MOVIE: Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix, based from the award-winning novel series written by J.K Rowling
DIRECTOR: David Yates
STARRING: Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter; Emma Watson as Hermione Granger; Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley; Maggie Smith as Professor McGonagall; Bonnie Wright as Ginny Weasley; Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort; Katie Leung as Cho Chang amongst others.

MY WARNING: This review contains spoilers. Sorry for those who dislike such things.

As we all know, the Harry Potter novel series has set the benchmark in the Fantasy Genre in books. J.K Rowling's writing adeptness was the forte of the aforementioned novel series. Plot twists and turns define the greatness of this novel series. Meanwhile, the Harry Potter movie adaptations have been so far impressive and breathtaking. It provides the movie viewer an exhilarating experience.

Now comes the fifth movie of the renowned Harry Potter franchise. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is the thickest book and it also offers a very complex plot. I can say that some important events found in the book are not present in the movie. Some events are also misleading like that of Cho Chang betraying Dumbledore's Army.

The tagline of the movie is "The Rebellion Begins" and the movie executes that said tagline with some flair and grace. Director David Yates brought the best out of every actor and actress in the movie. As the Goblet of Fire ended, we all knew that Lord Voldemort was back and Cedric Diggory was victimized. In the Order of the Phoenix, Lord Voldemort's presence causes some uproar in the wizarding community. Truth is, Voldemort is getting stronger.

The Ministry of Magic, headed by Cornelius Fudge, simply refuses the fact that Voldemort is back. They simply think that Albus Dumbledore as a mischievous plotter and Harry Potter as a horrific liar. It slowly takes over Hogwarts by assigning Dolores Umbridge as an Inquisitor.

I can say that Imelda Staunton really played the role of Dolores Umbridge really well. She really got on my nerves. She was downright irritating. Kudos to her for a job well done.

The battle against Voldemort is slowly coming into action as both Harry and Dumbledore prepare for battle against the Dark Lord. Dumbledore forms the Order of the Phoenix, an organization that comprises of Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Mad-Eye Moody, Nymphadora Tonks and others, to stop Voldemort's existence. Meanwhile, Harry forms Dumbledore's Army, an organization formed because the Ministry simply doesn't like Defense Against The Dark Arts to be taught. Harry, with the persuasion of Hermione and Ron, then forms Dumbledore's Army to teach them some
Defense Against The Dark Arts.

The movie also shows some teenage life elements like that of Harry kissing Cho Chang, which I say is quite impressive. Teenage affection, teenage angst, and other teenage emotions are simply shown in the movie due to the fact that Harry is already 15 years old in this movie.

The movie has its disappointments though. In this writer's opinion, some events like that of Ron and Hermione being Prefects, Ron becoming a Quidditch Keeper, the fake Galleons and Snape's memories should've been present and elaborated but maybe because of time constraints, the said events were not shown.

Being the fifth movie, David Yates was by far presented with the most complicated Harry Potter book and I can say that he executed it with style but still the movie was kinda disappointing.

What made the movie shine was that of the final showdown between Voldemort and Harry, with Dumbledore playing a vital role here. Also, Dolores Umbridge simply made things interesting. I advise you to read all the Harry Potter books for good measure. I tell you, they are a good read and they won't bore you at all.

For now, let's just wait on how the final installments will turn out. I hope that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will be impressive.

The movie receives a rating of 4 out of 5.


As my previous entry stated, Friday was horrible and downright derogatory. Here is an entry that hopefully will set the record and facts straight about Thursday and Friday. This entry will contain once again explicit words. Sorry to all those who don't want swearing and cursing.

Thursday was already implicating that Exodus will be booed by the other sections. All we said was that we shrug it off. What matters is that we prove to the other sections that we simply deserve to be in the Top 3. We have been receiving negative feedback everywhere in the third year level . . . with the exception of Genesis. One section, really showed their disgust to us when we pass by their classroom much to our disappointment. This caused all of us to be frustrated. We asked ourselves "Why did they let us enter in the first place if the results will have its own repercussions?" We also wondered why they were blaming us. Why not the judges. Damn your shallow minds! Damn your negative feedbacks!

One person came to the rescue and that is our dearest adviser Mrs. Pascual. She just told us to keep our composure down and just do our thing once Friday comes. I can say though that the morale of Exodus was not downtrodden by all those reports, rumors, feedbacks, gestures and the like during the humid day of Thursday.

Mrs. Pascual, to set the record straight, was just concealing all the emotions like anger in this damn stretch of the week. In order for the situation to be better and for it not to escalate to greater heights, we did not talk about it in the practice.

Thursday really was just nasty. It marked that this contest will not only be about the Nutri Jingle but it will also be about the battle of Exodus vs those other damn sections' reactions.

Friday kicked off happily and the day was smooth and easy. Practice was still easy until the members clashed again due to so-called faults in the routine. After that, practice was still chaotic. Orderliness was not observed. Still, Renato kept things flowing with his astonishing motivation. He just blurted out that we must not be pressured by the boos and by the other sections.

Recess was still okay. After Filipino, we just took things easily and once Chemistry came, we asked for practice time but Mr. Bernardo said he'll have a monologue first regarding the topic, Matter. After that, we were given the privilege to practice.

While practicing, I was assigned to be the bodyguard of the classroom door. This marked the beginning of the negative events. Negative aura seemed to have dwelt in the classroom and the surroundings. I saw that banner which caught my interest that boldly stated "Go Genesis" and some other comments right in front of Exodus. That was uncalled for and that is unworthy. I just said to myself to be calm down.

Lining up came and suddenly Bea was crying. She said that the other sections are really sickening and they have treated her negatively partly because she's a part of Exodus. I said to myself "We'll have a long night ladies and gentlemen." While waiting for the Nutri Jingle portion, Patrick and I wondered about the crowd reaction later.

We were suddenly shocked that no boo was mustered. In fact, lovely Mrs. Baluyut applauded for us. Genesis performed before us and the crowd reaction was off the charts! Cheers were everywhere! It certainly meant that Exodus will not be applauded.

When we performed, crowd was dead silent. After the performance though, many broke down! I was shocked! Those who weren't with the performers backstage were perplexed. We rushed to them and they said that the other sections said right in the face of Mrs. Pascual that they hate Exodus. Damn them!

We quickly hurried to follow Mrs. Pascual to the Faculty Room but we simply did not enter anymore. We knew that Mrs. Pascual was distraught. We then went to the classroom and the performers removed their costumes and face paints due to the orders of Mrs. Pascual because Mrs. Pascual simply didn't want to see us with anything related to that effing Nutri Jingle.

We followed the aforementioned instruction and again broke down. We swore some curses and we simply said that "MAY ARAW RIN SILA SA AMIN!" I said "LET'S KICK THEIR SORRY ASSES IN THE SHAKESPEAREAN PLAY!" They agree with me with much gusto.

Mrs. Pascual also said that if she'll sub in the other sections, they'll experience misery and no holds barred punishment.

TO ALL THE FAGGOTS: You better be prepared for your "Judgment Day"! We are now motivated by VENGEANCE!



I will talk about the days with some fun and things about the Nutri Jingle in this entry. The other things will also be mentioned but only in passing. For now, let's get this ball rolling . . .

Days marred by constant reviewing and pressure for every practice. After all, this was two days(Monday) after that conflict roused all of Exodus. Still, we managed to unite and settle everything just in time. The thing here is that the practice was far from perfection and I sensed some disunity among us.

We have been persuading the teachers about getting their precious time just for practicing and some gave in and obviously, some did not. It's as elementary as your ABC's. 'Nuff said.

Well, Tristan impersonating Mr. Patriarca WAS the bombshell of the day. What's boggling is that we tend to criticize and criticize others in the practice. . . I mean c'mon, there should be some unity for Pete's sake! An extra bit of motivation could certainly help.

Then horrific Tuesday came. Other sections have criticized the section after we landed among the top 3 in the elimination phase. Those criticisms have took their toll on us.

A REMINDER FOR ALL OF YOU FAGGOTS: Costume doesn't imply that we should not have entered the top 3. Also, think of your own presentation first before you damn criticize ours. We give a damn about all those negative criticisms that you throw. Also, just because that you(other sections) are now in "fighting mood" doesn't implicate that you stand a chance.

We did not even expect to be included in the top 3 for two main reasons: Firstly, we thought that the presentation was kinda not up-to-par with the standards. And lastly, we just really thought that Genesis owned us all in the contest.

Wednesday was merely a periodic test day for all of Exodus. I mean, look four quizzes in one day? That's just downright nasty. We manage to do it successfully though. Wootness Exodus wootness!

The criticisms are now louder than usual. They have took their toll. Nikki Bart went on a tirade. She criticized all of those pissers. Well, she was funny though. Now, I think I have found another girl in my life. Well, I would keep the identity of her as a secret for now. It seems that she has been making my life turn on a positive note.

Thursday was really the bomb. It was a day defined by its atrocity. A day that clearly showed that we were not ready for Friday yet. Man, this is getting weirder as every minute ticks off.

The worst day of them all was Friday! We all cried because the other sections told right in the face of our lovely adviser, Mrs. Pascual, that Exodus sucks! C'mon! That's a gesture of fucking disrespect! You made her sad and we will do something about it! Just because you loathe us so much doesn't mean that you have to criticize every move that we make. What also demoralized us was the cheering of the other sections for the other sections. C'mon! Thank you for "destroying" us for a moment but suddenly, we are now motivated. All I can say is that you better be prepared in the Shakespearean play! You just strengthened Exodus and we are now equipped with the lovely theme of VENGEANCE and we want to send a bold message to your shallow minds other sections(excluding Genesis). Genesis is such a good section! They deserved it and kudos for having a kind heart and still, congratulations!

You just motivated us even more. Expect something "nice" to happen in the next contest. Beware! Redemption is ahead!
To the other sections, we are now in the verge of avenging what you did to Mrs. Pascual. Also, you only made our lives better. Thank you and be prepared for something is about to unfold in your very eyes.



In my opinion, this PPV should prove to the general public that WWE did not make a foolish decision . . . that is to make each and every single PPV to be multi-branded unlike before wherein every brand has its unique PPV.The following are my thoughts regarding the upcoming PPV of WWE, the Great American Bash:

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The Great American Bash poster featuring Rey Mysterio. Sadly, Rey Mysterio won't suit up for this PPV due to his nagging injuries.

A. Cena vs Lashley for WWE Championship

To be honest with all of you, I'm rooting for Lashley in this one. I think they drafted Lashley to Raw just to become the WWE Champ. Also, Cena has been the champ for a looooooong time now so I think someone has to defeat Cena.

B. Randy Orton vs Dusty Rhodes in a Texas Bullrope Match
Considering the fact that this is a Texas Bullrope Match, I think that this would be a lousy match. I want Randy Orton to win in this match. Dusty Rhodes is so old and slow which makes me think about the pace of this match.

C. The Great Khali vs Batista vs Kane in a Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
With WWE giving The Great Khali the World Heavyweight Belt, this just makes Smackdown more pathetic. Add to that the fact that Batista is also not a good wrestler. Kane, meanwhile, is also deserving of a title reign. Considering the fact that he turned down an offer to be the one to break the Phenom's WM undefeated streak, I think that this IS the right time for Kane but still I expect Khali to win this. I just hope that by the time that Edge returns, he should get back the title he deserves.

I'm still having huge expectations for this PPV. I hope I won't be disappointed. WWE, if you would ask me, is still not utilizing its talent well like that of Kennedy and C.M Punk to mention a few.

D. John Morrison(formerly known as Johnny Nitro) vs C.M Punk
With Johnny Nitro given a new persona, I think that WWE wants to add more flair to his role. With John Morrison as the current ECW Champ, I really think that WWE is now being serious about ECW. C.M Punk, as we all know lost to Nitro in Vengeance IIRC. I want C.M Punk to win but I expect Morrison to win this one.

E. Umaga vs Jeff Hardy for the IC Title
I was very happy that Umaga is now the IC Champ again. Umaga is certainly more deserving than Santino Marella. With Jeff Hardy added to the mix, I really think that this would be a great match. Umaga wins for me.

F. Sandman vs Carlito
With Carlito reprising as the heel again, this makes him better unlike his face persona which made him look pathetic. Most of the results of their encounters in Raw have been DQs so I expect the trend to continue in the Great American Bash.

G. MVP vs Matt Hardy for the U.S Title
The Hardys are being pushed in the midcard level and I laud that. MVP, IMO, has loads of potential and I think that he will be a good main eventer in the future alongside Kennedy. I expect this to be a good match also. IMO, MVP will win this one.

H. Candice Michelle vs Melina
Trish Stratus' departure from WWE certainly made the Women's Division suckish. I think WWE is still experimenting with its Women's Division so to speak and I think that Candice will win this one considering the fact that she's being pushed.

I still contemplate the fact that "The Game" is still out so I might just as well sit back and relax.

These are my thoughts for now.


"Flames to dust. Lovers to friends. Why do all good things come to an end?" An excerpt from Nelly Furtado's "All Good Things Come To An End"

Well, this school week has been a rocky one. For the first time ever, I had a confrontation with my classmates and oh yeah, I wish I should have transferred to another section. Here goes first the weekly musings of mine. I just hope that this week won't come back to haunt me and in turn, degrade my confidence.

A day to forget mind that. English kicked the day off and we discussed about the parts of speech. We actually formed a tongue twister using the parts of speech. Then came C.L.E. We discussed about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Chemistry time came and we did something about Temperature. Actually, we did discuss something regarding Temperature.

Then came Math time. Mrs. David was absent so Mr. Antonio took over and discussed about Solving Rational Equations. A fairly easy topic at last! We had our T.L.E subject after we took our lunch and we took our quiz. I got 14 out of 15. Not bad at all! We then had our Filipino and we did a project about Friendship.

English kicked the day off and we still discussed about the parts of speech. Then we had our P.E.H.M time. We just practiced about this effing Nutri Jingle. I would comment about this event in another entry.

Library time came and we did nothing . . . I repeat nothing! Oh yeah, I'm still pissed off with damn Exodus. Math time came and we had our seatwork. Actually, we didn't finish the third part so we had it as our assignment. Well, the seatwork was so damn hard. We then had our Social and the reporting continued about Geography. We then had our Chemistry. We did this thing about the temperature in Hell.

Filipino time came and we finished the project about Friendship in time! Yayness!

We again discussed about the parts of speech in English. We then had our C.L.E. We passed all our projects, the essay and that flower comprising of all the students in Exodus. We then had another quiz in T.L.E. This time, I only got 10 out of 15.

Math time came and we had a very difficult test about Solving Rational Equations. In my earnest opinion, we lacked time in answering the test.

Social time came and of course, the reporting was continued. Chemistry time came and we had a lecture about Scientific Notation. In Guidance period meanwhile, we watched a movie entitled as "Rasie Your Voice" starring Hilary Duff. While watching the film, I danced everytime they were singing or everytime a song is being played, may it be rock, pop, soul or upbeat.

Reading kicked the this frustrating day off. My classmates reported about the Education State of our Country. We then again had another reporting in Social Studies.

When English time came, we just had another practice of that Nutri Jingle. I was extremely frustrated that they removed me from the lineup. Anyway, while they were practicing, I just slept since I've lost all my interest about the said contest.

Math time came and Mr. Dizon filled in for Mrs. David. We just discussed about Rational Equations and those Standard form things.

Chemistry time came and we discussed about the Volume of things with their formulas. P.E.H.M time came and we lifted weights. Weeeee!

We had our long test about Beowulf. It was fairly easy after all. We then had our Math under Ms. Hipolito! We really just had fun. C.L.E time was boring. I got to sleep for 5 minutes. Then we had a short quiz which I think was kinda okay. We then had our Filipino and we just played a game in which I really had fun.

Chemistry time came and we just answered some problems about Volume and Density. Activity Period was reserved for a symposium about having a healthy lifestyle. Good thing there was a candy named Fruitos which saved me from boredom. Thank you Armand for giving me one! Bohahahaha!

Overall, this was a week to forget. I wish I didn't snub her. I'm just so sorry to all of Exodus, to myself and to her. I promise to take care of my actions and temper next time. I hope that she will still forgive me. I'm really sorry.




This is just bullshit. I just ignored her earlier. I don't know why I suddenly did that. Maybe because of the news that Rap was courting but then . . . maybe it's also that I wanted to move on since I cry a lot when I'm alone just because I think of my past which has a connection to her in the first place.

I was so shocked that I did it in the first place. That was the first time that I ignored her greetings of "Hello." Then it just hit me that am i serious in moving on or what? My thoughts are really puzzled. Should I avoid and ignore her for the rest of this school year until I recover and move on? I need an answer or a sign here. I'm damn serious.

Last night, I cried heavily since I thought that I was stupid because I liked her. This situation is getting out of hand seriously. I want to move on but I can't do it. Damn. I want to put my money where my mouth is but since I've made claims that I will try to forget, I haven't been able to put my money where my mouth is.

I'm now really puzzled. Yes, I may be attempting to forget but still, if I ever become successful in forgetting her, there would still be a part of her that remains inside me. You see, life is just so intricate. I'm now thinking that should I still do this crap? Maybe yes and maybe not.

I'm damn pissed off. It's like everyone around me is being affected by my inner demons. Damn myself. I'm such a huge failure in life. I want to be successful yet with the present situation, I should do something first.

I, hereby, would like to apologize for that shameful gesture done by me. I'm so stupid to have done it in the first place.

But then, there is this "mystifying aura" that tells me that I should move on. But also, Jonash told me I shouldn't have done it. You see, life is too complex.

I wonder if what I did to her can be considered as a solution to the healing process. With my present state, I don't think so. Anything that I try just fails big time. It screws up my inner confidence. It screws up big time my self-esteem.

I'm sorry to myself and I'm sorry to her.




Today was a day marked by typical events. I woke up at 8 A.M and ate my breakfast which was a Ham and Egg Sandwich. After eating my breakfast, I went straight to my room and played Burnout Revenge for 3 hours. I just really love this game! I would post a review about this game once I had lots of free time.

While playing Burnout Revenge, my eyes really were stuck on the screen watching every movement that my car makes. While my car, just a Hot Rod which has a max speed of 209 MPH, avoided every obstacle, my body also moved once the car I was using swerved around the course. With every Revenge, Signature and Vertical Takedown that I've made, I rejoiced and the people around me, my Brother, Sister and Mom, rejoiced as if Manny Pacquiao scored a KO over his opponent.

Also, while playing Burnout Revenge, everytime my Mom(when out of the room) and Dad call me to do some chores, I disregarded those favors and just continued playing. I didregarded those favors because I don't want my concentration to be disrupted so there, I just said repeatedly to them "Mamaya na lang! Ok?"

After playing the game, I just ate my lunch which was Baked Macaroni. It tasted really nice and it was a sumptuous lunch for me. After eating my lunch, I just read the newspaper and texted some persons about important matters.

After reading, I listened to music and still, Maroon 5, Dragonforce, Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park and Fall Out Boy invade my playlist. I then turned on this PC and there started my online ventures for this day.

I hope that I would be happy once I make a bold move some time this month. I'm really inspired now. She is the most gorgeous, most intelligent, just add in any superlative here. You know who you are.

Enough for being emotional.


This is Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars" from their album, Eyes Open. This song is really just nice especially its chorus.

The Bigs by 2K Sports Review

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The Bigs
DEVELOPER: Blue Castle Games / Visual Concepts

Graphics: 3.5/5
How will I say this? The character models are pathetic! Big Play Moments were meant as a "cover-up" of the game's poor graphics. Nevertheless, this game was stretched to its limits on the PS2 graphics-wise. The stadiums look splendid though just like its real-life counterparts. So if you play in Fenway Park, the left field wall, known as Green Monster, will just amaze you by its huge size.

Gameplay: 4/5 This is where the game absolutely shines. If you are used to MLB 07: The Show, prepare for something that is new. The pitching interface is beginner-friendly. You just select the location of the pitch then press the button of the pitch then release the button once the bar reaches the desired level in the meter. Batting-wise, you can use the Swing Stick, much like the Shot Stick of its outstanding basketball counterpart, NBA 2K7. Doing important plays such as striking out your opponent, inducing a double play and the like will net you some points for your Turbo Meter which when filled up, will grant some infinite stat boosts to your team. There's a huge bummer though. And that is there is pitching lag. When you pitch, the game hangs for some time. What's great though is that the game is fast-paced since you only play 5 innings rather than the normal 9 innings. A note to remember: Every play is big. Hence, the name of the game "The Bigs."

Sound 4.5/5: Commentary-wise, it is superb considering the fact that Damon Bruce does a good job helping out Miller and Morgan. Soundtrack-wise, well, Motorhead is featured with its song, Ace From Spades. Also worth mentioning is that Stone Temple Pilots and Primus contributed in the soundtrack also.

Replay 3/5: There is nothing to expect here. It doesn't feature Season and Franchise Modes unlike MLB 07: The Show. Rookie Challenge is just really limited and it just made the game look more pathetic. But then there is the multiplayer option but the problem is that few people play baseball in gaming consoles.

Overall 3.5/5: A game that has its shining moments but still it just needs an improvement. MLB 07: The Show outshines it and in baseball terms, this game struck out.



Currently, I've been uneasy. When I'm alone, all I seem to think is . . . still her. It's just that this past week, I've tried everything to avoid the person. Then came Friday. I was doing something outside the room then someone suddenly said "Hello" to me. I was shocked to find out that it was her who said "Hello." I instantly became happy from that moment. I don't know why but hearing her say "Hello" comforted me and it's like all my damn problems were gone.

Now, I'm more confused than ever because the recent events have changed my mindset. . . in dealing with almost everybody. Life is too complex for me to understand. It somehow is like a story wherein we are immersed in a complicated plot.

Now, I'm more positive than ever and I'm happy once again. All of this due to one word. . . "Hello."

So much for being so dramatic.



A day that was marked with nothing unusual. English, as usual, kicked the day off. We are still in this Anglo-Saxon piece named Beowulf. After all the reporting and explanations, we then had our C.L.E class. We had this discussion about Pentecost.

After Recess, we then had our Chemistry time. We did something about Conversion Factors. After Chemistry time came Math time. We had our group work regarding Complex Fractions. After doing the group work, I slept for 20 minutes since there was nothing to do anymore. So to burn off the time, I just slept. Plain and simple.

T.L.E time came and we just discussed about some aspects of making a database like those interfaces and some commands like those in the Lookup Wizard. Filipino time came and we had the continuation of the test.

English kicked this damn day off. Of course, our beloved Beowulf is still the talk of the class. P.E.H.M class was due up. We went to the AVR to watch a film about abortion and I can say that it was disgusting.

We went to the library and we criticize the book reviews of our classmates. Seriously, a boring period and I got my chance to gain some sleep for about 10 minutes. Math time was next and while in this period, other groups discussed their given problems and their corresponding solutions and answers. The period ended when I was about to report. Thank goodness for that bell!

Social Studies was pretty straightforward. We had our corresponding reports. I reported about Asian Waterforms and fortunately, I presented the report full of confidence. Chemistry period was next. Since both the class and club officers were gone for their induction rite practice, Mr. Bernardo just shared some stories for the purpose of "bonding". We then had our Filipino time and we discussed the continuation of the right word usage.

We had our Holy Mass because it's the Feast Day of St. Benedict, the Patron Saint of the school. Meaning . . . we had half day classes! W00tness! Before the aforementioned Holy Mass, the officers had their simple induction rites. After the Mass, it was picnic time in the school grounds w00t!

After all the eating, we watched some schoolmates play "Palo sebo"! After all those games, we then said our goodbyes and some went on to SM to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Reading started the day off. We went to the AVR and my classmates reported about the Government and Taxes. It was a report that I didn't understand at first but thanks to Renato, I was able to comprehend it in no time. We then had our Social and my classmates continued the individual reporting about Geography.

English was due up and we talked about dear Beowulf. Renato's group reported in Math and when I was about to report, I was again saved by the bell. W00t!

Chemistry time came and all we did was a seatwork about Conversion Factors. P.E.H.M meanwhile, we did the warm-up exercise this time with musical accompaniment. After P.E.H.M was dismissal time. 4 days down and 1 day to go.

English kicked the day off and Beowulf was still the heart of the discussion. Math was next and this time though, I reported but it was much of a failure. Damn complex fractions! You made me screw up big time!

C.L.E was next and we just discussed about the "Use of Talents in Promoting the Common Good." In Filipino meanwhile, we discussed the story entitled "Ang Tunay na Pakikipagkaibigan."

In Chemistry time, we did this seatwork regarding Significant Figures. It was actually a group work. While doing the aforementioned task, Apollo and Jonash were up to their antics again and this antic of theirs confused me even more because this was EXACTLY a sign that I asked for to happen. I won't elaborate about this though.

We then went to our respective clubs and all we did was research for medicinal plants.

This ends the fifth school week.



I'm obviously hurt now. I don't know why I end up as a damn sore loser all the time. I regret now that I didn't listen to Ate Kat in the past. She said "Jio, why are you holding on where in fact, there's nothing to hold at in the first place?" I thought I should have made a move but the situation is on the other guy's favor not mine. I'm so STUPID to hang on to something UNATTAINABLE.

I regret that I loved the person in the first place. I really ended up being a huge failure. When I'm alone, I get dejected. When I'm alone, thoughts of her circle in my mind. When I'm alone, I ended up crying miserably because all I can remember is that I got busted, I got rejected, she chose another guy and so on and so forth.

I'm now desperate to forget her. VERY DESPERATE is the exact word. Again, Ate Kat was right on this one. She said "Jio, *name withheld for privacy* is not the right girl for you. If you get rejected for how many times already, stop Jio stop! You're hurting yourself in the process!" This sentiment would never get away from my mind until I find another girl to cover, to patch, to fix my already damaged life.

Patrick really is just what you call a loyal friend. He just told me to hang in there. . . to be strong . . . and of course, we said the phrase "Happy People!" This day really went on another spiral and downward turn when Patrick told me that the other guy would courth the girl. I said "I don't care!" to conceal what I feel. Of course, I got hurt. Now, I seriously thought that this is an implication that I must AVOID the girl. Another is that I must now exert all my effort to FORGET her. The question is . . . can I do it? If the past would be used as a key, I was NOT successful. Now, I'm just really trying to solve my porblems bit by bit and if I succeed in forgetting her, it would really help me a lot.

Of course, accepting the harsh reality that she won't like me has been a bitter pill to swallow. Through the revolving winds of time, I have succeeded in swallowing that harsh reality.

Maybe it's my fault after all. If it WAS my fault, then why am I suffering too much already? Do I really deserve to suffer too much? The pain is already unbearable. . . very unbearable. I wish to become numb to ease the excruciating pain but I have to be strong. Subsequently, I can't be because I think that this sad time in my life is there to wake me up from the harsh realities of life. One thing's for sure though, I would really try to FORGET and MOVE ON.

In the end, I just really wished that I never loved her. I really ended up as a huge failure. My confidence is in its record low so to speak. Well, I just have to get over this problem and hopefully, I would be very happy in the end.

P.S If ever you get to read this, I would really appreciate it.



"Beyond that dark cloud is a sun ready to shine"
Renato Galvan Jr.

This quote made by the honorable Renato struck me most for today. It just really depicts that challenges are there to toughen us not degrade our whole being. An obstacle is there as a blessing in disguise not a thing that must be angered upon by us. A dark cloud may come upon us but our optimism must not be overshadowed by such. People say that a thing that occurs always has its corresponding purpose, a purpose shrouded in mystery and some conspicuous circumstances.

Every time a dark cloud comes, we must approach it carefully and approach it with calmness and an attitude that denotes something about being positive. Having a positive outlook is nice and it really lessens the burden and it even gives you a more mature approach. Smiling helps too. According to Pau, it lessens the pain. I can certainly approve that sentiment of hers. Smiling results to doing something positive and it lessens the muscle usage in our faces. THAT IS A SCIENTIFIC FACT.

Today was a day filled with unsuspected happenings. I was sad for one part then I'm happy in another part. First, the happy part. I was happy because while practicing, Danica, Tristan and Bilog made comedic actions which rocked the house down.

The sad part this time. It happened when Gemma asked me if I would court her. I didn't offer any answer. Then she told me that the aforementioned girl was seated together with someone in that store near McDonalds. What an excruciating message that was. Then Ate Kat said that if I want to court her, do I stand a chance? That question made my situation worse. It was as if she's implying that I must not pursue any plans of courtship. She said that it's like I'm holding on to something which is unattainable. That statement given by Ate Kat hurt me a lot!

I'm just really dumbfounded now. I don't know if I'm still alright now.


Here are some OUTSTANDING FACTS about Chiz Escudero:

1. Si Tulfo, nagsusumbong kay Chiz!
That's what you call "responsible journalism".

2. Si Chiz lang ang tinantanan ni Mike Enriquez.
Dear Mike, you got owned by Chiz.

3. Si Chiz ang nawawalang kakambal ni Bamboo.
Dear Chiz, Bamboo got loads of talent in singing which you didn't inherit.

4. Si Chiz ang kuya ni Big Brother.
If Chiz is anti-PGMA and is not biased, Big Brother is biased towards Wendy and Big Brother gives crappy programming.

5. Si Chiz ang nagchoreohraph ng commerial na "Makulay Ang Buhay!"
This dance sucks but since Chiz made it, I tried dancing it to no avail.

6. Si Chiz ang nagturo kay Chuck Norris mag-roundhouse.
Chuck Norris, Chiz just owned you big time!

7. Si Chiz lang ang nakakapagpaluhod kay Leonidas sa 300.
Why Leonidas why?!? Are you telling me that Chiz owns all?

8. Chiz to PGMA:"Ninang, ang ibig sabihin po ba ng PGMA ay Pandak na Ginang ng MalacaƱang?"
Jio to Chiz: "Chiz, tama po ang sinabi niyo."

9. Chiz is the only one that can see John Cena.
Chiz, since you can see John Cena, I hope that you can defeat him. Thank you very much!

10. Kaya ni Chiz pumalakpak gamit ang isang kamay.
Chiz, you have such extraordinary abilities! Woot!

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We kicked the day off with English. We had a discussion about the Anglo-Saxon Period. After that, we had our C.L.E wherein we had the continuation of the talent show. The end of the C.L.E class was unusual in a sense that we sang the "Our Father" in the end just like in a manner sang in a Holy Mass plus with guitar accompaniment thanks to Sam!

Chemistry . . . hmm . . . we had this thingy about something which I've absurdly forgotten. Math time was of course, discussions baby! T.L.E time was more of database things(again!) and for the first time, we were puzzled by Mr. Patriarca's discussion. Damn computers in the Computer Lab! That damn shortcut feature for MS Access can't be used just because it wasn't installed and if we try to install it, it won't be installed because the Windows XP CD is not there you it's just BS.

Filipino time was more of talking about the right word usage. It bored me to death actually. I got a mistake so I danced those three prominent noontime dances again . . . this time in a slow-mo style.

Once I arrived at the house, I slept and just MEDITATED FOR A SERIOUS MATTER which I've decided upon already. This was the best Monday of my life mainly because of what that person replied. I'm just so happy but still, I'm shy. Damn. I wonder when can I overcome such hindrances in life. One thing's for sure, I AM CERTAINLY INSPIRED AND I'M CERTAINLY HAPPY WHEN I THINK OF HER, WHEN I SEE HER, WHEN I TEXT HER, WHEN I . . . IN SHORT, I'M JUST HAPPY! BOTTOMLINE.

English class kicked he day off as usual. We discussed this time the Dynasty of Scyld Shiefling. P.E.H.M time this time. We went to the A.V.R to watch something about "sexual topics." Library time came and we just used the time to ask, ask, ask, ask and ask to Ms. Henson. Math time came and we had our seatwork which squeezed out every brain juice possible. Social time came and we discussed about the topic "Time Differences" in the map. It's more of formula memorization and some nifty calculator usage.

Chemistry this time. We discussed the Systems of Measurement. Filipino time came and we had the continuation of the topic regarding the right word usage.

English time came and we discussed Hrothgar's Hall. C.L.E time came and we discussed stuff like searching for a Bible passage that tells something about the Church being diversionary. T.L.E time came and we just did the database and the discussion bored me to death. Math time came and we had our quiz. It was fairly easy and I slept after taking the test. Social time came and we this time discussed more about "Time Differences." Chemistry time came and we just discussed the basic quantities of the Metric System. Guidance time came and we just had this Bio-data thing.

Reading kicked the day off. Renato and his group made this comprehensive report about the Separation of the Church and State. After Reading came Social Studies. We had our test about "Time Difference" which was easy. I got 30 out of 30 w00t. English time came and this time, we talked about the arch-nemesis of Beowulf, Grendel, a demonic horde. Math time came and we are now on the topic, Complex Fractions.

Chemistry time came and we had this frustrating seat work about Scientific Notation. After that, P.E.H.M time came and we composed our very own warm-up exercise. We got 9 out of 10 in this one. Next week would be different because there would be a musical accompaniment.

We had our First Friday Mass. Also, Mr. Santos got mad at us because we sang happy Birthday while the others are singing the Philippine National Anthem. There's a story behind this unfortunate incident though. We ALREADY SANG the anthem and we already stopped since we thought that it's over. When Ate Kat arrived, we sang Happy Birthday because it's simply her birthday. NO OTHER INTENTIONS. That's simply it.

After the Mass came Math time. Math time was fun! We acted crazily by singing to Ate Kat Happy Birthday four times in four rounds. The order of the songs were: Happy Birthday (English), Happy Birthday (Tagalog), May The Good Lord Bless You, and Happy Birthday (Kapampangan). After the songs came the "Wave". This wave is prominent in shows wherein the fans will do a wavelike ripple in the stands. After the "Wave" came the dancing of the Math dance. After all those insanities, we had our discussion. Well, Math time was just really damn fun.

C.L.E time came and we were tasked to solve a riddle which was moderately hard. I didn't get to answer it correctly. The answer to the riddle was PENTECOST. We just really discussed the Coming of the Holy Spirit. Filipino time came and we took the first 15 items of a 50 item test. Well, it was ok. Lunch time came and we had this audition for the Nutri-Jingle. I auditioned and I danced the "It's A Hard-knock Life" and I sang "You Give Love A Bad Name". Fortunately, I bagged a spot! Weee! Yey me! XD

Chemistry time came and we had a discussion about the dreaded seat work. I got 12 out of 20(Damn!). Originally, I got 8 but something NICE yet WEIRD happened. Mr. Bernardo has this knack of letting his students earn extra points the FUN yet HARD WAY. He said that if we want additional 2 points, we must take a small bite out of a Choco Chum and it must reach to Ate Kat in 2 minutes so that she could still eat it. Well, after 44 small bites and 1 almost major infraction, the Choco Chum finally landed in Ate Kat's place and she quickly gobbled it up. So there, we now have 2 points. The other 2 points is that we must sing Happy Birthday to Ate Kat in 2 minutes while putting powder on her face as we sing the Happy Birthday Song. Well, the aftermath was that Ate Kat looked like a geisha and Mr. Bernardo worsened Ate Kat's look by adding powder to her hair!

English time came and we just discussed the agenda regarding the class t-shirt, the nutri-jingle and other important concerns. I would post pics about the t-shirt once I have the t-shirt of course.




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This is a pic showing King Leonidas of the movie "300" as a Smackdown! Superstar! Very shocking indeed nonetheless. I want a King Leonidas vs. King Booker match at WM24!

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Look at King Leonidas' finishing move! Wow! One of the best! Look at his career highlights! Mah gawd!

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Pardon the picture quality. I'm still not good in using MS Paint. Not that I read horoscopes but I would just like to try out some things for fun.

The Bottom Line

Your healthy ambitions are getting healthier by the day -- the sky is the limit!

In Detail

Your healthy ambitions are getting even healthier today, and you might find yourself thinking about doing things that you never would have dreamed of a couple of years ago. But before you tackle that next wonderful goal, you need to concentrate on finishing some things up today. Check those last few items off your list, and you will be immediately rewarded. Right now you have to prove to yourself (and to everyone else) that you can follow through with things.


Yesterday, I went to Jonel's house to make a project for our Social Studies class. We were tasked to do this map, map elements included, about the directions going to HFA. We should depict those landmarks, stores, and anything else in a creative yet convincing manner. What the hell is the map for anyway?!?

While making the map, Jonel and I talked about the girls in the school. Well, in short, we talk about some love things like showing your feelings and etc. I'm still confused about some aspects of love though.

Danica arrived very late for the project making. If I didn't look at Jonel's cellphone, she would've stayed outside the house experiencing raindrops but fortunately, I looked at the cellphone and the cellphone was bombarded by messages like this: "Jonel, papasukin mo na ako!". Once she stepped inside, we laughed for 15 minutes with no apparent reason at all. Jonel then danced "Bop To The Top" of HSM-fame(YUCK HSM YUCK!). After the project was done, we went to Nepo Mall and went to D.I.Y. We didn't find any nice and affordable lock but we stayed there for a long time because Danica sang in the karaoke machine there. We went to another hardware shop named Handyman and bought a lock for our lockers in school.

After buying the lock in the Handyman store, we went to National Bookstore to look for some books written by Paolo Coelho. Fortunately, we found them but the prices are really just staggering.

After going out of National Bookstore, we saw Ate Kat, Joycee, and Renato outside. We waited for the fourth year boys namely Nathan and Kim. Then we went to MiniStop because Renato will talk to Ate Tessa Ortega. After that, we went to Holy Rosary Parish Church to attend the anticipated Mass. After the Mass, Danica left us so the only remaining were Jonel, Ate Kat, Renato, and I. We then ate in KFC. Ate Kat and I ate the Garlic Chicken Steak Meal of KFC. Jonel ate the Classic Chicken Meal. Renato didn't eat. He just listened to some music.

While eating, we were talking about school stuff and for Pete's sake, they asked me to get some gravy which I did. After eating, we took pictures. We didn't mind those people who thought that we were retarded.

After all was said and done, we said our goodbyes and went to the jeepney terminals and went home.


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