my downfalls in life. The truth is, she did nothing wrong at all. It's just that my stupidity is saying that she did.

I will do something to patch things up but now is not the time. She is still mad at me but I want to be at friends again. For some reason, I want to do some suicidal things but then I must not do those suicidal things. I just really hope that she forgives me but then chances of that happening are very minimal.

It's my fault that I said everything in one entry. It's my fault to have posted that entry. It's my fault that I said those things. It's my fault that I even have to make this blog. It's my fault that I was stupid. It's my fault that I presented her as a bad person though in reality she's not. It's my fault not to think brightly. It's my fault not to understand the situation very well. It's my fault that I mistreated her. It's my fault that this mess started in the first place.

I regret this mess and I have to accept the fact that I can't do anything now. It's my fault after all and I have to pay the price. I am still hoping though that she'll forgive me and be friends again. In the end, it depends on me on how this will end up. But I have to apologize first. The question is when? But then, I don't know the answer. The bottomline is I have to clean up this mess that I've created. Also, SHE IS NOT A BAD PERSON. I AM THE BAD PERSON.




"Do you feel like you're a man when you push her around? Do you feel better now as she falls to the ground? Well I'll tell you my friend, one day this world's going to end as your lies crumble down, a new life she has found."
- "Face Down" by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus -

My previous entry has been the most difficult to write and now that I've posted it, it deteriorated the situation even more. I should not have posted it in the first place. It made the situation blown out of epic proportions. It is just making me more pathetic with every second that passes by. I just know that what I did was a bad thing. Right? It's simply me vs everyone. I'm always the heel here anyway right?

What I'm trying to point out is that I simply have to release all the emotion inside me. The aforementioned emotions, if kept inside me for a longer time, will cause me to implode and be enraged for a long time. That is one of the reasons on why I simply posted that entry. If you are to look at the case closely, I am the bad guy because I made harsh remarks on her, an innocent person who must not have been criticized.

It's my fault. Look, you might think that my point here is about the courtship. You are wrong then. It's a matter of telling what's inside me and what really is the truth regarding me. I'm sorry but then I must also accept that a sorry can't erase the fact that I've done a harsh act. If I want to be at peace again with her, then I must do something. Sadly though, I can't do that because she's mad at me. It's my stupidity that has been causing all the hot fuss recently.

Because of all the recent happenings, I'm thinking of myself as a retard. I'm thinking very pessimistically. I simply can't undo that miserable thing that I did. I wish I could retract all those statements but I can't. I still can't forget how well she treated me. She treated me well, yes very well wherein this caused me to like her in the first place. What she did to me in the past was not shitty. In fact, I deserved it. But because of my feeble mind, I am acting like an asshole.

I'm here saying my public and online apology but then I think that this won't do enough. I'm sorry.



For a change, I won't talk about 5 days in one entry alone. It would merely be a recap of sorts and an entry loaded with just the musings that I remember or cherish. This week, we had our Exposure Trip. But due to some confidential reasons and certain privacy clauses, I'm not allowed to talk about it in this blog of mine. Also, Thursday and Friday were rainy days that I thought that the effing classes would be suspended but unfortunately, they weren't.

This week was really weird in a sense that for the first time, I heard derogatory remarks against me for liking her. It was really weird also because I've felt for the first time that I must not avoid someone but with my determination to forget untainted, I managed to avoid her and suffer this painful ordeal of mine. Seriously, I'm almost healed now but with me avoiding her most of the time, all the emotion has turned into anger towards her. Yes, it is a sin but I'm trying to remove all the anger. Every time I see her, I just get mad and sad. It just effing sucks. Look, I regret everything - everything from the moment that I started liking the person. It just sucks that I liked her. I'm so stupid and plain awful. I'm pathetic. I just simply want to change my miserable and fucking past life. Maybe it's because of me not being allowed to court for just one time that prompted all the rage and disappointments inside me to burn up into my system.

All I'm feeling right now towards the person I'm avoiding is nothing . . . yes, nothing. Maybe I just simply don't care now. I'm just simply delighted by the fact that I now have a new person to admire at, to talk at, to text at, in short, I have a new inspiration. That new inspiration has erased the pain that my miserable and effing past gave. But then, there are certain events that are telling me that I should just wait for the right time and be patient in dealing with my new inspiration.

It is just 10 days before my birthday and I plan to treat her and watch a movie with her for me to enjoy it fully. Well, I hope all goes well for my birthday.




It certainly was the uprising of the rainy days. After long stretches of no rainfall at all, the typhoons suddenly attacked again and gave a much-needed help in countering the dry spell here in the Philippines.

As I'm typing this entry, I'm already feeling the side effects of Tuseran Forte. I'm already feeling sleepy and mentally tired. Well, the past school week was fun and short but still, it gave me a refresher and made me feel relaxed.

Let's get this ball rolling shall we?

We had our last day of our Periodic Exams and after it was more of a free time for us. In the afternoon, we went to the covered court and watched other Familians, selected Familians, to play some Pinoy games like Patintero. What's fun here was that even the teachers joined in the fray as they played Patintero also. Talk about w00tness! After all the fuss in the covered court, we went back to the classroom and again, another happy moment came. She asked for the book already. Good thing I was bringing it. The book that she borrowed was The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho.

After I gave her the book, she just smiled and I told her to be careful with it because there is a "surprise" inside. That "surprise" was a letter which is about all the things that I want to share with her. After all was said and done, I said my goodbye to her and I was happy in the end.

It was the best day of the week. The schedule was adjusted to give way for the film viewing of the indie film, "Idol: Pag-asa ng Bayan". We watched the aforementioned film at SM Clark. Well, it was a nice movie. I would post a review about the movie in the upcoming weekend due to time constraints. While in the bus, Danica was impersonating Ms. Santos, our Filipino teacher, with perfection. Seriously, she made us laugh real hard and loud! While on the way back to school, we were just really relaxing . . . until Tristan and Danica turned on again their comical prowesses respectively.

After we arrived at school, we had our subjects again. Boo! We had our Social Studies first and I got a score of 87 out of a possible 100 in the exams. After Social Studies came Chemistry. Mah gawd! My score was 86 out of 110. Damn it. After Chemistry came Filipino. I got 80 out of 100. Again, damn it.

English was fun as we did a project regarding Geoffrey Chaucer. After that, we had our C.L.E in which we did some discussion about the indie film we watched on Tuesday. T.L.E was more of hands-on in the laurels of the Computer Lab . . . the air-conditioned Computer Lab. After T.L.E came Math. Unfortunately, we did not see the much-awaited test papers. That's awfully crap.

In the afternoon, we had our Chemistry in which we discussed about the much-dreaded quiz no. 5. After Chemistry came Social Studies wherein we just discussed about the indie film again. After Social Studies came Guidance Period. In the Guidance Period, we just did this fun activity. This was the best period of the day as I was able to receive a compliment from her. Weeee! I'm just happy!

After all was said and done, Thursday and Friday were NO CLASSES days. Thank you Dodong!



Dora as an Illegal Immigrant
AUTHORS: Shift, Random, Secret Identity, Megamaniac, and Shaq_wade

I got a map!

Map: "If there's a place you gotta go

I'm the one you need to know
I'm the map. I'm the map, I'm the map"

Backpack: NAAM-NAMNAMNAMNAM! Delicioso!

Dora: Everybody say "Jump!"
*Dora jumps a border*

Dora: Where are we going? *clap clap clap* to another border!

Dora, Dora, inmigrante ilegal!
Boots: Ay! Dora! Muy Policia!

Megamaniac: What's inside Dora's backpack?
Secret Identity: Lots of tequila

Dora: We must escape the police! Would you help us? Great! Now start running! Run faster!
Dora: Can YOU find all the police and help us escape?
Random Mouse Icon: *clicks the police*
Dora: Gracias! *whispers to Boots* Hurry, let's get to the safehouse!

*Backpack, backpack, backpack, backpack*
Backpack: "Hey, everybody! Dora needs a bottle of tequila. Can you find the tequila?"
*Random Mouse Icon clicks on backpack*
Backpack: "No, that's not tequila! Th-that's my special spot! No one's supposed to touch that!"
Dora: "Goddamn random mouse icon! C'mon, Boots! We got to split! I hear Swiper's looking for some tequila... We may be able to get him stoned and he won't bother us again."

Swiper: Hey man, I hear you got weed and booze. Cough 'em up . . . or die!
Boots: "Swiper, Dora wants her tequila back."
Swiper (mumbling): "I-I-I g-gg-ots nothin' Dora."
Dora (demanding): "Boots, check backpack."
Backpack (screaming): "N-NO, BOOTS DON'T TOUCH ME! AH!"
CONCLUSION: Boots is a pedo!

Boots: "Shut up backpack! The longer you stay still, the shorter this will last"
*Backpack looks and feels very uncomfortable*

*Map checks on backpack*

Map: Backpack, why are you crying?
Backpack: My uhm. . . uhm . . . you-know-what got touched. Dammit
Map: You better shut up for now.
Backpack: Map, do you have the tequila?
Map: You bastard! You have it!
*Backpack cries while map goes hysterical!*
CONCLUSION: Backpack is emo!

Dora: Well, whaddaya know, my tequila was with me all along.
Boots: Wow. You sure are wast- Ay! Muy Policia!
Dora: Put map back in backpack and let's go!
Backpack: NO!

Diego: Hey Dora! Over here!
Dora: Ay Diego you little... nevermind! We're being chased by the police!
Diego: Grab my hand then!
Dora: Boots! Grab on hold of backpack
Boots: OK!
Backpack: Oh God the humanity!

Boots: Backpack! Quit whining or I'll do it more!
Backpack: Augh! OH GOD NO HELP MEEEEE!!!
Map: *is stoned*
Diego: *is drunk*

Dora: Where are we?
Diego: In a treehouse
Dora: Is it safe?
Diego: Fine! Then it's a safe tree house! I hear you got some tequila. Let's drink!
Dora: Sure!
*grabs backpack and starts searching the bag*
Backpack: Umf... *starts to tear*

Dora: Backpack! Don't tell me your getting intoxicated with excessive lead!
Backpack: I was about to say . . .
Dora: Say what?
Backpack: *cries like hell*
Dora: Just give me the damn tequila!
Backpack: *still crying like hell*

Well, since Backpack was still crying, they tried to remedy the situation but unfortunately, nothing happened and the rest is history.



This video is the widely-talked Thriller prison video. It stars Cebu prison mates who are re-enacting the Thriller music video by Michael Jackson. Just watch it! This is one of the coolest things in the Internet nowadays. Gotta love this one! Just look at the discipline of those prisoners. It seems that they are not prisoners at all with the way they act. Well, all I can say is that just watch this video and you will be left astounded.



This entry will talk about 100 things about me, yes, that's 100 things about me! Well, I just wanna share them so I think it would be better if I share it in my blog. So read this entry please. Comments will surely be welcomed and appreciated.

1. When I was young, everytime I play basketball, I would play as a commentator, giving comment to my own shots in the basketball court.
2. I once drank a lotion with much gusto.
3. I once thought that when you sneeze when you have colds, you would be free of the contagious disease. So much for being a health optimist.
4. The first videogame that I've played was Crash Bandicoot, a game for the much-loved PlayStation, the console by Sony that defined how games should be played. . . that is in the former generation.
5. When I was in my Preparatory years, I cried all the time inside the classroom due to the fact that I wasn't used then to not seeing my parents.
6. In my Grade 1 year, I was asked to go to the Principal's Office. Want to know what the reason was? The reason was I jokingly blurted out that I would kill the Principal. So much for being a wild student.
7. In my Grade 2 year, I was the Top 2 student of the whole batch.
8. I once won in a race in Gran Turismo 2 by 0.01 of a second!
9. My first favorite song was Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden. This was way back in 1998!
10. Before, I get punished by being spanked in the butt by the buckle of the belt, yes a damn belt.
11. I once thought that when the crowd was chanting "DEFENSE!", they were chanting "SIGE! *drum roll here* SIGE!" My ears were maybe not that functioning well before.
12. I was before an avid watcher of Dora The Explorer, Blue's Clues and a show called as Sesame Street.
13. I was a huge spammer before in GameBayan forums.
14. In KHQ, I'm what you call a pwner. I bash immature posters to death!
15. My fave game for the PS2 is MLB '07: The Show.
16. I'm in love. Yes, in love for the second time.
17. I hate Chicosci very much because I think they are gay.
18. I hate emo bands a lot because I think they disgrace the music industry a lot.
19. I despise High School Musical. The reason is that it's not really a musical. Also, Vanessa Anne Hudgens looks constipated. The whole damn movie is a ripoff of the renowned "Grease" starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.
20. I hope that the girl I'm loving now is the right girl for me. I don't want to get hurt again.
21. I adore Thierry Henry to death!
22. In my humble opinion, Barcelona is the best football club in the Primera Liga.
23. Manchester United is for me, the best English football club.
24. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of my greatest football idols.
25. I have appeared three times in two Summit Magazines. I have made two appearances in K-Zone, one in the "Who Is Your Animé Crush" portion in an early issue and the other one in the August issue, the issue wherein my MLB '07: The Show review was featured. Yes, that review which I posted in this blog.
26. My favorite baseball player is Alex Rodriguez.
27. My favorite TV show is Heroes.
28. For me, the worst TV show is Rounin.
29. My favorite Family Guy character is Brian. Why? Well, it's because Brian is a talking dog. Talk about w00tness!
30. My favorite Simpsons character is none other than Homer Simpson because of his immaturity and childlike attitude.
31. My favorite movie of all time is 300. Why? It's because Leonidas kicks ass big time!
32. I hate Cueshé because their music is simply poor. The melody sucks big time.
33. I simply think that Barry Bonds should not be accused of taking steroids. 'Nuff said.
34. Dragonforce is simply one of my favorite rock bands. Try listening to Above The Winter Moonlight.
35. My principle in life is "Try and try until you succeed." Well, this principle made me feel that no matter how times I get rejected, there are still lots of astonishing opportunities to explore.
36. I firmly believe that Mumble of Happy Feet-fame is simply the most adorable penguin ever.
37. My Chemical Romance is one of my former favorite bands. I repeat, F-O-R-M-E-R. They simply suck big time nowadays.
38. I belong in the section Exodus, considered as the best section of the third year alongside Genesis.
39. I love blogging so much that I already posted 73 posts in this blog.
40. I think that DOTA sucks because it removes the essence of forming strategies in a game.
41. My favorite wrestler is Triple H.
42. I was a former John Cena fan. Before, I would really take time to memorize all his songs. But then, it started to hit me that Cena is not really a wrestler. He's just the Champ just because he is what yo call a "favorite" of Vinnie Mac.
43. I have three blogging accounts. One in Xanga, one in Multiply and of course, this blog.
44. I think that the song "The Bartender" by T-Pain and Akon is one good song.
45. I love Techno songs a lot because they make me dance.
46. I love Rock songs because they make me awake and energized.
47. I love playing videogames.
48. I've been busted lots of times already.
49. The Lamborghini Diablo is one of my favorite cars.
50. My favorite book is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
51. Next to my favorite book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, is The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho. The Alchemist is really an inspiring book.
52. I love listening to Classical songs. They relax and soothe me like no other.
53. I'm a huge LeBron James fan.
54. Before I sleep, I listen to some songs of Fall Out Boy and Good Charlotte. Some of the songs that I listen to are: Thnks Fr Th Mmrs, Keep Your Hands Off My Girl, Dance Dance, and The River
55. I think that blogging is NOT journalism. Some have claimed that it is journalism but I beg to disagree.
56. I am a bookworm.
57. I love multitasking.
58. I say lots of curses everyday. If I'm playing a videogame and the odds are not in my favor, I would curse 10 times in a span of a minute.
59. My usual expression is "Damn! C'mon! This is getting botched up!"
60. I have played a videogame for 15 hours straight. This caused me to wear eyeglasses in the end.
61. I was a former honor student from Grade 2 up to Freshman year. I don't know what happened in my Sophomore life. Maybe I was just distraught.
62. When I play with my Hot Wheels, I act out as a commentator. I make sound effects with the Hot Wheels like "VRROOOOM! VRROOOOM!"
63. My favorite numbers are 16 and 28 for lots of special reasons.
64. My favorite candy is Fruitos, those soft and chewy candies, for lots of special reasons.
65. When the Golden State Warriors entered the playoffs last postseason, I jumped for joy! When they had a game, I wore a yellow T-shirt to signify that I am a Warriors fan. I then cheered loudly as if I was in the basketball court itself.
66. I'm a huge Edge fan. I just really love his entrance theme, Metalingus by Alter Bridge.
67. I just really love the smell of smoke at times.
68. My favorite C2 drink flavor is the apple one.
69. The unit of my cellphone is Nokia 6600.
70. My favorite donut from Go Nuts Donuts is the Peanut Butter one. It really is a tasty donut that melts inside the mouth.
71. I believe that Arsenal will not win any title this season. Yes, Arsenal won't win any trophy but they will finish among the top 4. That is just my opinion.
72. I smile when someone gives me a compliment such as "Thanks for the testimonial!" Another compliment is that of when someone says that I'm a good pwner.
73. My online friends think of me as a chickboy. Yes, a damn chickboy due to the number of girls that are found in my profile. To be precise, they are talking about the girls in my profile's comment feature.
74. My favorite Formula 1 racer of all time is Michael Schumacher. After him is Lewis Hamilton. After Hamilton is the late great Ayrton Senna.
75. I once thought that Michael Jordan is the basketball god.
76. My favorite Looney Toon character is Bugs Bunny.
77. One of my favorite rock bands is Made In Mexico. Try listening to Yes We Can.
78. I love answering Sudoku puzzles.
79. My favorite tongue twister is "How much wood would the wood chuck chuck if the wood chuck wood chuck wood?"
80. My favorite late night talk show is The Late Show with David Letterman.
81. I love imitating the voice of Patrick Star of Spongebob Squarepants-fame.
82. When I'm alone, I talk to myself at times.
83. I love sleeping every Filipino time during my Sophomore year.
84. I love reading the newspaper.
85. When I'm sleepy, I tend to be more truthful and factual about matters regarding my life as a whole.
86. My favorite brand of foreign junk food is Doritos.
87. My favorite brand of local junk food is Tortillos.
88. My favorite viand is Callos - that viand which has chorizo de bilbao with it and tomato sauce.
89. I would like to say that my birthday is on August 28, 1992.
90. Tarlac is my hometown.
91. I want to be a lawyer or a nurse or a doctor when I grow up.
92. I hate posers.
93. At weekends, I tend to sleep at 2:00 A.M, yes 2:00 A.M.
94. I am included in 3 YouTube videos already. One was the featuring me doing the Otso-otso on the floor and the other one featuring me dancing in the Exposure trip. The last one was the one featuring me and Bilog in a dance showdown during the birthday of our dearest adviser, Mrs. Baluyut.
95. In school, my classmates refer to me as the "Mathematician", "Walking calculator", "Walking dictionary" and the "Grammarian"
96. I really adore Pikachu's cuteness!
97. I love writing gaming reviews, some essays and the like.
98. I think that Snape is one kickass character in the Harry Potter series.
99. Bamboo is one of my favorite OPM Bands.
100. I am simply a person whom you can rely on for advice. Oh I forgot. I can also be a person who can fight back at you if you backstab me.

This is it.


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As you can see, this picture depicts the warning that I received from WebMaster, the Administrator of the KHQ Forum. Man, just because of a flame war against E6m, a stupid forum member, I got warned! C'mon! I just justified the fact that Skye simply did not deserve to be banned.

Man, I thought that I won't get warned at all but then, I logged in earlier and saw this damn message. Talk about being very strict. A note to the Administrator: We simply are doing our job in the forum. We are simply lessening the number of spammers in the forum. What a way to crash the pwnage that we've done.

So I have to be nice? This is seriously a WTF moment for me! Well, I just have to take things in stride and hopefully I won't be banned.



" You're a falling star. You're the getaway car. You're the line in the sand when I go too far. You're the swimming pool, on an August day. And you're the perfect thing to say."
An excerpt from Michael Bublé's "Everything"

Recently, my life has been on an uphill. My friends, Jonel and Danica, have been of great help to me. They really helped me by giving all the necessary guidance and advice possible. I'm really gratified by the fact that Jonel has been helping me for a long time.

If you would ask me, was my past life a burden? Well, that's a tough question for me to answer. If we were to look at the facts, it all implies that it was all a burden to me. You see, I had a difficult time forgetting my HORRIBLE and PATHETIC past. It depressed me a lot. Seriously, it degraded my confidence.

Enough about my miserable past. I have been doing some planning for this month because it would be my birthday on the 28th of August. Weee! I'm excited already! Also, a classmate has been inspiring me lately and her compliment yesterday was heart-warming and certainly a moment that will be cherished by me.

I hope that I would make the good decision when it comes to my feelings for her. You see, the person has been very very kind to me. When I admitted the truth to the person, she just smiled and lately, I have been trying to become close with her. I hope that I would succeed if ever I plan to do some courting.

Recently, I'm having a hard time deciding if I would push through with my plans for her. You see, I was hurt in the past and I don't want to be hurt again. But then, I want to risk everything now. I really like the person so much that I want to be with the person all the time but due to circumstances, I just simply can't.

Maybe by tomorrow, I have made up my mind regarding this. One thing's for sure though, I'm happy because I landed in Exodus. I'm so thankful that I met her in my life. Good thing I've admitted everything to her already. I hope I can build on that friendship that I started with her.

This is it for now.



A week that simply made me shocked. A week that made me inspired. A week that absolutely ceased all the pain. A week that made me happy. In short, I'm simply recharged, rejuvenated, and simply happy because of my classmate.

I won't talk about the days before the Periodic Test here. I would go straight to those days of the Periodic Test.

We took up C.L.E first. It was a fairly good test. I didn't have a hard time answering the questions. Social Studies was next and the True or False part was the most confusing part of the test. We then had our T.L.E test and I had a hard time in answering it to be honest. P.E.H.M was relatively easy in my opinion.

No classes due to that supposed kickoff of the SK Registration. Later in the day though, I watched the news and all I got was crap since the SK Registration is still on Saturday. I also made some planning about my plans for the rest of this month.

We had our test first in Math. It was uber hard! Those complex fractions made my day and also those hard quadratic equations. Damn is all I can say about this one. Filipino was so darn confusing too! That Fill-In-The-Blanks part was darn tough and mind-boggling.

A day that was plagued by happiness. You see, I'm inspired by a girl now and I just can't remove her inside my thoughts. She's simply the kindest person I've ever met and she is just really nice. Man, good thing my friend, Jonel, has been giving out some good advices to me regarding my feelings for her. You see, life is complicated. It is also mysterious.

The day that ended all the hardships of my classmates and subsequently, me. Well, Chemistry was the bombshell of the day! It was a very hard test! A 110-item test that seriously fatigued me out. C'mon! Those computations were very long and I'm just really tired! English was not that hard except for that Poetry Reading part. Damn poem about alien perceptions!

After all, it was a week of hardship but then thanks to one person, I'm happy nowadays and I've forgotten about my miserable first and second year in my High School life.

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