"When you try your best . . ."
- Fix You by Coldplay -

Well, I just received one Personal Message (PM) in Yahoo! Messenger earlier. I just respected it and I think it is time to move on and respect her wishes. There are just times wherein some things happen and you should just respect them. I respect your wishes friend. Keep rocking still.

Well, one thing has been pissing me off lately. That thing is . . . discrimination. Well, doesn't it seem ironic that for example, one person who has a dark skin color hates rappers who are dark in skin color? Like come on, this is why the world progresses slowly. There is no unity and heck, that person that I am referring to also hates Chinese. What the hell man? That is why there are different races. Each one of us is unique and deserve respect. Skin color, ethnicity, nationality and the like should not be used as a measuring gauge for respect. We all have to treat them equally. Like man, stop it. It makes you pathetic. BTW, that person that I am referring to is not fat. Understood?

Now what? I am now waiting for someone so that the research work will be done and processed. Well, since I am bored, I took this IQ test and I will share the results. BTW, it came from Tickle.com.

Precision Processor

Your IQ Score is: 115

You've got a very experiential way of learning and a strong mathematical mind. You're able to whittle even the most complex situation down to comprehensible component parts. In short, you have mastered the art and science of precision. That's what makes you a Precision Processor.

For you, life is a series of equations. Your brain is naturally predisposed to intense mathematical acuity, and your understanding of numerical problems is unparalleled. It's second nature for you to cut to the heart of an issue, so that you can discover quick solutions to problems while others get bogged down in unnecessary details. One Precision Processor that comes to mind is the Greek philosopher-mathematician, Pythagoras. Pythagoras had a mind for numbers and, as such, could come up with previously unknown theories like his method for calculating the sides of a right triangle (a2+b2=c2). You too, can use numbers to translate aspects of the world around you — something that doesn't come easily to everyone. Your quick mathematical mind will allow you to communicate a variety of ideas to other people, so don't keep it to yourself.

Precision Processors can apply their mathematical skills to any situation involving numbers. That's a talent that will come in handy for everything from the workplace to splitting a bill 12 ways to converting foreign currency in your head. Others often look to you to do the math and luckily, you're well equipped."

My score is so low don't you think? Oh well!

". . . but you don't succeed!"

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"I was lost!" I was lost!"
-"In My Place" by Coldplay-

This day was just tiring. With P.E as our second subject, I was like "Come on, how come P.E was separated into three separated days?!" It was like we had to bring those P.E uniforms every single day. Like come on, use the logic that we all have people.

Then Math time was the bomb. It was like watching a new episode of Lost after missing several episodes. I was really clueless and thought of "Am I really awake at this moment? Am I really reading this sheet of paper filled with circles?" It was like it was the only first time that I have met this concepts in my life in all seriousness! I expect that I have failed this test big time. I have learned one lesson and that lesson is whenever I feel sleepy in class, I ought to stand so that I can wake up myself through blood circulation.

English time was . . . well, weird to say the least. The topic was cellphones and heck, it was more of recitation. But before all the discussion, there were those oh-so-unforgettable safety drills such as the fire drill and the earthquake drill. We were like treating the drills with no seriousness at all. Then those boys were racing when the bell rang. It was like they were desperate to get out of a cage. Then after all those drills, we had our discussion. Patrick, a classmate of mine but not Patrick Del Rosario, suddenly had this mood to challenge me into a sort of debate then it was like the classroom was laughing and I was sensing some weirdness from the word "go".

I do not know why but I really like reciting in Economics and English. Those subjects never cease to amaze me and they do not bore me to death. Economics . . . oh those resources, then scarcity. I still cannot forget them. In English, every discussion is lively for unknown reasons.

As I am typing this entry full of not-so-organized thoughts, I am listening to some song by Radiohead named "Jigsaw Falling Into Place" from their "In Rainbows" album.

It is now 12:20 A.M here in the Philippines. All I can say that Friday was a freaking day.

"Crossed lines I should not have crossed!"

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"Emotive unstable. You're like an unwinding cable car"
-"The Unwinding Cable Car" by Anberlin-

Classes were suspended today but I feel like nothing at all. Depression struck me again. How many time have I said the word "depression" right in this domain of mine? Too many times eh? I do not know. I have been listening to the Vitamin String Quartet. This group is simply awesome. They have turned Incubus' "Drive" into one freaking good orchestra version.

I have been thinking negatively a lot this week alone. For what reason you may ask? I do not know as well. I have been like this since my sophomore years in high school. I do not really how this thing affected me. Things just definitely snowballed on me.

Depression is the last thing I need now and then it still comes. Do I really just attract the aura of depression? In all seriousness, I want this negativity to stop. Maybe I should not really have been thinking of what about will happen to me in terms of my social life. Maybe I just have to end this thing myself by quitting and saying " I really do not stand out a chance at all." I do not know. If only I know the future, I would have done something right here and right now. What the heck am I just saying here? Oh well, that is what you call "talking to one's self when bored big time and thus, it results to random thoughts."

Whew. That is all I can say. After several bouts with depression, I am again encountering another one. I am tired of it to be honest. If only I know that my decisions in the past would be futile, this would not have had happened. I am not blaming anyone or some things here but rather, I am blaming myself. Oh well, hopefully I can bounce back from the sting of depression.

Being depressed causes me to be negative which then causes me to lose lots of confidence in dealing with other people. I am not really feeling well these past days. Thank you depression thank you.

Oh well, it's the end of this entry.

"I'll guard your heart . . . "

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"I'm not gonna write you a love song!"
-Love Song by Sara Bareilles-

"It's not my time!"
-It's Not My Time by 3 Doors Down-

Well, thank you Sara Bareilles for making me feel good and happy. Your songs have made me feel energized especially "Love Song" and "One Sweet Love". This school week has been quite different. Monday was a "painful" day. Tuesday was a tearjerker. In all seriousness, both days were filled with tears on my part. The sudden charge of the memories from the past . . . made me realize that you only realize a person's importance once that person lefts.

Enough of that. Well, the Celtics are your NBA Champions. They deserve it. They were hungry and Rajon Rondo was the factor in my opinion. He made all plays and I would have wanted Kevin Garnett to be the MVP of the Finals.

I just installed Firefox 3 and it sure is better. The fonts are better and I will take a closer look at it tomorrow once I am done with freaking school work.

I do not know what exactly I am feeling now. It is either I am infatuated or simply nothing. I simply do not know and heck, that joke by Miss Penilla was like "Uh huh Ma'am". I was shocked that she said that. For some reason, I was indeed shocked but not pissed off. I ought to get used to that.

I honestly think that with people saying I am "good", I am not great. I am not used to such reaction. I am not used to such gestures from them. I am not comfortable with it but I have the patience needed to withstand it.

I think that many people in the room dislike me with huge intensity. This is one reason why I feel uncomfortable with all those applauses. I do not know if they treat me with sarcasm or what. Seriously.

I am now gathering up some materials for my article for Cor Unum. I will write something about basketball. Simple as that.

My goal this school year is to get into the honor roll and bag that thing I really need or want which is . . . something that I cannot tell. I will do whatever it takes to get that thing. Seriously, I want it badly.

Math has been boring lately. I like the subject matter but the discussion . . . ugh, makes me sleepy. Hopefully, I can pass through those tests. Oh man. . .

BTW, thank you P.E classes for giving me an achy midsection and some painful shoulder muscles. And I meant that sarcastically. :D

This is it for now. My "writing juice" has finally run out.

"'Cause you asked for it!"

"I'm not going!"

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No freaking song lyrics for this entry. I would want you dear reader to have a moment of silence first and pray for someone. Thank you in advance.

Well, school was like a mixed bag of emotions. One day, it would be good. In another day, it would be sad. Then, it would be stressful. It's just really packed with different emotions. As I am typing this, I am thinking of one person who recently went back to the Lord. Please pray for that person's soul please.

Oh well, I customized my Windows Vista with some theme here. Here is the link of the picture of the desktop: WHATEVER. Comment at it if you want to. The icons are big though. But now, they are not.

One YouTube video series has kept me hooked. That video series is Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series by LittleKuriboh. It really is funny. Just search for it in YouTube. It currently has 29 episodes. Tristan Taylor's voice is simply awesome.

Depression struck me again. Oh well, 4th Year life is indeed stressful. Hopefully, my school year will be impressive academically. I do not care about the social aspect of my life for now. I only care about academic status for now. I need this year badly.

Oh well, I just hope the Lord Almighty will be kind enough. He is kind enough and I trust Him. After all, he is our Universal Brother and Universal Friend.

May you R.I.P. You will always remain in my heart. Thanks for all the memories.

P.S This entry was quite hard to type even though I only mentioned you in few instances. Still, rest in peace.

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"Do you think about me now and then?"
- Homecoming by Kanye West featuring Chris Martin of Coldplay

School has returned and I was like not happy at all. But after the first day was done, it was like a different feeling. One that was not the thing that I felt with Exodus. It was a deeper feeling of happiness. It was something that I experienced for the first time after 2 years or so. Well, it is somehow near to extreme happiness. I don't want to elaborate but come on, am I just lucky or what?

Seriously, my swagger is back. Oh yes, my long lost swagger is definitely back. What a time for it to come back. It just came at the right time when I exactly needed it. It is just a matter of using my resources to build momentum on some very important stuff.

I am happy now. The section feels like it is one good family. Not yet close but still, it is fun. Mr. Santos . . . oh man! He makes every move here and there. He sings oldies songs. He says some stuff that I don't know. He is like a teacher that makes me awake together with Mr. Sarmiento.

Well, yeah, I am just happy and shocked. I won't elaborate. I need privacy too on some matters anyway.

-Some NBA Finals notes-
Boston won earlier and I think Kobe Bryant was just not really in a rhythm. If the Lakers win Game 2 then, I can see that the 3 home games at Staples Center will be very crucial. Paul Pierce was exceptional in my humble opinion.

Thank you Lord! And hopefully, I can succeed.

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"I hear Jerusalem bells a ringing!"
- Viva La Vida by Coldplay

So yeah, I had my first day of classes for the S.Y 2008-2009 earlier. It started very early for me. I woke up at 5 A.M to get my day kicking off. After all those morning stuff in the bathroom, I ate my first breakfast for the school year which was a tasty hotdog sandwich. Then there, I dressed up and read the newspaper while waiting. So the first front page headline that I've read this school year is "Presidentiables say "no" to snap elections". Then after reading for about 30 minutes, the school service came.

Of course, in the school service, there is a radio which plays songs. The first song that I've heard from the radio in the school service this year is "Nakapagtataka" by APO Hiking Society. Fortunately, it was not the Sponge Cola version which was very poor.

Then, yeah, we finally arrived in the school after all those fetching. Heck, I was like lost at first until I saw my friends. We talked and talked and talked until we were asked to go inside our rooms. I was shocked to see some familiar faces and I was shocked too to see that some of the unexpected happened.

Then we had our first flag ceremony of the school year by 8 A.M. By 8:15 A.M, we had our first prayer service for the school year. By 8:20 A.M, we passed our admission card. By 8:21 A.M, we had this discussion about the handbook which was . . . boring to be honest. Like we talk about this rules stuff, it made me sleepy. Then we also had our schedule for the new school year. It looks weird to see that all subjects have only a one-hour time allotment. Pretty good still but weird.

By 9:05 A.M, we talked about those committees thing. I wanted to be in the "Cleanliness Committee" but then, we were too many so I was moved into the "Liturgy Committee". Yes, I am the only boy there if I recall correctly.

By 9:10 A.M, the first joke by our adviser, Mr. Dungca, was said! It was like LOL for the win! By this time too, the first loveteam of the class was made. It featured me by the way. Seriously, LOL. By this time too, the second joke was mentioned! Woohoo! By this time too, the index card thingy was mentioned too. By 9:11 A.M, the third joke was stated! Nice! By 9:17 A.M, Marti has done his first classroom sneeze! LOL!

Then the discussion continued and then some introduction(the never ending I suppose) until the bell ran for recess. We had our first recess of the school year on a Wednesday at exactly 10:30 A.M. We had our first CLE class by 11 A.M. We had our first lunch at 12 noon. Then our first MAPE class by 1 P.M. Then our first English class by 2 P.M. Then, we had our Math class which was weird at 3 P.M

Mr. Santos was acting like weird. He was singing some Cat Stevens and some other classic songs probably from Frank Sinatra. Seriously, he thought that I was sleeping wherein fact, I was just like making doodles since I was bored. That's pretty much it about my first day.

"Roman cavalry choirs are singing!"

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"This is the time of my life!"
- Time of My Life by David Cook

I am obviously frustrated. I am also angered. I am also pissed off at the fact that some people that I dislike will be my classmates again. Again, yeah, again. That is what you call a moment that can be described in one word. Actually, many one-word adjectives can describe this. One is disappointing. One is annoying. Another is irritating.

Seriously, seeing them again was the worst-case scenario that I expected. However, whatever happened which made the so-called "Sectioning gods" to put them back together with me in one section. Nice really nice. And take note, I said that thing with extreme sarcasm.

I need some first day luck and yeah, hopefully, I will have it. Like come on, what else could happen? Seriously, is it just that good luck is not yet around or what? Oh man, I seriously need some luck and hopefully, I will have a good time tomorrow. Hopefully, this school year won't be like last year wherein I experienced the worst time of my school life.

Optimism pays a long way and yeah, I will still treat this year with optimism and hope. It is just that it seems that there nothing to be optimistic about at this moment.

Day 1 starts tomorrow. Early wake up times. Countless projects. Countless tests. Boring discussions. Boring teachers. Annoying classmates. Nice friends. Numerous problems. Liking someone(Oh whatever). Some rather senseless arguments. Sleeping times. Writing notes. Doodling some scribbles. Eating together. Hiding from Mr. Santos. Oh those times.

So yeah, I might be gone from the internet community for quite a while. It is time to be serious again. Summer is over and I hate that fact.

"And I'll taste every momend and live it out loud!"

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"We were meant to live for so much more! Have we lost ourselves?"
-Meant To Live by Switchfoot

Whew! After suffering a massive blackout for a combined total of 12 hours, I finally have the chance to use the computer and connect to the Internet. Lately, I have been reading some material that I can use for my analysis of the NBA Finals which I expect will go down the distance.

Yesterday started out well. I even played basketball by 2 PM with my Dad and my brother. Come 3:30 PM, bang! It rained so hard! Then after 30 minutes or so, boom! Brownout occurred. That brownout was only the first of two brownouts that happened during the course of the day. That one lasted until 6 PM.

By the time it was 6:30 PM, I turned on the PS2 and played. After 30 minutes, power turned off. And for the heck of it, I was already in the 4th inning of the baseball game! Talk about being screwed ha?

Well, power came back by 9:00 PM. So yeah, I turned on the PC and did some iPod-related stuff. Then, after I saw from fluctuation, I finally braced for the worst. Then the lights went off. Bang! Power is gone. This happened by 11 PM. The clock was just ticking and ticking and ticking until I decided to get the PSP and play Innocent Life. This was by 11:30 PM. After an hour of playing, I let my sister play and when I got it back by 1 AM, I played again and by 2 AM, the battery is about to die. So yeah, way to go!

So yeah, I did some cellphone stuff. Then by 2:30 AM, I dozed off to sleep - still with no power. Way to go!

What a day eh?

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