"Pain without love. Pain . . . I can't get enough. Pain . . . I like it rough 'cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all."
- Pain by Three Day's Grace -

Well, I tried escaping the fact that I should not avoid her but still. . . I avoided her. There is this urge inside me that is telling me that I must talk to her and settle things but I can't because I'm boisterous and I'm still having difficulty in approaching the said person.

When we had our Guidance session, I was deeply affected by the bold terms "Conflict Management". It's like those are words that give me a sign that I must do something. That step saying that "Approach the problem" made an impact on me. Another was "Talk to the person personally not through other means".

I'm wondering if the said presentation by the Guidance was meant to affect my life. I think it really served a purpose. It left a remarkable and astounding message on me. I'm more determined to patch my miserable life now. I'm willing to take and receive more pain just to forget that past which has debilitated me terribly.

At times, I think that I want to expire already. I think that I don't serve any important purpose at this world at all at times. So much for being a pessimist, I would really like to see that sign wherein I would be happy after I see that sign.

I just can't forget a person. I've been asking myself "WHY?!?" lots of times already. It's like these thoughts play with my mind before I sleep. It's like I've been a person molded into a person who's very stupid. Very immature. Maybe I really need to find another girl. Heck, I'm really puzzled. Damn!

I'm getting into a point wherein I think of myself as a failure in life just because of the inescapable reality that I've been fooled by my own feelings or let's just presume that inescapable reality has something to do with rejection or being rejected.

Pain is unbearable and I must unload it or else . . . I might turn into a person that you'll never appreciate. Pain makes me sick. Pain makes me vulnerable. But I would rather feel pain if that's the only way that I could solve my lingering problems.

Hopefully, I would be happy again soon.
Sorry to everyone especially to the person/s that I've avoided.

This is Bob Marley's "Don't Worry Be Happy." This song really is nice especially the whistling part.


English class was fun and we did this thing with the literary brochure. Then, we had our C.L.E discussion about the Gospel and the Salvation History. Chemistry was dreaded because of the quiz about the History of Chemistry and some other stuff like those chemists. Math time was more of some discussions and seatworks regarding the Multiplication of Rational Expressions.

T.L.E time came and we did the database thingy again. In Filipino meanwhile, we discussed and dissected the poem about being a patriotic Filipino.

English was more of tiring because we had our recitation and fortunately I got out of it unscathed because I got 10 out of 10. We had then a quiz in P.E.H.M about those Reproductive Health terms. We then had our Library period and we made our very own book review. I reviewed Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Math time came and we discussed the Division of Rational Expressions. Social time came and we had our first-ever quiz and it was fairly easy. I got 15 out of a possible 15 items.

We then had our Chemistry class and we discussed something about the Safety Rules in the Laboratory. Filipino was still discussion and we were informed that we will have our very first seat work regarding punctuation marks this Friday.

English class kicked days off with a bang as we did this
quiz regarding Literary genres. It was hard at first but one I got the flow of things, I knew it. Question number 20 was something "shocking" because it's something regarding the nickname of our adviser. Unfortunately, I didn't get it. Damn nicknames damn!

C.L.E time came and we did some group sharing regarding the topic "How did God save you in your life?" I shared something about my two vehicular-related incidents that occurred last year. The first incident happened way back in August of last year. I was with Marti then. We were boarding a jeep, specifically a Villa Pampang one. I said to the driver "Para po!" woth gusto and the jeep stopped. Then of course I did the normal thing which is to go down the jeep then suddenly, the jeep moved and I fell down butt-first and left hand-first. That was extremely excruciating! Fortunately, I was able to recover in a matter of 3 days. The second incident happened in March of this year. I, together with Apollo, Chester, Brian, and Jansen boarded on a tricycle. The tricycle then started going and I fell from the backride! W00tness! Danea's story amused me and also Jonel, Danica and Loiuse's also.

We then had our T.L.E quiz regarding databases. Math time came and we had our seatwork with Division of Rational Expressions. Chemistry time came and
we presented a show of sorts regarding Safety Rules in the Laboratory. Then we had our Guidance in which we talked about Conflict Management. Now, this talk affected me a lot. I would now like to talk and settle things with the person I've been avoiding.

We reported in the A.V.R for our Reading class. I made this Powerpoint presentation about drug addiction. The lowdown was that the group accumulated 27 points out of a maximum of 30 points. After Reading came Social Studies. We discussed about the geographers and some cartographers. We then had our English class in which we made something related to Beowulf. Then Math time came. We danced our "Math Dance" which rejuvenated the class a lot.
Then we discussed about the Addition and Subtraction of Rational Expressions. Chemistry time came and we had our orientation in the lab. Then we had our much-awaited P.E.H.M class. We did some warm-ups and some aerobics. Then we did some 50 meter sprints. Well, this ended the day that I had fun.

We did our English oral tradition poems. Fortunately, I was able to finish the poem in time. Thus, I helped my groupmates. After English time came Math time came and we still talked about the same old topic.
After Math time came C.L.E time. We did this thing regarding social issues then we must connect the issues to the question "How did God show His saving plan in the social issue?". We were able to finish the task in time fortunately.

Filipino was more of a seat work regarding punctuation marks. The questions are really amusing enough. In Chemistry time, we had our actual test and I got a 13 out of a possible 15 together with Jonel and Danica. While doing the test, we were laughing really hard because at first, we don't know really what to do. Good thing our composure settled in and we made the experiment well.

We then had our club meetings and we had our club pictorial in which we really had fun. Well, this day is nice but I want to settle things with her now.



This was one news that shocked all fans of the wrestling world. And that news is that Chris Benoit died apparently of suicide.

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I still remember all those German suplexes, diving headbutts, the Crippler Crossface, the Sharpshooter and all those technical wrestling moves. It's so sad to see another great WWE superstar die. Coincidentally, both Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit's death are linked to steroid usage.

Another conspicuous thing is that there are Bibles beside the dead bodies of Benoit's wife, Nancy and Benoit's son, Daniel. Benoit did the suicidal thing by hanging himself. I can't believe that he did that considering the fact that he was branded as a "family man."

Benoit, a one-time World Heavyweight Champion, will surely be missed. I still cant' forget that classic WrestleMania moment when you and Eddie hugged each other.



And The Water Pipe Broke

I (a member of the writing duo Stiff Neck from Fictionpress.com) Kamille, allowed Jio, the writer of the blog Glances and Views to post my story " And the Water Pipe Broke" from Fictionpress.com to this blog

Chapter 1: “It’s a Declaration of War, Remember That”

Taki Murasaki High, an All-girls school, well known for their beautiful and sexy, athletes, and painters, has a rival school called Kawa Minami High, an All-boys school on the other hand. Kawa Minami is known for their handsome and well-skilled athletes, and painters. Therefore, because of these two well known schools’ having them built in-front of each other there sparked up a war, of who’s the greatest.

The Main story focuses on 4 beautiful maidens, who shall lead the two schools.

“Nee Nee! Ri-chan! Ri-chan! The hot spring! Hot Spring!!” Mika said. “Yes, yes, coming, call out Aira, and Hikari over also,” Rika said then signaled Mika that the two were at the Living Room downstairs.

“Hai Hai!” Mika said and went down stairs to fetch Hikari and Aira.

--- The Taki Murasaki Dormitory has 10 rooms in all, with 4 students residing in each. Rika, Mika, Aira and Hikari are stationed at Room 8, while their Dormitory Head Chisa, is at Room 5 with her other 3 friends OR helpers. TMD has a large hot spring at the back of this large Dormitory, of course only girls are allowed in this hot spring. Take note, Kawa Minami Dormitory is in-front of TMD.

---- Dormitory Curfews, the Hot Spring’s only open at 8am – 6pm, since beyond 6pm the water gets really hot. Staying out of the Dormitory’s allowed at only 5am – 10pm, if you’re caught outside of the Dormitory, at 11pm – onwards without Chisa’s permission, you would be sent to detention, depending on how long you stayed outside, would be the length of the punishment. Each dorm room is endowed with 2500Z (Zen) for their own expenses on food, and other things. Each room has their own Kitchen. Of Course each room also has 2 bathrooms with a tub, and 1 toilet room. Every student has the right to patch up with part-time jobs, as long as they can keep up with the Track activities.

----- Taki Murasaki High is a few Kilometers away from the dormitory, since the School’s at the City and the Dorm’s not. Female’s allowed to board at the Dormitory, are those who’s really far away from the school, and are enrolled via scholarship.


Nakamura Rika

17 (Second Year)

High Jump Athlete, Scholar of Southern Region, Jumped 174cm, Highest Record for Males and Females around the City. National record is 180cm (made all these up btw). Very Athletic built, and idolized not for her jumping but for her chest size. Treated as the Eldest sister of the 4 people in Room 8, she’s not very fond of guys, since nobody had liked her because of her hot headed and moody character. She might be one of those ‘hard to get’ females, but who knows? She has a very outgoing attitude, and so kind in nature (and to nature also), she loves cats and kittens. She has long yellow (not blonde D) hair, that has small curls. She has blue eyes.

Rensei Mika

14 (Second Year Middle School)

100m dash Sprinter, has a record of 9.63 seconds for the entire Country. Scholar from Tokyo, 9.63seconds might be a little impossible, but as you can see it was made possible. She has lavender colored hair that grew up unto her shoulders, she has violet eyes and she’s the youngest of them four. She likes bunnies and hamsters, and also a very well reserved person, but can be very hyper at times.

Kirisaki Aira

15 (First year)

200m dash Sprinter, Exchange student from another country; she has a record for running it in 17.78 seconds. She has long straight brown hair, and brown eyes. Has an athletic build, she’s very well reserved, but can really give out sensible punch lines at times. She hates cockroaches, and is easily attracted by small cute things.

Takara Hikari

16 (Second Year)

The Last runner for the 200m relay, one of the two students who managed to get in without a scholarship, for the reason that she’s one of the School Owner’s Daughters together with Takara Chisa. She has short black hair, with brown eyes. She’s pretty quiet unlike her older sister Chisa, who’s very talkative. She likes chocolates and other sweet stuff.

Takara Chisa

17 (Second Year)

The good-for-nothing head of TMD, she’s the eldest daughter of Mr. Takara Endou (owner of the School and Dormitory) a very hyperactive person, that usually steps on other peoples prides just to cover hers. She’s mostly seen arguing with Rika.

End of Profiles

“It’s 5:30pm and nobody’s using it, what day is it today?” Hikari said as she dipped her right foot in the water. “Today’s Saturday, I think it was that band from Kawa Minami high’s concert today at the square,” Aira said and dipped her whole body in the water. “Oohh… So hot,”

“What’s so good about them?” Rika asked, and then followed the two in the spring. “Hmmm… aside of them being so handsome, they’ve got good voices, body build, and traits.” Mika said pointing her fingers out at the sky as if she’s counting out what they are. “Alright, alright, I get your point Mika-chan,” Rika said and then patted her at the head.

“HERE COMES CHISA THE PRINCESS!” Chisa said as she ran in the Hot Spring, jumped in the water, and the four ended up being splashed with water on their faces.

Rika whispered something to Hikari, who whispered it to Aira, and then to Mika. Mika and Aira stood up and went out of the hot spring. While Rika and Hikari, went to the “washing place”

Rika seemed to be looking for something.


“What do you think you guys are doing peeking in the hot springs?” Aira asked as she appeared (She’s in a towel) before 4 guys outside of the Hot Springs, with an open hole in front of them.

Rika had poked one of the 4 guys’ eyes (explanation for the poke word up there). “What do you think will happen to your school’s reputation if Mr. Jikan were to know this?” Mika asked.

--- Jikan Shira; Kawa Minami High/Dorm Owner, Mr. Takara Endou’s Younger Sister.

“Of Course, our reputation as athletes and the school’s reputation would be ruined then. But I know you wouldn’t tell her since you’re already stunned by our graceful, body build, and handsome looks by now,” The blonde haired guy said, while rubbing his right eye, which is definitely the one poked.

“Who would fall for your senseless words like that?” Rika said, as she popped in the scene with Hikari. “Oh, that’s to bad Ms… Big Chest,” The other guy with jet black hair said. This had hit a nerve from Rika, but she stayed calm.

“Oh, Jun hit a nerve,” the brown haired guy said now. “Alright, Alright, quit bullying this City’s top High Jumper alright?” The white haired eye-glass wearing guy said now.

“That’s a lie, you mean, this girl…? IS MY RIVAL?!” The Blonde guy asked. “You got it right, anyway, not to sound rude, Ms. Nakamura, Rensei, Takara, and Kirisaki, We’ll introduce ourselves,” The eye-glass wearing dude said.

Profiles 2

Nagisa Ichiro

17 (Second year)

The 164cm record holder. Second to the City’s highest 174cm. He’s a cursive perverted guy, and also a playboy. He had gone to bed with countless numbers of girls because of his looks. When it comes to athletics he gets real serious, but when it comes to girls, that’s a whole lot different. He has blonde hair and hazel colored eyes.

Ginta Jun

14 (Second Year Middle School)

100m dash sprinter. His record for the said event is still unknown. He has jet Black hair and brown colored eyes, and tends to get real perverted specially with Ichiro hanging around.

Ogure Kinta

15 (First year)

200m dash sprinter, he has a record of 17.80 seconds flat. He has brown hair, and is a whole lot arrogant. He has blue colored eyes. His parents is from Hokkaido, thus where the surname “Ogure” came from.

Gasuto Ran

17 (Second Year)

Has not special talent, Head of the Kawa Minami Dormitory. He has white hair and black colored eyes, he wears glasses. He’s very kind, and good natured, a lot of girls from Taki Murasaki idolizes him because he’s also the vocalist of the well-known band from KMH called “Tanzo Tango”

(P.S. All four guys up there are macho men. XD)

End of Profiles 2

“I don’t care a thing or two about any of you, so just leave the dorms and butt off to your own dormitory rooms,” Rika said and pointed out their building.

“Well, it’s not bad since we’ve seen yours… this ones… that ones… that one also, and another ones bodies for today, so it doesn’t matter,” Ichiro said and then placed his hands in his pockets.

“Besides, seeing all of you in towels, are splendid also,” Jun said and then imitated what Ichiro just did.

“It doesn’t matter since when the time comes, you won’t even beat us in anything, since you guys are ‘girls’ just ‘plain girls’” Kinta said.

With that statement said, “Is that a declaration of war? We accept it at all cost, don’t get all boastful since you’re boys, but please reminded of it that, ALL of us here are record holders for the City,” Mika said as she pointed at Kinta’s nose.

“And take note, we still have a complaint to send to Ms. Jikan Shira,” Aira said and pointed out KMD’s building.

“Come back again, until you stand a chance,” Hikari said then all 4 of them walked back into the dorms.

“And oh yeah, I don’t believe you, you Nagisa person, only saw Chisa’s body, believe me, because I have a sense for it” Rika said and showed her tongue out.

It was 8pm already, the wind’s probably cold, and that’s why the girls backed off like that. But Take a look, they’ve made proper points, the guys were left there with their mouths open.

“C’mon everyone, let’s go back, you stupid, stupid Kinta, started a war with those, beautiful girls,” Ran said and hit him on the head.

Chapter 2: “What’s the matter with him?”

Poke, poke…poke

“Ngrh…” Rika groaned as the seemingly sunrise who just rose shone on her face. “You’re chest’s showing Ri-chan,” Mika said, who’s sitting on top of her, poking her chest.

“What?” Rika asked, not heard her. “Look, it’s big, poke poke,” Mika said and continued poking it.

“Hey!” Rika said and put her back her shirt, protecting her chest safely and glaring at Mika. “I’m kidding Ri-chan, you gotta cook breakfast now,” Mika said and jumped off her stomach.

“Oh yeah, it’s my day today huh?” Rika said plopped off bed, and then started to get dressed.

“TAADAAA!! Presenting today’s cleaner! Nakamura Rika-chii!” Mika said, and then pointed towards Rika, now dressed in worn-out jogging pants, and in an extremely loose shirt. “Yeah right, quit the Chii, eggs and sausages are prepared at the kitchen, help yourselves, I’ll clean the yard now,” Rika said and then headed out.

--- TMD/KMD Yard, in a road, there are two sides, KMD and TMD are at one side, facing each other, and the two buildings are separated by a large yard that is used by the athletes as a practice hall. The large yard is separated into half by a hog wire.

shik… shikk... shik

“Why does it have to be on Sunday?”

“Your day too, huh? Ogure Kinta,” Rika said as she started sweeping the yard with her broom stick. “Huh? Your day also huh? Well then, we should start and get along together then,” Kinta said and then started to sweep.

“Why does leaves, flies over here on spring? Must have been so weird huh?” Rika said, while looking at the trees around the field. “Hey… you aren’t mad at me?” Kinta asked. “Nope, because you’re not my rival,” Rika said and then smiled.

“But I’m the one who declared it; you’re still fine with it?” Kinta asked, “You’re still a kid, Kinta, yes it’s alright” Rika answered and then continued sweeping.

“Those two are so close…” Ichiro said, looking out the window, and enjoying the view of Rika giggling. “Jealous?” Ran asked. “Yeah, HEY! Of Course not! Will NEVER happen!” Ichiro said, and then he stopped looking out at the window.

It became 4pm already, and Rika’s back in the Dormitory, playing in the Hot Springs again, with their other dorm mates and her friends.

“Getting closey-closey, with Kinta?” Aira asked. “’Course not!” Rika denied. “Hmm...” Hikari groaned and looked at her with her eyes twitching. “What’s with that?” Rika asked. “Look look! Ri-chan! Ri-chan is blushing!” Mika said and then started poking Rika’s cheeks.

“Kinta’s young, and I don’t like young men, besides, I have no time for them, I gotta break the 180cm record still,” Rika said and clearly shoved the topic away.

“Is that so? huh? huh? HUH?” Mika asked and poked her cheek again. “Stop poking my cheeks!” Rika said and looked at her weirdly. And then everyone in the hot spring laughed.

The next day, another day for Rika, it’s time for her to clean up the gymnasium after club activities, AND the yard again.

“Why does the routine gotta happen now huh?” Rika complained as she slowly walked in the gates of Taki Murasaki.

---- Daily Routine, over the 40 students that reside in the dormitory, one of the duties they have to do is clean the yard, and cook food for their roommates. This is a two day routine that happens every year. In each room, the routine starts with the eldest, then to youngest, depending on the body stamina of course, on what duty they would be given, but usually for the youngest, it’s only cleaning the yard, and then the eldest have to cook the food again.

“Nakamura Rika-san!” Shizuka (homeroom teacher for her class) called on to her. “Y-yes?” She asked. “Your coach is looking for you”


--- Mr. Oosaruzuki Kojima, Rika’s High jumping coach, who abuses her to get better results. Doesn’t need to explain how he looks like the name says it all. (A/N: Oosaru Monkey)

“Ye-yes Mr. Kojima?” Rika asked. “There’s a friendly competition at Tomogasaka High School this Wednesday High Jumping is the most important event, by then 174cm should be easy for you, so get changed and practice,” Kojima said with a cold tone.

“But what about my classes?” Rika asked. “Never mind them, I excused you from all of them, but if you really wanna learn them that bad, you can do make-ups at the end of the day,” Kojima said and then prepared her training spot inside the covered gymnasium.

--- Training facilities, the Gymnasium is big enough for the whole Track & Field team of the school. Just imagine how big it is.

“Oh… Look at that, Ms. Big Chest is training huh? Let’s watch,” Ichiro said as he passed by the gymnasium.


“You hit the bar, do It again,” Kojima said after he had launched a powerful slap across Rika’s face. Rika just nodded.

“Hey, What? She, she got slapped?” Ichiro said and stared at her practicing form.

This time, she ran forward, and jumped, she has a very nice form, she hadn’t hit the bar, very good you see?


Another hit, “You launched at the wrong timing and wrong pace, you’re worthless, what’s the matter with you?! You’re giving me the entire bad mood I should have for this day, rest for the mean while,” Kojima said and left her. Again, Rika nodded.

She went back and ran again, this time she had faster pace and a nicer timing, and go! Up she goes over the bar, and she landed down on the cushion.

“Ack,” Rika groaned, as she coughed with blood coming out of her mouth. “Gyahhh! Oh no, ha… towel, towel, towel,”

“Here” Ichiro said and threw one over her head. “Er, yeah thanks, eh? Why are you here?!” Rika had asked while pointing an accusing finger on his face.

“My Coach asked me to come over here and get details from your coach about the Friendly Competition at Tomogasaka High.” Ichiro answered.

“Alright,” Rika said and then, stand up again.

She prepared for a run again, on a mid-pace and then jump! She went over the bar easily again, but, when she landed, she had her eyes closed, and her long hair sprawled around the cushion.

“Uh, HEY! WAKE UP!” Ichiro said as he saw her, not budging from her position.

Alright, what happened now huh?

Chapter 3: “Is that it?”

“Oi! Are you alright? Hey!” Ichiro said and shook her body. “How troublesome,”

---- Kim Jang-nae (chang neh), Korean, 24, School Nurse, She has long red hair that she always puts in a ponytail. She’s a well built nurse, but the only thing bad about her is that she pokes her nose into other peoples romance whether it’s yaoi, yuri, or normal (yaoi is to boy to boy, yuri is to girl to girl relationships XD)

“What happened to her?” Ichiro asked now sitting beside Rika’s ward. “Heat stroke, and choking of blood,” Ms. Kim answered while raising an eye brow, “shouldn’t I be the one, to ask that to you, since you’re the one with her?”

“Well yeah, but, choking of blood,” Ichiro said and looked at her. “Why did she choke on blood?” Ms. Kim asked. “Don’t know,” Ichiro answered.

Ring Ring

“Yes, Hello? Oh Mr. Oosaruzuki! Yes, yes, alright,” Ms. Kim said and placed the phone down, “I’m going for a while, anytime she wake up, insist to carry her back to her dorm room, she also had some cramps on her thigh, and don’t do anything bad, I know you Mr. Nagisa Ichiro,” and then she closed the door

“Do anything bad huh? Maybe I will,” Ichiro said and then pulled out a porn magazine from his bag to read.

A few hours later… (8:00pm)

“I’m worried about Rika,” Hikari said and gazed above the book she’s reading. “She’ll be back soon, don’t worry, she might just be having some fun,” Aira said and went back to her reading. “Is Ri-chan becoming an adult now?” Mika asked.

---- Room arrangement, in a room there are 6 rooms, Living room, bedroom, kitchen, a toilet and 2 bathrooms. After the Living room, just turn left and there’s your bedroom, if you leave the door open, you would clearly see the bedroom. In the bedroom, there are 2 double deck beds, on the left and on the right. On the Left side, there’s Hikari in the bottom and Rika on top, and then on the right side would be Mika in the bottom and Aira on top.

Where am I? This doesn’t look like the gym, does it?” Rika thought, her eyes scanned the surrounding, until it landed on someone’s back.

Blonde hair… and tall… a guy” Rika thought and someone popped out of her head. “What are you doing here?” she asked and pointed her right index finger on his back.

He faced her, pulled her hand; he kissed it softly and said, “You fainted while taking your practice milady, as a gentleman in-charged, I humbly carried you over here,” and closed the gap of their faces into 1 inch.

“You? A gentleman?! ARE YOU KIDDING?!” Rika said and avoided his face. “I can feel his breathing,”

“Yeah right, anyway, Ms. Kim told me to insist on carrying you to your Dorm room,” he offered.

“I’m heavy, so don’t mind I can force myself there,” she coldly declined his offer.

“For someone 1 foot shorter than me, you’re only 50kgs, or might be only 48 kgs… the other 2 kgs are those,” He said and pointed at her chest.

“You’re lucky I’ve got cramps,” She answered as veins popped out of her head.

“Well you like it or not, here I go,” he said and carried her.

“H-hey! STOP IT!” she’s frantic, she never expected this.

“You’re loud, shut up,” he’s getting pissed.

“NO,” She strongly commanded.

“Or Else I’ll kiss you,” He replied and stared at her.

“Why don’t you t—“ She was shocked, he really did kiss her.

“Shut up, or more?” he asked. “…” It shut her up after all. It also made her blush.

“How dare you, that was my first,” she told him. “It was mine’s also,” he replied.

“Don’t lie,” She said and raised an eyebrow at him. “Who’s lying?” he said and continued walking towards their dorm.

The remained quiet like that. He’s carrying her bridal style.

“What’s your dorm room number?” he asked. “8” she answered.

The moment he opened the door was a mystery, he slowly walked towards the bedroom where the three other people reside in. Hikari and Mika’s jaws are wide open, while Aira ignored the situation, probably expecting something like it.

“Wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-wh—“ Hikari stuttered. “My bed’s on top,” Rika said, and then he lay her down it.

“I’ll take my leave now, Jun, Kinta and Ran might be looking for me also,” He said and flashed him a smile.

What a conceited smile, Anyway! Thank you,” Rika said. “No worries, besides I touched your BIG record,” He said and returned her a perverted smile.

“Wh-what?” She asked while crossing out her arms in front of her chest. “I touched, that,” He said and pointed at it. “Wh-why you…” Rika said and prepared a pillow.

“Who would care anyway? Next time you faint on me like that, I’ll take advantage of you before I carry you to your clinic, So be careful,” he replied to her, his tone cold, and strong.

“Are you… concerned?” Aira asked. “Who knows?” He answered and threw her a tongue out expression.

And then he left.

Rika’s blushing madly.

“What happened?” Mika asked.

This will surely go around tomorrow, just you wait, Nakamura Rika…”

Chapter 4: Rumors marked true


“Ri-chan! You’ve gotta wake up look at this,” Mika said, riding on top of Rika once more.

She showed her the Taki Murasaki School Paper,

“Hot news, High Jumpers affair,” Rika said and then scanned the page with her eyes.

She coughed on how someone got their “kiss” picture. “Wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-where did this come from?” She asked.

“First of all, did this really happen?” Aira asked peeking over the book she’s reading. Rika looked away; she hid half of her face under her blanket and replied a faint “yes”

Mika and Hikari fell unconscious, “HEY DON’T EXAGGERATE AS IF HE DID SOMETHING BAD!!” Rika whined.

The 3 grouped on one side of the room and talked, “She’s protecting him, she’s protecting him,” Hikari whispered.

“I DON’T WANT TO LOSE RI-NEE!!” Mika wailed. “No one’s losing who, I don’t mind her having a boyfriend, but not a playboy that is,” Aira said.

“HE’S NOT MY FREAKING BOYFRIEND!” Rika’s going furious now.

“Now, now don’t freak out, we know, WE ALL know, but would you mind telling us how did this happen?” Aira asked.

And then Rika told the whole story. “So that’s why, but, where did these pictures came from?” Mika asked. “Who knows? Someone might’ve wanted to frame me up, but this isn’t false,” Rika said and then heard the bell ring.

“Did the bell just ring?” Hikari asked, “I think so,” Aira answered as the four of them started to panic into going to school.

They reached school safely though, once again it’s time for Rika’s “harsh” training.

“You’re timing’s off, again,” Mr. Monkey, I mean Oosaruzuki said after launching a powerful punch straight to her stomach.

“When would this monkey stop at all?” Ichiro said as he passed by TMH’s gymnasium once more.

“You really are worthless huh?” Mr. Kojima said and walked away once more.

“Hahaha, you’re still being harassed huh?” Ichiro said and walked towards Rika. “You’re here again; didn’t you know I got into serious rumor troubles because of you?” Rika said and walked up towards the cushion and sat over it.

“I know, I received the school paper, it was on our mail box this day, you think it was someone who likes me? She might be jealous,” Ichiro said and flashed some playboy smiles as he stand beside the bar.

“As if someone would,” Rika said and tried to do a jump again.

Once more, she landed wrong; she had her back land before her butt.

“That must’ve hurt huh?” Ichiro said and looked at her. “Not really,” She’s still conscious but it’s obvious that she can’t move.

“You need some serious help?” Ichiro asked. “Not at all,” Rika answered and tried to stand up, but failed to do so. “Look, I’m here, so you don’t have to worry a’igh?” Ichiro said and carried her again.

Once more, they’re back to Ms. Jang-nae’s Clinic.

“Alright, so again Mr. Nagisa, Ms. Nakamura, why are you here?” Nurse Jang-nae asked. “I uh, I can’t move, so he brought me here,” Rika said.

“Just one more, Mr. Nagisa why are you here?” Nurse Jang-nae asked. “Next Wednesday, Pair High Jump competition was asked by Tomogasaka High, it was requested to have High Jumper of KMH and TMH to do the high Jump.” Ichiro answered and once more sat beside Rika’s ward.

“Oh, that’s right,” Rika said. “One more,” Nurse Jang-nae asked. “Where did the pictures came from?”

“I don’t know,” both Rika and Ichiro answered. “Well, they say when two people talk at the same time, they’re a couple,” Jang-nae said.

“Wh-wh-where did you base that?!” Rika asked. “From nothing,” Jang-nae said and sticks her tongue out.

“Are you free later? Let’s go out,” Ichiro said while putting his right leg over his left, avoiding Rika’s gaze.

“Yeah I’m free, hey… are you blushing?” Rika said and tried to look at his face.

“I’m not,” Ichiro said and hid is face.

After a while of rest for Rika, she’s finally out with Ichiro.

The sky is dark, a rain or probably a thunder storm would be coming. They didn’t notice it since it’s almost dawn for them, but then much later the rain drops started pouring. Good thing they’ve managed to look for some shelter.

kzzt… bang!

“Geh..” Rika said, it was out of the blue but it was cute. “Huh?” Ichiro said, it was weird.

kzzt… bang!

She unconsciously grabbed one part of his shirt. “Are you scared?” Ichiro asked. “Of Course not! Who is?” Rika said and immediately let go of his shirt. Ichiro just raised an eyebrow on this statement.

kzzt… bang!

She unconsciously walked closer to him. “See? You’re scared,” Ichiro told her and then looked at her face, she’s shivering, he can feel it.

kzzt… bang!

Rika totally froze on her spot. “C’mon, I’ll get you home now, let’s start walking,” Ichiro said and started to walk. “I…I… can’t move,” Rika said and smiled at him.

kzzt… bang!

She immediately sat on her position, her hands covering her ears. “You’re really a pain huh?” Ichiro said and carried her again ‘bridal style’

“Hey put me bang! down…” Rika said, until before she noticed herself, she’s already hugging him. “I can feel your chest,” Ichiro joked.

“I DON’T CARE!” Rika shouted on his ear, as tears drops from her eyes. “I’m so scared of the thunder! Are you happy now?”

He patted her head and said. “Don’t worry, as long as I’m here, the damn thunder won’t hit you,”.

She was shocked, as tears continue to fall from her eyes. She hugged him by the neck and slept tight on his broad shoulders.



DISCLAIMER: This entry would be an "eye opener" of sorts regarding the said show by ABS-CBN. Therefore, the views presented here are only my opinions and observations. If you have some comments, feel free to do so. Thanks in advance.

There is this one housemate that has earned the ire of the public and also the co-housemates. And that housemate is none other than uneducated Wendy Valdez.

As far as I'm concerned, I've lost all my respect for PBB and subsequently, its management. They are clearly biased regarding Wendy. C'mon, in 24/7 feed programming, all we get is Wendy crap. To all those who watch only on primetime, you are not getting the privilege to watch the unedited 24/7 programming. Primetime programming of PBB is BIASED. They don't show Wendy's other unscrupulous behavior like when Tina of PBB Slovenia fame arrived, she was acting rudely but this was not shown in primetime viewing.

Yes, Wendy may not be plastic and ironically, the show promotes being "true" to yourself and to others. Her being "true" is not worth emulating because it degrades your status in the society. Oh, by the way, Wendy's a hooker. Yes, a hooker. H-O-O-K-E-R. According to reliable insider information, she hooked herself up with a professor in F.E.U! Talk about being a person with good morals! Mah gawd!

Last night's result is damn straight DIRTY, CONSPICUOUS and SHAMEFUL. Nel only got 4% of the votes!?! That is unthinkable. Considering the fact that Nel stays in Iloilo, a vote-filled province per se, he should not have gotten only those percentage. With that being said, I can say that PBB is scripted. Sad to say, we might as well prepare to see Wendy or Bruce end up as the big winner thanks to corrupt, dismal and downright dirty management of PBB and ABS-CBN.

I would like to point out that the votes are MANIPULATED. ABS-CBN claims to be a station of integrity, justice and fairness but ironically, they themselves are not fair to the people because they are biased with one housemate and they deprive the viewers from quality television shows. I hereby would like to say that don't vote anymore. Your votes would get manipulated in the end anyway so why vote in the first place.

Endemol implied that Wendy is one person that can generate interest because of her "sexy" body. To retort on this, Wendy's "jugs" are not even nice or *ehem* huge. Wendy doesn't even have a good body to begin with.

Wendy's insinuations are tactless, shameful and downright wrong. Let's start from her rant that she deserves it because she's poor unlike Bodie, who is rich. For your information Wendy, PBB is not a charity organization. Therefore, money is not a part of the criteria. if money was part of the criteria in the first place, Bodie wouldn't have made it this far. Also, you are not poor Wendy. You are a hooker and hookers earn big bucks especially in Japan. Talk about being ironic.

I, hereby, would like to say that ABS-CBN must do something about this. If nothing is done regarding the matter, i might just as well say that all my due respect is lost.

THE BOTTOMLINE: Wendy and Bruce are not deserving to be winners but expect them to win in the end. The bottomline is that favoritism is brewing in the house and in the management.




"I just need little of your time . Little of your time to say the words I never said."
- Maroon 5's Little Of Your Time from their chart-busting album, It Won't Be Soon Before Long -

I'm really in a state of dilemma now. I don't know if I'm still in a state of wellness, completeness and fineness. I don't know if all the things that I'm doing are right. Yes, I've tried to forget but still, I can't. I just need some time to shake the misfortunes off.

Shaking those misfortunes has been dreadful and dismal to say the very least. Some might say that a piece of info is a fact while another states that it's merely a rumor. Discounting the circumstance that it might be a fact, I've been contemplating the reality that I don't have to love someone for now. I don't have those killer smiles. I don't possess those handsome qualities. I'm simply a person who tries to set a bold impact on others. Taking risks have hurt me. I think of myself as garbage when it comes to love and all those emotions.

I've learned something yesterday about my horrible past. That is something about an answer that I've been looking for. That answer is related to my failures in love. The answer is more of a rejoinder or reason for all those rejections that I've accepted. With the reason now in my grasp, I can firmly say that I was a stupid person - a person who made a move that hurt him in the end. . . not give him a sense of accomplishment.

I consider this school year as a year to prove myself to each and every one of you that the Jio last year is different from the Jio this year. I'm damn serious with that sentiment. I tried to not approach some persons lately and that didn't work for my "moving on " process.

Hopefully, I can fully grasp the extents of moving on in life. It takes time per se, but I have to be strong. I have to be wise. I have to be matured enough. I have to be open-minded for the sake of accepting harsh realities.

I, hereby, would like to point out that I would try my best not to do something drastic about my emotions especially admiration, love and infatuation.

I'm stupid . . . very stupid.

This is Maroon 5's Little of Your Time


You Are An ESFJ

The Caregiver

You are sympathetic and caring, putting friends and family first.
A creature of habit, you prefer routines and have trouble with change.
You love being in groups - whether you're helping people or working on a project.
You are good at listening, laughing, and bringing out the best in people.

In love, you value harmony and mutual understanding.
You will apologize or give someone the benefit of the doubt, if it means getting over a fight sooner.

At work, you are good at building relationships and connecting with people.
You would make a great nurse, social worker, or teacher.

How you see yourself: Organized, dependable, co-operative

When other people don't get you, they see you as: Opinionated, critical, and know-it-all

Your Brain is Purple

Of all the brain types, yours is the most idealistic.
You tend to think wild, amazing thoughts. Your dreams and fantasies are intense.
Your thoughts are creative, inventive, and without boundaries.

You tend to spend a lot of time thinking of fictional people and places - or a very different life for yourself.

Your Taste in Music:

Adult Alternative: Highest Influence
90's Alternative: High Influence
Heavy Metal: High Influence
80's Rock: Medium Influence
90's Rock: Medium Influence

How You Life Your Life

You have a good sense of self control and hate to show weakness.
You're laid back and chill, but sometimes you care too much about what others think.
You prefer a variety of friends and tend to change friends quickly.
You tend to dream big, but you worry that your dreams aren't attainable.

Your Attitude is Better than 40% of the Population

You have a positive attitude... somtimes. You prefer to see the world through clear glasses, not rose colored ones.



This week was downright awful. Well, now that Mary confirmed every thing, that signifies that I have to move on. Also, I have to forget her. With that being said, I was kinda reluctant to answer her back with a "Hello" in the afternoon.

To set the record straight, I've been avoiding Rap this week. I said that as to confirm something about it. Also, my "moving on" process is back to square one because of what happened in lunch time. Since she passed by in the room, Lawrence and the other boys said that "Jio, nandiyan si Celine oh!" I was saddened by it because that WAS the past and I'm moving on already and that made my situation worse.

Getting straight to the point now. In summer, I asked for a sign if ever I need to move on in my life and forget her. That sign was if she's not my classmate, I should be happy with it. And man, that really happened. I really considered it as a blessing. Yes, a blessing.

With Rap entering into the picture, I consider it as a blessing also. With that being said, I can now totally focus in my studies. Yes, more determined this time to focus in my studies and make a damn statement.

Yes, I've been trying my best to avoid her also. I won't disclose the true reason yet. I just simply will hide it for now.

I'm so stupid to have liked someone so gorgeous like her in the first place. Of course, I don't possess good looks then suddenly, I will do some drastic things. I'm so stupid. Very stupid. Anyway, I will do my best to forget every single damn thing.


Well, a day that is just normal except that we had our T.L.E classes. T.L.E was just super fun. We received some shockers because Ms. Sason is not anymore our Filipino teacher. It's now Ms. Mildred Santos. I'm kinda having a hard time because my Tagalog is not that good and also, Ms. Santos likes our sentences to be in concrete Tagalog. Mah gawd!

We also had our Math seatwork(The seatwork we were supposed to have last Friday) and it was hard! My brain really got fatigued. Chemistry was fun though.

English class is nice. I got my confidence boosted here. Health time came and we had fun considering the fact that we talked about Reproductive Health. Library time was kinda boring because we have to do this thing about advertising the library and its services. We then had our Math time and we took this quiz which was fairly easy. Social Studies time came and it was ok. We discussed the National and Local Issues and I had fun with it. We then had Filipino and we performed something to depict that we must speak Tagalog.

English class was really fun. We did this thing regarding essays and history of other literary genres. C.L.E time was boring but still I listened to the lesson. T.L.E time was about doing some database thing. Math time was more about discussion about multiplication of some algebraic terms.

We then had our Social Studies quiz which was very easy. Chemistry time was fun as we acted out some foreign and Philippine chemists. Guidance time cam and it was mostly a free time because we really just talked about plans for college while we blabber some things with our seatmates regarding some everyday stuff.

Reading time was more about social issues and again, I had fun with it. Social time was more about discussion and some map reading. English time was about poetry. Math time was about more examples. Chemistry is something about some logical exercises for the scientific method. P.E.H.M was a chore as we had to run 1km in the school grounds. This caused me to have my legs tired. Also, we did some sit and reach and shoulder stretch. After all was said and done, Tristan and Sam did some marvelous things with the radio. My body really got fatigued though. Good thing I did my assignments the night before.

Before we had our classes, we did this Lectio Divina. Faith really didn't want to touch my hand so we just touched the fan that she's holding. We did our literary brochures in English time. Math time was about some seat work which was difficult. In C.L.E, we did some quiz which was moderately hard. Filipino was about some more performances from us. Chemistry was really fun. We did this first experiment but since I formed my triad with Jonel and Danica, we were happy and we finished first. After that, we talked some important matters like love life and school stuff.

1. The radio drama of Tristan
2. Sam's radio voice overs.
3. Our introductions to Ms. Santos.
4. Mary's sentence which confirmed some things brewing in Genesis.
5. Lectio Divina time.



Well, it's already 9P.M and that just means that another school week is about to begin anew. Hopefully, I can settle the issue with my fellow Exodudes regarding the YouTube videos. I watched Raw last night and sadly, they didn't show the explosion of Vinnie Mac's limo which caused him to be "dead." I watched Smackdown earlier and they also didn't show that explosion. What a bummer JackTV. Thank you very much.

Well, since KHQ has been spammer-free, I haven't been enjoying a lot lately. It's because there's no one to berate, retort and pwn at. It's so frustrating.

This day is just a day that is worth to be mentioning due to the fact that it's Father's Day today. Also, for Golf fans, Tiger Woods is now second in the U.S Open.

Hmm . . . I just really gave someone some photo comments earlier. Her pictures are the best. BOTTOMLINE.

Uhm I have to cut this entry short.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Today is what you call Father's Day. In this day, we got to show how much we appreciate our Dads who have worked hard for us. Well, I gave my Dad a T-shirt which he has been asking for a long time now.

Well, we ate our lunch in Shakey's Restaurant in Dau. Good thing, only few people ate there so there were lots of tables and chairs for us.

Well, please don't believe that Vince McMahon is dead. Please!

This is it for now.


Loco Roco Review

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GAME:Loco Roco
DEVELOPED BY: Sony Computer Entertainment
ESRB Rating: Everyone

Well there are certain games that say that they utilize innovative gameplay and controls, they fail to deliver their promises just like the game named "NBA Live 07" which stated that Freestyle controls will definitely improve the game. Well, it botched up the series even more!

Enough NBA Live talk for now. Well, there was really this innovative and revolutionary game that really piqued my interest. That game was Loco Roco. Loco Roco really relied on the gameplay for it to be successful. It really used innovative controls in a sense that you only use the L and R shoulder buttons to tilt the game world and control your adorable Loco Rocos. Using the L and R shoulder buttons at the same time causes the Loco Roco to jump. If you can't fit into a small space, use the circle button to arouse some lightning to make your Loco Roco separate into smaller ones to fit into the said small space. You increase your Loco Roco count by eating those fruits, which can be obvious and at times, hidden in the stages. It's much like that popular brick game called Tetris. It's easy to learn but hard to perfect. It's not exploration all the way mind that. There are also nasty monsters called the Moja. If it successfully squeezes one Loco Roco away from you, say good bye to that one Loco Roco of yours.
And boy, the game really did amaze me and left me astounded.

Well, it's also one of the best games in the PSP format graphics-wise. Sound-wise, the sounds that the Loco Roco make are really cute. Also, you might even sing along with them and memorize what they say.

Lifespan-wise, it really lasts a long time. If you were done with the story mode, there are still lots of secrets to be found in every world like those Mui Mui and those secret Loco House parts. Also, if you want to improve your past performances, you can do so by replaying the stages.

Now the lowdown of the review:

Graphics 5/5 - This is a game that runs smoothly considering the fact that the PSP can slow down if the graphics are really lush. All I can say is that the PSP really flexed its muscle for this game. This game is eye candy and a luscious treat to all those PSP users.

Gameplay 5/5 - Using only the L and R shoulder buttons to tilt the game world and subsequently control your Loco Roco, this is really an innovative game. If you get tired with the story mode, there are also mini-games which can be unlocked and also you can build your own Loco House using the parts that you acquire in the main game.

Sound 5/5 - Games usually don't have a good sound attached with it but exempt this one from that description. The Loco Roco's voices are really cute and top-notch. Since I've mentioned that, you might be able to talk and sing like a Loco Roco! Believe me on that sentiment.

Replay 4/5 - The story mode ends just before you get bored. Well, there are really lots of unlockables and secrets like those rare Loco House parts, hidden Mui Mui and those mini-games which really add up to the game's replayability. If you get bored with the story mode, you can also build your very own and unique Loco House!

Overall 5/5 - If you have a PSP and you don't have this game, you are totally missing all the fun that the PSP can supply you. This game is one of the PSP's top-rated games and you better not miss this.



Well, we had our English class and it was typical discussion and recitation thingy. Then C.L.E time came and I experienced the bummer of the day. Well, I said it was a bummer because of we were tasked to write the following prayers: Angelus, Three O' Clock prayer and the ever-beloved Morning Offering Prayer. I really had a hard time writing them but when I say them, I know them. Anyway, we were really squeezing every brain power possible from our brains which presumably got really tired from all the brain work we did.

Recess time came and it's also typical. T.L.E time came and we went to the Computer Lab for some discussions. We talked about some binary number system then some O.S. By the way, we also talked about piracy and the massive prices of the new Windows O.S, the recently-launched Windows Vista. Then Math time came and we again had a hard time solving those problems.

Lunch time came then we had our Social Studies class and we did this comic strip about the Familian spirit. After that, Chemistry time came and of course, we discussed some things about Chemistry.

Filipino time came and we just did some introduction stuff and after Filipino, we just contemplated the fact that we will have P.E.H.M tomorrow.

We had our Reading class under Mr. Alimurong for the first time. We just introduced ourselves and we stated some things about our reading habits. Social time came and we did those comic strips again but this time, we finished it already. Renato and I were really criticizing our project but still, we liked it. We then had English time and we discussed the ideas for our crappy bulletin board. Then we discussed Literature again. Math time came and this time, examples were given AND we got the lesson this time around.

Lunch time came and while in the canteen, we just really laughed about some topics like using profanes and expletives in normal conversation. Chemistry time came and we did those discussion things and by the way,we rekindled the good ol' dance showdowns. I had a dance showdown with Bilog. We danced Itaktak Mo, Boom Tarat Tarat, A do do do, and the Nipple Dance with much gusto. After all the dancing, we had to wait for Mr. Bernardo to set things up for the discussion and I wasn't bored with it.

The much-dreaded P.E.H.M time came and we took those Performance Tests a.k.a "Body Aching Tests" as coined by Tristan. After those tests, we again played "Crocodile Tails" and we are still winning by the score of 4-1. One more to go and we gain additional 5 points. How cool is that?!?

This day is an embarrassing yet a happy day. You'll get to know why as this entry moves along to its ending.

The day began horribly with me fighting with the time to be on time to go to the service. Well, as I walked into the school grounds, it was intensely hot and once my fellow classmates entered, we talked about politics. We then had English wherein we discussed the elements of fiction and we really used The Lion King as an example. Good thing I still remember that Disney classic. Simba, I will watch you again on Saturday night.

After English came C.L.E. We had our first quiz about the prayers and this time, it's fill-in-the-blanks. I got 33 out of 35. It was a fairly easy test. After eating our lunch in Recess time, we had our Guidance session and we played this game wherein we have to know the the things about a person from the opposing group to score points. We finished as first runner up in the end.

After Guidance came the much-awaited Math. Well, we talked about adding more examples first then we were suppose to have a seatwork. We won't have the seatwork if we do some talent show. Well, Danica kicked things off with a song number. Then, Tristan joined the fray when he and Danica beat boxed again. After the beat boxing, Danica did a goldfish impersonation. After that, Tristan impersonated lots of teachers notably Mr. Patriarca. After the aforementioned impersonation, well, uhm . . . first, Renato, Bilog and I danced this dance prominent in Eat Bulaga called "Itaktak Mo" and a dance from Wowowee called "A do do do." After dancing that, I was asked to dance "Boom Tarat Tarat" by myself. Well, my dignity has been destroyed but still I danced it. After dancing "Boom Tarat Tarat", they asked me to dance "Otso Otso" with my unique style . . . and that style is that I do it with me in a push-up position. After that, I danced "Spaghetti" which was the end of my dancing show.

Lunch time came and after that, we had our Chemistry classes under Mr. Bernardo. Well, we did this thing regarding the branches of Chemistry. After that, we decorated the front part of our notebooks. Well, I helped Mr. Bernardo in bringing the notebooks and because of that, I got late in going back to the classroom and subsequently, my classmates can't go in becasue I was holding the classroom key. After unlocking the door, we got our things. After that, we had our club meetings and we elected our club officers. We were dismissed ealry by Mrs. Baluyut and we, Patrick, Aidz, Atan, Marti and I, just toured around the school grounds.

My ridiculous dance earlier. I'm so ashamed!

1. Tristan's jokes.
2. Tristan's impersonations of the teachers.
3. Danica's beat boxing alongside Tristan.
4. Bilog's jokes.
5. The dance showdown featuring me, Renato and Bilog.

This is it for now.



YouTube Videos featuring SPARTAAAAAA!

This is a video featuring Gerald Butler in many forms. Enjoy!

This is a video of Family Guy's version of a 300 Trailer.



Here are some notes from the recent WWE Raw episode:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The picture above is supposedly Mr. McMahon being ENGULFED IN FLAMES. . . yes, you read it right, ENGULFED IN FLAMES inside a limousine! They are now saying that Mr. McMahon is presumed dead. In my opinion, this is a script job implicating the return of who else? D-Generation X. I'm serious about this. Reports are saying that once Mr. McMahon stepped in the limousine, the limousine exploded. Anyway, authorities are saying that it's a car-bombing incident. If ever this DOES NOT implicate D-Generation X's return, this just means that Mr. McMahon's character in WWE television is blown off or in simpler terms, his character is dead.

1. SmackDown picked The Great Khali.
2. ECW selected The Boogeyman.
3. Raw picked King Booker alongside Queen Sharmell.
4. ECW selected Chris Benoit.
5. SmackDown picked Torrie Wilson.
6. SmackDown selected Chris Masters.
7. Bobby Lashley moves to Raw.
8. Ric Flair goes to SmackDown.
9. Snitsky is picked by Raw.
10. Mr. Kennedy goes to Raw.

NOTE: There will be a continuation of the WWE Draft this Thursday.

Now, I'm really lauding WWE for giving Mr. Kennedy a chance to go to Raw and hopefully, kick John Cena's butt. Now, there is a deja vu that happened. Two years ago, John Cena, WWE Champion, was drafted to Raw and subsequently, Batista moved to SmackDown. Now, with Lashley moving to Raw, the ECW Champ is on Raw meaning ECW doesn't have a champ with them for now. But then, Jonathan Coachman stripped the ECW Title away from Lashley so we might as well see more chances of Cena without a title soon! Woot!

Credits go to:
Clickity click and another clickity click.



I'm really sad about some things today- including myself. Well, there is this thing that I'm going through now. I'm certainly having a tough time. School makes me forget the problems but when I'm doing things that aren't school-related, my mind makes me think of something else. It seems that my feelings won't simply go away. The heart would say something about showing how you feel and then I must push through it. My mind would then say that I must forget everything that I feel and just focus on my studies. This situation really is a mess that I want to get myself out. . . quickly.

I want to go with the flow but it's hard to do so. Bah! This is just plain awful. When will I have the chance to show all the feelings that are inside to . . . uhm . . . you-know-who. Then I'm thinking at the same time some things that are the vice-versa of the things that my heart is telling me. Oh never mind my being nonsense.

While typing this entry, I'm actually sleepy and while I'm sleepy, I pour out more of my truthful side. That truthful side is more of a personality of mine which divulges the "inner self" of mine. Err, this is getting really nonsense.

Am I still a person who thinks some things awkwardly? Yes I still do. Anyway, I'm really fatigued now. For some reasons, I'm really excited for tomorrow. I'm kinda more serious now in approaching things. I mean I really think of the consequences first. But then, personal problems still linger inside my system but I'm doing my best to go with the flow. Do I still think of the past? Yes, I still do. Do I regret some decisions in the past? Yes, I regret some decisions. But I, hopefully, can improve myself and of course, be a better person in the process.

This is the music video of the song "Pain" by Three Days Grace




Last night, I only slept for 3 hours. I slept from 4am up to 7am. For the first time in my life, I was able to sleep OUTSIDE my bed room. I slept in that sofa bed in the TV room. After that, there was this someone who has been texting me who's describing himself/herself that she's this certain girl that I've known in school. Well, I'm still in this dilemma about my feelings. It really is a mess that I,myself, created. I'm so foolish! It's like that I have to make a choice but making a choice is difficult and it takes time! My mind will say one thing but my heart would tell the vice versa of what my mind is saying. That is UNBELIEVABLE! U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E!

I then used the iPod and did some listening. After that, I ate my breakfast. After I've eaten my breakfast, I read the newspaper. In my opinion, Philippine Politics is getting worse. If ever Trillanes wins, that would be the dumbest thing that I've seen in my life. Trillanes is one soldier who led this Oakwood Mutiny and said some harsh statements against the government. He then runs for Senate is actually on the Magic 12! If ever he wins, this will just promote military adventurism. You know like you just lead a coup de' etat then run for a position in the Senate and *BANG!*, you are already a person who is holding a seat in the Senate! Talk about voting immaturity Filipinos! I firmly say that an opposition-led Senate will only disintegrate the economic upsurge of the Philippines.

After reading the newspaper, I used the computer and engaged myself in some forum wars. Eventually, we won and made life a living hell for that spammer named igor_karkaroff. That guy really is just stupid.

Lunch time came and I ate Maling(Those delicious luncheon meat) and egg. After lunch time, I continued my forum posting and even posted a gaming review about MLB O7: The Show.

Once I became bored with using the computer, I played badminton with my adorable brother Jed in the backyard. After playing badminton, I did some resting to relax my eyes and to refrain my eyes from too much use and fatigue. After resting, I ate my dinner which was turbo chicken.

After eating dinner, I made some changes in this blog like the header(It's now a dollar bill sign unlike before, it was a signature that I used in the forums). After doing the changes in the blog, I did the usual forum posting and other online stuff. I even posted a review of the overrated High School Musical!

I'm currently chatting with Jeff now. Anyway, I'm still online now in YM and I'm searching for some cool blog add-ons for my stinking blog.

TIME CHECK: 11:45 pm

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As any Disney devotee would know, High School Musical was a movie that is worth forgetting. Many people loved but still many people hated it. This movie came out in late July last year and was considered a smashing hit.

But I beg to differ from the people's view that it was one of the best movies ever produced by Disney. For me, it's simply overrated. The script sucks. The lines were cheesy! The storyline is typical and rehashed from previous Disney movies. The message presented in the movie which is to pursue your dreams no matter about the risks are is so damn awful considering the fact that no one in the film made a bold move to pursue their respective dreams.

I noticed that everyone in the film has this protagonist-attitude. In real life high school, there MUST BE ALWAYS that someone who is rude. In HSM, we only got Sharpay, who by the way has a very poor fashion sense. In real life, there are always LOTS of "antagonists."

Music-wise, I consider it as cheap and retarded. It is also laughable to say the very least. The lyrics of the songs are not inspiring, not suitable for the music industry and it degrades the music and movie industry. There is this song that is "Breaking Free" which sucked. Another song that sucked big time is the song "Start of Something New". IMO, the title shoud've been "Start of Something Bad."

Now the production numbers. A fan of HSM would surely practice and memorize the crappy song and dance numbers. The dance numbers are simply lame. The song numbers, as I've said earlier, degrade the music industry.

About the emotions of the actors this time, it was evident that both Troy Bolton(Zac Efron)and Gabriela(Vanessa Anne Hudgens) that they liked each other. The problem here is that they didn't kiss in the movie. In real life, they would've kissed each other in the movie.

This movie is really over-hyped. Since it was over-hyped, I watched it and I was very disappointed. It's a Grease rip-off. FYI, Grease was also a musical with the same theme as that of HSM starring John Travolta and Ms. Olivia Newton-John. What's even worse is that there will be a CHEAPQUEL coming soon. Another worse thing is that there would be a Philippine live stage adaptation of it! It simply disintegrates the music and movie industry. Overall, this is a movie that sucked big time.
OVERALL: 4 out of 10


I got my name in lights with notcelebrity.co.uk

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This is the patented KHQ Blacklist. I'm really pissed off with igor_karkaroff. He has been desecrating the forums. He has been an as*hole who wants to be berated all the time. You know what igor_karkaroff, you better shut the hell up because if you don't, you might just as well prepare for the forum beating of your life. You are one spammer and noob who just simply won't go away and you better go away because you have been the cause of the forum's problems.

Your topics are all BS! I really think that you better consult a Psychiatrist then enter yourself in a mental hospital facility. You are really a b*st*rd! You should just shut up or change for the better.

Thank you for pissing the KHQers. Thank you!

MLB 07: The Show Review

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MLB 07: The Show
ESRB Rating:

Graphics: 4/5 This is a sports game that takes pride in its gameplay. The graphics are still nice. In a baseball game, weather elements play a role and it's obvious in this game. If it's a day game, the sunlight really is present. Players look realistic but some players are really different from their real-life counterparts. Another problem is that the audience are really just cardboard cutouts. When you hit a home run, the camera switches into a view wherein you get to see the expression of the batter. All in all, this is better than the MLB 06: The Show.

Gameplay 4.0/5 This is a game which offers lots of gameplay modes. The gameplay modes are: Exhibition(A Quick Game), Season(You get to play as your team without the managerial aspects), Career(There are two choices here: Road To The Show which is you only get to control your player. If it's a pitcher, you only pitch. The second choice is the Classic where you get to control the team all the time.), Manager Mode(The mode wherein you get to control the team with the managerial aspects. This aspects include prices of tickets, training your team, ball park improvements. . . the list goes on and on.), Home Run Derby(This is a mode wherein who hits the most home runs wins.) and the Rivalry Mode(You get to create rivalries between the teams.) In the game itself, you mostly press X when you pitch. You are offered pitch selections and you use the X, O, Triangle, Square and even R1 when you select the pitch. The gameplay is just really realistic. At times, there are glitches like you should have only hit a double but the game will consider it sometimes as a home run. Also, the ball should have gone deep but suddenly, it goes in the infield.

Sound 3/5 The weak spot of the game. The game soundtrack is poor. The only band that I consider as great is Jet, that Australian band who performed Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. Another bad thing is that MCR is included in the soundtrack. Commentary-wise though, it's merely a rehash of last year's version.

Replay 4/5 With the Career and Manager Modes present, you can play this game for a long time. With that said, you can even invite your friends(Hopefully, they know baseball) to play with you on your homes. It can bore you at times when you play alone most of the time. If you are lucky enough, you can go online and play against the world's other baseball videogame players.

Overall 4.0/5 This is a sports game which is really good. It's an improvement from the original. In the end, you just get the best of all MLB videogames out there.

This is Jet's Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. This song was featured in the game MLB 07: The Show. This song is taken from the Jet's latest album Shine On.



I'll talk about a certain person named Paulino Alcantara. Here's his profile:

October 7, 1896 in Iloilo City, Philippines
DIED: February 13, 1964 in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
He is a former Filipino and Spanish player and manager who spent most of his career at FC Barcelona. He plays the position of Forward. An interesting fact about this guy is that he debuted for FC Barcelona at the age of 15 and remains as the youngest player ever to play or score for the club. He also scored a whopping 357 goals in 357 matches, making him the club's all-time leading goalscorer. Alcantara is also the first Filipino and Asian player to play for a European club.

I got to know this guy thanks to Jeff. We were talking about Soccer then he suddenly blurted out that there was one prominent Filipino Soccer player before. He mentioned the guy that I talked about and I researched about it.

Now, I'm really proud that someone with Filipino lineage was able to do those accomplishments in the field of Soccer. The Pinoy Spirit lives on!



In A Past Life...

You Were: An Obese Assassin.

Where You Lived: Portugal.

How You Died: In Childbirth.
Who Were You In a Past Life?
This blog thing surely made me laugh out loud. Seriously. There is one thing factual about this thing though. It's that I'm an obese person but not yet an obese assassin.

The True You

You want your girlfriend or boyfriend to be more relaxed, calm, and composed.

With respect to money, you spend as little as possible.

You think good luck might come your way, but if it does you'll be so surprised you'll burst out laughing.

The hidden side of your personality tends to be a little selfish. You only do what interests you.

You are tend to think about others' feelings a lot, perhaps because you are so eager to be liked.

When it comes to finding a romantic partner, you will search and search until you find your perfect match.

Most of the things here are true. The things that are untrue here are: With respect to money, you spend as little as possible; and the statements: The hidden side of your personality tends to be a little selfish. You only do what interests you.

How You Are In Love

You take a while to fall in love with someone. Trust takes time.

You tend to give more than take in relationships.

You need your space and privacy. You don't like to be smothered.

You love your partner unconditionally and don't try to make them change.

You stay in love for a long time, even if you aren't loved back. When you fall, you fall hard.

This is the result of the blog test about love. I would rather not comment about the results of it for now to say the least.

This is it for the Blog Things.


This is an episode from Family Guy entitled "The Evil Monkey."

MY YM STATUS: Crap . . . da*n . . . this is getting ridiculous

Well, I was able to sleep at around 4a.m already and woke up at 7am. That's only three hours of sleep. Man, but I still do feel energetic for some unknown reasons.

About my YM status. It turned out like that because there is this mor*n in KHQ named soulcaster02 who is a poser because he said that he's an EMO ANTI-PUNK. To set the record straight, Emo is a sub-genre of punk so you can't label yourself as EMO ANTI-PUNK. WTH is soulcaster02 doing anyway? He likes to be pwned by me so I will do it. XD

I'm currently doing some changes in my Chemistry assignment. The aforementioned assignment is kinda long and hard so I'm already doing it and I'm finished already. Now, I'll just relax a bit so that I can enjoy this long weekend.

I'm currently doing some forum posting now. Heck, I'm not even chatting with someone now. Well, I'm currently downloading songs of Fall Out Boy especially Grand Theft Autumn.


This is Nickelback's Saving Me from their phenomenal album All The Right Reasons.

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