Here is again another survey. This time, I stole it from Gabby's Multiply which can be accessed here: LINK IS UNDERLINED. Well, let's begin!

Name 15 people in any order:
1. Ira
2. Celine
3. Jeff
4. Gabby
5. Gio
6. Patrick
7. Paco
8. Jzan
9. Atan
10. Marti
11. Mc
12. Adrian
13. Raphael
14. Tristan
15. Ian

1. Does number thirteen know number fifteen?
- Hell yeah.

2. Have you met eleven's family?
- Not yet.

3. Would you ever date number twelve?
- No. Come on, he is a man and I am straight.

4. Have you ever gone at a party that number fourteen was at?
- Oh yes! I remember one which was Carmina's farewell party way back in grade school.

5. Has number six met your family?
- Yes, he has met the family lots of times already.

6. Is number five good looking?
- Err . . . lolwut?

7. Do you think number eight would come see you in the hospital?
- I do not really know.

8. Do you think number three has a crush on you?
- ZMONG! Seriously though, that is impossible.

9. Does number two live close to you?
- Nope. She lives in a far away place.

10. Are you good friends with number seven?
- Yes!

11. True or False: Number one is the only child.
- Absolutely false. She has elder siblings.

12. How would you feel if four and nine were dating?
- OMG! I would feel very very shocked. Both are witty by the way.

13. Have you ever went out of your state with number ten?
- Oh yes and I remember that time. I was really depressed then and we poured our hearts out and became crazy human beings.

14. Would you make out with number five?
- BS! Come on, doing that thing will be the worst sin that I have ever done if it comes to fruition. Come on.

15. Does number two like Fall Out Boy?
- I really do not know.

16. Do you know number three's address off the top of your head?
- Sadly no.

17. Do you think number one would like to date number fourteen?
- I do not know but one and nine will make a perfect match.

18. If you had one whole day this month with number six, what would you do?
- Talk about lots of things, play videogames, then some other boy stuff.

19. Would you be surprised if number thirteen asked you out?

20. Does number five have a MySpace book?
- I don't think so.

21. How do you know number fifteen?
- A good friend and a classmate for 3 years.

22. If you and nine were to hang out and bring someone else from this list with you, who would it be?

23. Are you and number ten Facebook friends?
- We do not even have a Facebook account!

24. What's number seven's mom's first name?
- I do not know really. I shall check the directory soon!

25. Have you ever went to lunch with number eleven?
- Yes. When I have the appetite to eat lunch, I eat with him and the rest of the gang.

26. What song reminds you of number eight?
- Any metal song period.

27. What religion is number twelve?
- Roman Catholic :D

28. Is number fifteen the life of the party?
- At times yes!

29. Is number ten hot?
- Ask him that please.

30. What school does number nine go to?
- Holy Family Academy and he is my classmate!

31. How old is number twelve?
- Fifteen years old. XD

32. Have you ever been to number seven's house?
- Nope.

33. Would you be jealous if number three and number fifteen dated?
- ZOMG! Both are committed already to their ladies come on.

34. Have you ever spent a night with number eight?
- No haha no.

35. Does number eleven ever make you mad?
- Nope. But he thinks I am always mad.

36. Have you ever been in a class with number fourteen?
- Oh yes! He has been a classmate of mine for six years.

37. Have you ever had number six over?
- I don't know really.

38. Are you related to number five?
- Yes, internet-related that is.

39. Would you walk pretty far just to see number four?
- Oh yes. I love my daughter so much.

40. Have you ever written a letter to number one?
- Nope.

41. Would you ever run away with number two?
- Why not?! If she wants it, it's damn good.

42. Are one and eight friends?
- Nope.

43. How long have you known number thirteen?
- Since Grade 4. :>

44. Would two and ten make a good couple?
- Ten is committed and as for two, I do not know.

45. What's the worst thing you've ever done to number five?
- I do not really know.

46. What's the most fun thing you've ever done with number nine?
- Play Guitar Hero!

47. One inside joke with number three?
- Ahm . . .

48. What if six and eleven went to prom together?
- What'd you say?!

49. What is one random memory you have of you and number four?
- The time when we were talking about how weird our split personalities are.

50. Is number seven straight?
- Susmaryano. Oo siyempre!

51. What's the most unbelievable thing that number twelve has ever told you?
- Hmm . . . I can't remember!

52. Is number four a vegetarian?
- She is not IIRC.

53. Have you ever been scared for number fifteen?
- Yes I was during that accident that happened in second year. :>

54. When's number six' birthday?
- November 30!

55. Have you ever met number seven in person?
- Nope.

56. Do number nine and ten go to the same school?
- Yes and both are my classmates as well.

57. Would you be willing to date number eight?

58. Does number fifteen have a Xanga?
- None.

59. Does number thirteen have school tomorrow?
- None because it's a weekend.

60. Are you currently missing number twelve?
- Err . . .

61. Does number fourteen play an instrument?
- The recorder!

62. Number eleven:
- Likes to play basketball and is a good friend of mine.

63. Have you ever been to a party hosted by number five?
- Nope.

64. Did you get number four anything for their birthday?
- I have not given Gabbeh anything.

65. Are number one and three acquainted with each other?
- Nope.

66. When's the next time you'll see number two?
- By Monday.

67. Does number five play a sport?
- I really do not know.

68. Have you ever gone for a walk with number eleven?
- Yes . . . a walk around the school grounds that is.

69. Does number four like country music?
- I don't think so!

70. Would you go to a baseball game with number six?
- Sure! Why not? ;))

71. Is number two female or male?
- FEMALE! 'Kay?

72. Does number nine have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
- Soon right Atan? I repeat, SOON.

73. Does number three's family adore you?
- No and heck, they don't even know me!

74. Do you think you would be on number fifteen's list of fifteen random people?
- Meh.

75. When's the last time you have seen number seven?
- I have not seen him yet in real life.

76. Does number ten own a bicycle?
- I think yes!

77. Do you think number eight and twelve would go along?
- Maybe!

78. Would people make fun of you if you dated number fourteen?
- Yes and it will be a scandal in school!

79. Does number fourteen have a fourwheeler?
- If you mean car, then yes!

80. What color is number one's hair?
- Black and it looks good.


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I am making this entry to advertise one deviantART site. That site is that of a friend of mine named Trish. Please refer to the left sidebar for it. It's the first image link there. Click it then see her work then be amazed.

But if you are lazy to look there, I will make an entry for it. Here is the site: CLICK. Click it okay? Then there, you will see her awesome work.

Thanks for those who will go to her site!

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Again, this survey came from this site: CLICK. So now, I have to randomly name 10 people now.

1. Gabby
2. Trish
3. Mc
4. None
5. Jed
6. Kamille
7. Joycee
8. Mom
9. Jitka
10. Haley Williams!

What is 4's voice like?
- Ahhh...

Would you trust 8 with your life?
- Yes

What would you do if 1 died in a car accident?
- I would cry like a father who lost a child.

What color are 9's eyes (guess if you don't know)?
- Black

When was the last time you saw 6?
- I have not seen her yet.

What is the most annoying thing about 10?
- Nothing!

How long have you known 7?
- 5 years or so.

If you could, would you trade lives with 3?
- No. I love my life.

What would you do if you saw 2 at the mall?
- I would say "Hi" to her and wave my hand!

What was the last thing you talked about with 5?
- The New York Yankees!

What is 6 good at doing?
- She is good in giving advice especially about love.

Do you like 10's clothes?
- Sort of.

Does 7 have a big house?
- I think so.

Would you hug 2?
- A friendly hug most likely.

Would you want 5 to come to your funeral?
- Yes!

What is 10's hair like?
- Very nice with red color!

Would you laugh if 4 fell on their face?
- I see.

Could 9 survive alone on an island for a month?
- Maybe yes. She has good instincts anyway.

What do you want that 3 has?
- A good lovelife.

How often do you see 1?
- Every time that she is online.

How did you meet 2?
- I met her in school. That was Grade 4 and then there, she became my classmate.

Are you related to 7?
- No.

Does 10 make you laugh?
- No.

Have you lied to 5?
- No.

How old is 1?
- 13 years old and 4 months

Is 8 single? If not, who are they married to/going out with?
- Yes!

Would you vote for 9 if they ran for president?
- Yes!

What was your first impression of 6?
- Naughty well because we had an argument.

Could 4 be a model?
- Ahhh.

Have you hurt 3, or have they hurt you?
- No and hopefully, it won't happen.

Has 2 been to your house, or have you been to theirs?
- She has been to my house.

What town/city does 6 live in?
- Muntinlupa City

What is 3 most scared of?
- I do not know really.

Do you know 4's birthday?
- Huh?

Does 7 know 8?
- No.

Does 5 know 10?
- Yes he does.

Does 9 know 1?
- Err no.


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This survey was taken from this site: CLICK. So the survey goes likes this: I have to name 15 people randomly then boom we go.

1. Gabby
2. Kamille
3. Jeff
4. Paco
5. Gio
6. Jzan
7. Patrick
8. Marti
9. Atan
10. Adrian
11. Mc
12. Tan Kit
13. Isabelle
14. Renato
15. Joycee

Does 15 have a friendster?
- Oh yes she does!

What would you do if 7 kissed you?
- I would die!

What is your favorite thing to do with 10?
- Talk about console games.

What city does 13 live in?
- I viewed her Friendster just for this. The answer is Batangas.

How did you meet 3?
- Through the Internet.

How long have you known 1?
- For a year now.
Would you go on a date with 14?
- Now, what the heck!

What is your favorite memory of 8?
- When he did push ups then mentioned the name of his crush way back in Grade 6

What was your first impression of 2?
- Naughty.

Have you ever had a fight with 4?
- None as of now

Have you ever dated 9?
- Now what?

Where did you meet 12?
- In the Internet too.

Does 5 play an instrument?
- He plays the drums.

Have you ever gone camping with 6?
- No.

Have you ever been to 11’s house?
- No.

Is there anything that annoys you about 9?
- Let's just say that he often contradicts my opinions.

What is 8’s worst fear?
- Losing his love I think.

What does 1 usually have for lunch?
- The food from their dinner last night according to herself.

How long have you known 15?
- Hmm, 5 years or so.

Where have you gone with 3?
- To many websites LOL

Have you ever done anything illegal with 4?
- None.

What does 11 want to do when (s)he is older?
- Become an engineer.

Are 3 and 14 friends?
- No.

Have you ever dated 7?
- Earlier, you said kiss now a date? Come on!

Does 2 have any pets?
- Yes, in fact she has two kittens and a cat.

Are you related to 12?
- No.

How does 5 do his/her hair?
- I do not know.

How old is 10?
- 15 years old.

Are 1 and 15 dating?
- Same-sex dating?! Oh mah gawd!

Do 2 and 12 know each other?
- Yes they do!


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"Not everyone can be a great artist but a great artist can come from anywhere."
-Anton Ego in Ratatouille-

"They call me hell! They call me Stacey! They call me her! They call me Jane!"
-"That's Not My Name" by The Ting Tings-

So yeah, all I can say to you is please, just get out of my life. I want to move on now and heck, I will do whatever it takes to move on successfully. Yes, I mean it. If you get pissed off by that thing, I do not know now. Fine. I had the fault there. Okay. Do not forgive me. I won't ask for your forgiveness. I simply won't.

I guess it is over. After all, I do not have a mere chance in the first place. So yeah, it is done. I will be over you. Mind over matter - this would be my new battle cry. I will think every day that I can forget you as if you did not exist at all. Yes, as if you did not exist at all. After all, I have to do this.

Well yeah. I know I can manage to do this and find someone else. I will be happy eventually. I am sorry but then, I know it won't make anything happen so why care about it?

Hmm anyway, this month has been a total wreck. First, that crappy thing I did. Second, nothing has been going my way. Third, depression attacked again but that is a thing of the past now. Oh yeah, I am really serious. I will forget most of the past and eventually, I will be numb. Good riddance for the time being. Yeah. Sorry.

"That's not my name! That's not my name!"

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"If I could fly! See the world beneath me!"
-If I Could Fly by OceanLab-

Boredom was the cause of me making this entry. I really have nothing to do. Well, depression is still present which makes my life jerky. What I did was so freaking stupid. I felt ashamed and heck, I might just as well avoid the person for me to learn my lesson. I see no hope of it getting fixed really. After all, I deserve this thing. Karma really strikes back fairly. So yeah, my advice is be careful with what you say guys.

Depression is still present. I have managed to not think a lot about some problems but heck, depression just really persists. Oh by the way, my birthday is near and heck, I feel unhappy about it for some reasons. One, the giving of report cards are getting nearer. Two, I fear my CLE, Math, and Physics grade. Three, I am still confused. Like I really don't know what to do with these emotions. Never mind. I can manage anyway.

I feel sorry to myself for doing that sh*tty thing. I am so damn pissed off. I feel like I really have to avoid the person. Well, anyway, I do not really know.

School life has been tough. Most of the time, you deal with college applications which give you a hard time since there are a ton of requirements that are needed to be processed. Then you have to line up for the processing then those numerous recommendation letters. Mah gawd.

Oh well, hopefully, I will have a good month of August. That is simply what I am hoping for.

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"Sending out an S.O.S! Sending out an S.O.S"
-"Message In A Bottle" by The Police-

So yeah, when I woke up earlier, I was like sad and felt like a man who got lost in a betting match and lost millions of dollars. That is how depressed I am now. I feel like a total jerk for doing that thing. I feel like one moron who does not possess good moral conduct. I mean, I should have respected that and not asked that freaking question. It is just bullshit to the infinity.

Now, I do not know what to do. It's like facing the world with no one around you. I have been here before. The problem is that I am not that capable enough of making that right decision. For some reasons, I have still managed to conquer this problems. However, enough is enough. It's my sheer stupidity and immaturity that is causing this barrage of complicated problems. It's just plain and simple.

I am sorry really. I am really just stupid.

Depression really is a tough thing to overcome. You counter it with positivity. However, how can one be positive if there is nothing to be positive about in the first place? Damn it.

Before my frustration, caused by my inability to recognize that I have to be careful with my words, explodes, I will now end this entry.


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"Never gonna give you up! Never gonna let you down!"
-"Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley -

After reviewing for a total of 23 hours, answering Über hard questions for 10 hours, the first periodical examinations are finally done! In one word, I can say that the tests were frustrating. Yes, frustrating - very frustrating that it reaches the point wherein you want to bash the skull of the one who made the test for its high level of difficulty.

For the first day, we had Physics, Filipino, and MAPEH(yes, MAPEH). Physics was obviously the hardest test even though some of its items can be answered with sheer common sense. Filipino was just fine and MAPEH was kinda tough too - that matching type is giving me the chills.

For the second day, we had English, C.L.E, and Math. English was very fine and C.L.E was the headache-inducer. All the questions seemed to have squeezed all information possible from my mind. Math was as usual hard and heck, computing while not having your senses is hard. By this, I mean that it is hard to compute while you are feeling sleepy at the same time.

Earlier, we had Economics and T.L.E. Economics was just fine. Considering the fact that it had lots of confusing questions, it was a fine test. T.L.E was somehow hard with all the conversions stuff included. Heck, I could not care less as I finished the test on time.

On August 29, it would be the day that I fear most: C-A-R-D-S O-U-T. Yes, the giving of cards. However, with the new school administration, there is a new catch. That catch is only the parents or guardians can get the card. That is like wow. In all seriousness, I like the move but then, aren't there any better ways than this one?

20 days to go and heck, I just really wish that this year's celebration will be better than last year. Heck, I already have something in my mind. It is just a matter of settling the rough patches in my life first before doing any of the planned things.

Yesterday, I did the most offensive sin that I have done in my life. Bullshit really. What the heck have I done?! It's so disappointing. Maybe I really need to loosen up and go to this "reflection mode" once again. I feel pissed off at myself. In all seriousness, I feel sorry for myself and sorry to you as well - you know who you are.

Damn is all I can say. I will apologize definitely. Heck, I feel depressed. Do I really just love depression? Damn. BTW, get well soon Arelle!


"Never gonna run around and desert you! Never gonna make you cry. Never gonna say goodbye. . ."

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Sports . . . an avenue for success some people say. Many people get their inspiration from sports. Sportsmen can be considered as modern-day heroes – they can be a source of good moral values such as sportsmanship, determination, perseverance, and the like. With sports, certain stars are born and this writer will be talking about them. Both are considered basketball greats. Both don the number 23 in their basketball jerseys. Both play the shooting guard position. They are none other than LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan, a product of Dean Smith’s impressive North Carolina Tar Heels in the NCAA, came into the NBA with the Chicago Bulls selecting him as the 3rd overall selection in the 1984 NBA Draft. He was known to be a prolific scorer, weaving through defenses as if they were not there at all.

LeBron James, a product of St. Vincent – St. Mart High School in Akron, Ohio, came into the NBA with hype surrounding him largely because of a stellar high school career in which he compiled 2,657 points, 892 rebounds, and 523 assists. He was selected 1st overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2003 NBA Draft

So the question still remains: Is LeBron James greater than Michael Jordan? Let us now do the analysis with yours truly giving his two cents on every aspect possible.

LeBron James can score at his will. Same goes to Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan has amassed a total of 32, 292 points while LeBron James now has 10,689 points. This however must not be a basis for comparison. A good basis for comparison would be on how they score points. LeBron James uses his upper-body strength to will his way into the rim and get the easy two. He does not have that reliable midrange jump shot just yet. He also has had some free throw struggles. Still, LeBron James is one of those good clutch performers. He thrives under clutch moments and makes the most out of them. However, one cannot deny the fact that LeBron James’ dunks are simply outstanding and thunderous. One also must not forget that LeBron is also an efficient passer – trusting his teammates to make that big shot.

Michael Jordan, considered to be the greatest NBA player of all time, is known to make clutch shots when they matter the most. He is also one of the best passers in the game. He made one play wherein he passed the ball to Steve Kerr for the game-winning shot. He has won six championships (All with the Bulls). He is known to score in bunches – including a record 63 points in a playoff game against the Celtics. With his prolific scoring ability, other teams employed a number of defenses against him – one of which is the famous “Jordan Rules” defense by the Detroit Pistons. He is known to use an array of moves – remember that shot he had against Utah in Game 6 of the 1998 Finals where he had that flu yet still had the strength to make the game-winning basket? That is how amazing Michael Jordan was during his storied NBA career.

EDGE: Jordan – simply too good and LeBron has not yet matured as an offensive go-to-guy who is making good decisions down the stretch for the Cavaliers.

LeBron James is not known to be a defensive specialist but we have seen him make outstanding defensive plays. He is a player who is shaky in defense. In the end, he is just an average defender who excels more in offense.

Michael Jordan is one of the best defensive guards in NBA history. He has been included in the NBA’s All-Defensive First Team for a record 9 times. He has a record of 8 steals in one half of a game. He was the first NBA player to record 200 steals and 100 blocked shots in a season (1986-1987 season). He was a 3-time league leader in steals. He also has the record of most blocked shots in a season by a guard with 131 in the 1987-1988 season. He also has the record of most blocked shots by a guard in a career with 893. Jordan also has won the Most Defensive Player of the Year once.

EDGE: Jordan – LeBron is not yet that defensive standout and Jordan is simply the better defender.

Playoff Experience
LeBron James has gone to the Conference Finals once and to the Conference Semifinals thrice. He has appeared in 46 playoff games, averaging 27. 5 points per game, 8 rebounds, and 7.5 assists per game. He has one memorable playoff game against the Pistons(Game 5 of the 2007 Eastern Conference Finals) wherein he scored 29 of Cleveland’s last 30 points on route to a victory against the Piston. This performance was described by “Jordan-esque” by Steve Kerr and “one of the greatest moments in postseason history” by Marv Albert.

Michael Jordan has appeared in a total of 179 playoff games. He has won 6 championships – two three-peats – all with the Chicago Bulls. Jordan has an average of 33.4 points per game, 6.4 rebounds per game, and 5.7 assists in the playoffs. Jordan has had his share of memorable playoff moments. One memorable playoff moment was when he made that game-winning shot over Craig Ehlo of the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 5 of their first round series in the 1989 NBA Playoffs. He also had that one memorable NBA Finals moment against the Jazz wherein he made a championship-clinching shot over Bryon Russell.

EDGE: Jordan – Lots more playoff experience, more championships and simply, he is better at present.

At present, we cannot compare LeBron James to Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan is a living legacy. No doubt about it. For now, Michael Jordan is simply the better man. However, we must not forget that LeBron James is only 23 years old and has more room for improvement and I consider him to be one of the greatest NBA players alive by the time he reaches his prime. We must not forget that Jordan has had his share of playoff misfortunes and James already has had those playoff misfortunes.
The sky is the limit for LeBron James. Michael Jordan may have had a legacy – one that cannot be forgotten in these modern times thanks to its level of superiority. The bottom line is that Jordan is better than James at the present but then, with James’ current level of performance, we might see a “modern Jordan” in 4 to 5 years.

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