Problems have come recently and I am deeply worried because of those freaking test scores and grades for the fourth grading period. For one, the expectations are Über high that I don't know how to pace myself. I think I have spoiled them too much that's why the expectations keep on pouring on year after year after year. I am extremely confused about this and all I can think of is to do a massive reinvention of my study habits just to get back on track.

This upcoming school year, I promise to be a different student, one who is willing to sleep until the wee hours of the morning just to study his freaking lessons. I am serious about this. I have to practice what I preach. However, if I can't do what I just said, it's simply because I can't and in nature, I dislike studying a lot.

By the time that I am doing this, it is already 2 A.M. Talk about being nocturnal. Oh man, my brain is getting tired. And heck, summer is getting boring. BTW, on April 2, I might go to Tarlac, my hometown. Just sharing that to you. If that doesn't push through, then, I will just stay at home and play basketball rather than go in the mall.

I have updated my brother's iPod. The iPod Classic is really marvelous. The Cover Flow feature is the bomb. The interface is majestic too! Gawd. I want one for myself!

So yeah, I can't get her outside of my thoughts. Heck, infatuation is indeed a good experience yet it can demoralize you.

This is it.

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Yesterday, I was really really happy that the school year ended. I mean, no more people who just misunderstand you. No more people who say insults. No more people who think that whatever they do, they are always right. Finally, no more stress as well. However, I can't see her anymore since the school year has ended. So, yeah, there are both good and bad things that come with the end of the school year.

Recently, I have been happy. Well, I don't know what happened but yes, I admit, I am infatuated. Well, she is very friendly. She makes me feel better. Heck, a single text message from her has been proven that it indeed makes me happy. She encourages me to do better. And she has been a good friend. What more can I ask?

Since there are no more school days, I now have the luxury of time to do some stuff. One of my goals for this summer is to shed some weight. I have to do it primarily for health reasons. Also, I am just intent on doing this just for fun.

Happy as I may seem, I also have some worries. One of which is the Honor list. I am not after this but then, it would be a huge morale booster if I get in here. Another is a personal problem of mine that I won't elaborate upon. It is too shameful if I reveal it to the general public. Haha.

So, yeah, I am happy. This ends my first entry for Summer 2008.

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The Philippines has been branded as one of Asia's most corrupt countries. Their reason is that the government has been the center of such actions. However, looking at the Philippines in terms of economic progress, it has been exceptional. Still, political disorder has been a factor in diminishing the economic progress of the Philippines.

One of the present issues that the country is facing is the ZTE Scandal. Apparently, a man named Jun Lozada knows the facts about this. What's disturbing here is that he made this story, which sadly conditioned the minds of the Filipino people that he was "telling the truth", wherein he was abducted by police officers by the time he arrived from the airport.

Oh by the way, I am disgusted by the fact that his fashion statement before in his interviews was that of a poor man's. Jun Lozada is freaking rich so why the hell will he wear such clothes? Is it because he wanted to condition the minds of the Filipino people that he was telling the truth? That is absurdity at its finest ladies and gentlemen.

Also, why the hell does he cry on hearings aired on TV? I think he is doing this in order to get the sympathy of the people and thus, the people will then think that the government is doing the wrong thing. Mr. Lozada, for your information, crying doesn't reward you with support but it gives the people the notion that you are weak.

Jun Lozada has not been presenting gospel truth to the people. All he has been presenting are lies, hearsays which have not been proven by anyone for that regard, and the best of all, Jun Lozada is presenting a self-made drama on how the Philippines is being ruined by Senators who only do questioning and not legislating. Thanks to this, I think I can nominate Jun Lozada for a "Best Actor" award at the FAMAS.

I have also been wondering on why was Jun Lozada doing school tours about his what-you-call "heroic" act. The truth reaches to the people on its own and not by touring around saying that you are telling the truth. I mean, Jun Lozada is like "cleaning his image" in the public's eye every time he appears on TV. I mean, what the hell?

Politicians such as Cory Aquino and Erap have been appearing beside Lozada in the rallies. It is so disgusting to watch those rallies on national TV. Well, there are certain reasons. One is who the hell are Cory and Erap to tell to the people that the government of today is corrupt? I mean, nothing happened to the country when Cory was president. Cory was just nothing . . . just like Erap. So I think they are just looking for the publicity when they go with Lozada. How pathetic.

EDSA . . . is it needed now? No! It is overused and the people don't get satisfied anyway. So, I think the people must not believe Jun Lozada that easily. We do not know whether he is telling the truth anyway.

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So yeah, as I end my hellish Junior year of my High School life in Holy Family Academy, I am seriously happy that it will all be over. For one, I am stressed and burned out thanks to countless projects and numerous quizzes which has been successful in making all of us feel groggy. Oh man, it is getting frustrating.

After enduring all the mindless jokes thrown at me, I finally consulted our adviser and threw all my frustrations out. She said that I have to air out my side and let some people understand that a fresh air of maturity is needed in some situations. I then said that those people think that whatever they do is always right that's why she said that I have to air my frustrations out in order for them to understand that people do have limits.

Lady luck was certainly on our side as we did not have our test in Chemistry earlier. Speaking of Chemistry, our Investigatory Project will go under the knife on Monday as we will undergo the process called "Oral Defense". Only five panelists . . . I repeat five panelists will do the bloody process. Oh man. What a way to give pressure to stressed individuals.

The results for the SC Elections were out and I was shocked by some of the results. I won't comment much further. They just have to prove that they deserved their victory. So good luck in handling the school next school year.

Later, it will be the rematch of Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines against Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico. I expect this fight to be a long one. Hopefully, Pacquiao wins. Regardless of my nationality, I think Pacquiao will come out as the better fighter in the fight.

So yeah, I am in a state of deep infatuation. I mean, the person is very lovable. In fact, she is very adorable. I am just hoping for one thing. That one thing is . . . haha. It will be a secret for now. I will tell it in the right time haha.

So here it is.
I am again infatuated.

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Hell freaking yeah. I had a bad Friday! What a way to end your school week right? Seriously, Friday was going to end in an okay way until someone thought of doing something for fun which I think is not funny at all. In fact, it is bullshit and nonsense too. For one, that person who initiated the damn thing should have thought that all the nonsense jokes they have been making towards me are corny and the jokes are being insensitive. Also, why the hell are they making fun towards me? I mean, I have been riding with the flow for a long time but I think it is time for me to say that enough is simply enough. Stop doing those corny things. Insensitivity is a term that I can say now about some of the people.

So yeah, I am pissed off. BTW, thank you Renato, Diana, Patricia and the others who "consoled" me yesterday. I appreciate everything men and women. Thanks. BTW, I won't attend the closing party no matter what happens. I think that the people must realize that I was just riding with the flow so as to avoid any tension but I've had enough. Seriously, at times, I think the people are getting insensitive and stupid at the same time. Those are harsh words right? But I have some basis for telling that. All I can say is I am pissed off and I must not have been in that section in the first place. I did not feel any sense that I belonged in the section to be honest.

About the damn jokes this time. For me, at first, they were okay. Then, they started getting shitty and over-the-top. Yesterday was the day wherein I let it all out. Sorry but I think I have to raise my point. I don't like being the laughingstock of the room. It is bullshit. Seriously, I had enough.

The Los Angeles Lakers won earlier against the Clippers. As a result, the Lakers are now the number one in the Western Conference. W00t! Expect my playoff analysis entries by the time the playoff picture is known. So stay tuned.

My next entry will be about the Jun Lozada mess. Seriously, I have lots of thoughts regarding this. Hopefully, I can squeeze in some time tomorrow for this entry.

This is it.
I am still pissed off.

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So, I got tagged by Konrei which means I have to post six (or more) weird things about myself. Here are now the six weird things about me:

1. When I eat fried chicken, I eat the innards first before I eat the chicken skin.
For some reasons, I do this routine every time there is chicken on the table. I save the skin for last because for me, the best parts should be eaten last. As they say, "Save the best for last." A weird routine to say the least.

2. When I was a baby, I pronounced the letter "W" as "buyu-buyu" not "dobol yoo"
All I can say is LOL. I thought that I once spoke the letter "W" with perfection but then, my insinuations were clearly wrong.

3. I don't like doing things such as singing in front of the class.
I don't know why but I just don't like performing in front of the class. Maybe because I am just shy or something. Meh, I just really don't like singing in front of the class.

4. When I eat pizza, I usually remove the mushrooms, onions, and the like in them and eat them first before I eat the pizza itself.
I don't know why but I just love eating the pizza in this fashion. Kinda nonsense but for me, it is a good way to eat the pizza.

5. I hate the section where I am currently at.
You might think that since I'm under a supportive adviser, I will automatically love the section. Sadly, I did not. I am freaking pissed off at the way those freaking morons treat me. FUCK THEM ALL.

6. I love the smell of gasoline even if it causes me some weird sensations before.
I don't think this is a good act to be lauded. Seriously, don't smell gasoline. Please.

So here are the new 6 weird things about me.

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