First of all, thanks to Diana for lending me the new album of Matchbox Twenty which is Exile On Mainstream. Please do give the song "How Far We've Come" a try. It is worth your listening pleasure and I am telling you that you won't be disappointed at all.

Currently, I am researching on how to input that calendar icon for my blog. Seriously, this is an uphill battle and I am having a tough time inputting the damn code already. Well, anyway, I will just try to do my best with this and hopefully, by tomorrow, I already have the calendar icon working.

I am watching American Idol and I still can't forget Renaldo Lapuz because of the "We Are Brothers" song. That song is just "nice" and that guy should be in the finale of American Idol. I just can't believe that some of the people who auditioned are just so stupid thinking that they do stand a chance especially that girl who thought like she is a Mariah Carey-prototype. LMAO.

OPM sucks. Seriously, they provide us mediocrity and stupidity at its best. Chicosci started this emo shit and emo is a genre that needs to be jumped. "Your Guardian Angel" by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus needs to go to the trash bin because the jologs are singing it to their hearts' content. My Chemical Romance is another band that is crappy. Gerard Way is a homo even though he is married. They are freaking posers for Pete's sake. They are saying that they are not emos but judging from their videos, they are saying the exact contradiction of what they said. The bottom line is that OPM artists must not be emo. They must be original and they must be good in the first place. Another song that I'm irritated at is "Crank That" by Soulja Boy. Seriously, the song is atrocious and it is pure shit. Oh, by the way, I do hope that the "Beautiful Girls" phenomenon stops. It is getting sick and disgusting every second.

Tomorrow, I will be going to the "Wordfest" event in Holy Angel University. Wish us luck. Hopefully, I can do good enough tomorrow. Seriously, memorizing words is kinda hard and it makes me feel that sense of headache and that sense of "nosebleed".

So, I still have to do something with this blog and I will end this entry right now.

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The message is loud and clear. Why the hell did you say that? It's much like you are saying that I have not did that thing but in fact, I did already. Dude, I was somehow offended that you said that. Your brought up the topic in the first place so what I did was react to that trashy topic. Case closed.

Just ate my dinner and I was freaking happy. I ate carbonara and it was delicious. Eating pasta with white sauce and bacon was a good moment for this day. I also played hoops and finally, after four straight days of playing, my legs gave up and I had a difficulty walking up the stairs thanks to my aching knees.

I watched again the movie Man of the Year last night. The movie stars Robin Williams as comedian Tom Dobbs. It is a good movie and I think that the leaders of this country must watch it. The movie does have strong points about how leaders run the country and the way Tom Dobbs handled the political pressure was awesome. Just watch it and you'll get what I mean.
Man of the Year

Monday is coming and I am not excited about it. Seriously, I still want to rest. Anyway, playing billiards in the house was fun. Mah gawd, I suck at it but still, it provides me fun and by the time that classes are over, I might invite some of my friends for some summer fun.

BTW, I almost forgot but thanks to Ate Kams and Rigger for helping me in the images of this blog. Thank you also to Chiel and Trish for giving some comments about this blog in the chat box section of this blog.

The upcoming JS Promenade is on February 22 already and I don't have any plans on coming. However, if some intervention happens, then I might change my decision about the upcoming promenade.

As I am typing this entry, Novak Djokovic of Serbia is winning in the Australia Open Final against unseeded Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Both guys were not expected to make it to the Final. But unexpectedly, World Number One Roger Federer lost to Djokovic in an exhilarating semifinal while Nadal lost to Tsonga. Whoever wins the Australian Open Final is really deserving if you are to ask me.

Expect the new images for my blog to appear later and just comment about them in my chat box found in the left side of this blog. Anyway, this is it and have a nice Sunday evening.


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We watched National Treasure: Book of Secrets earlier. It was a good film. . . a very sensible film if you are to ask me. Nicholas Cage's role is still superb. The movie managed to educate me about World History and watching it provided me great joy.
national treasure 2

I have now changed my blog background alongside other minor features. Please comment about the changes that I've made in my chat box. Thanks a bunch in advance.

Earlier, I bought a book entitled "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens" written by Sean Covey. It is a great book and it does offer some good advice about matters in life. For me, it was definitely a wise buy.

For two consecutive days, I have been practicing my mediocre jumpshot in the basketball court. Mah gawd, my shot still looks awful at times but I am knocking some shots down recently which is a sign of improvement in my part. You see, I'm not really good in playing basketball so what I'm doing is training myself to get ready for the future.

The Celtics almost lost to the Timberwolves. They have been playing off recently and I think there is something brewing behind the Celtic locker room. The Celtics eventually won by the score of 86-87. The Lakers lost to the Mavs. The Lakers seriously need Odom to step up. Bynum's departure is certainly hurting the Lakers. I can only hope for the best.

The band Boys Like Girls has finally joined the jologs list in music. They were a great band before but when they were known by those jologs thanks to MYX, they suddenly became terrible. MCR is still shitty. "Your Guardian Angel" by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is a killer. It sucks big time. Also, Crank That by Soulja Boy is Über irritating alongside both versions of the song "Beautiful Girls".

I haven't played Ar Tonelico: Melody of Elemia for this day yet. Damn. I have finished Phase 1 in 15 hours and I am proud of it haha. Anyway, this entry is about to end. Our Investigatory Project in Chemistry is an activity that kills fun and gives fatigue to all of us. Anyway, this is it. The fire still lives on.


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Honesty must prevail. That is all I can think about at this very moment. If someone commits an act of dishonesty, it will be revealed eventually so why act as if nothing happened? What you have done to your victims is very disappointing. You certainly have lost our trust upon you. If given the chance to say this in front of everyone without saying your name, fine, I'll do it. Someone has to attack your conscience. You are guilty and being pale during times that we discussed this certainly proved all of our findings about you. So, admit the damn truth while the damage and rift is not that big yet.

This past week was fun. Today (Friday) was certainly joyous. More about that later. Thursday was frustrating. That dance called Minuet just killed my day. Monday and Tuesday were good. Half of my day was spent reviewing for an upcoming contest that I will be participating at Holy Angel University on February 1, a Friday, together with Renato, the genius. Wednesday was the same too. I reviewed again for that contest that I just said. Now, Friday . . . Friday was the epic day ever. Half of the class was gone thanks to that trip to Mekeni Food Corp. So, what the hell did the remaining students do? Well, in one word, P-L-A-Y. In Math time, we played "UNO Stacko". In Chemistry time, we played this native game called "Patintero", we also played "Dr. Quackquack" and this game wherein we have to use a volleyball and I won in the first round.

So, there is this one thing that has been annoying recently and that thing is that most of my classmates talk about effing SC. Seriously, all I could hear is SC here and SC there. Freaking real. And all I can say . . . nevermind. I'm gonna say it during the campaigning of whoever the candidates are.

Earlier, I was surprised that I did manage to convince Ate Kat about something that I said in the past. I was happy that she did say that. I really thought that I can't convince her about that four letter word named L-O-V-E. It's a good thing that somethings happened but I did lost myself. Yeah right, Marti said that and I agree. I just lost myself in my Sophomore years and I did label myself as stupid then. The bottom line here is that Marti was right and no one could have said it better. One thing has been bothering me though. I am getting pissed off whenever someone does try to bring up that name. It just freaking sucks. So what I'm doing is try to avoid as much as possible and just let me freaking forget everything and I will be happy.

Now about NBA. Boston has been lackluster lately and I do believe that they need a backup PG to spell out Rondo and House. The Lakers have been affected by Bynum's injury but if Kwame Brown steps up, I think that the 4th seed is within reach.

About WWE this time, I laud WWE's move to give Jeff Hardy a push. Hardy, Edge, and Punk can be potential card-carriers. Edge has been proven but Hardy and Punk have not yet showed their truest potential.

Please do listen to the song "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles. It is good and it not your same old boring song heard on the radio. It just feels right and I use it to make myself sleep. For those who love good songs, please listen to the songs of the awesome band, Tenacious D.

Honesty is the best policy and do not act like thieves.
Freaking real.



Okay, here it goes. I slept at 1 A.M due to my desperation to get that calendar icon working here in my blog. However, desperation doesn't translate to outright success. So what eventually happened was I stopped it and quit so as to not make a fool out of myself. Oh BTW, I would like to thank Trish for sharing her knowledge about using images as links. Here is the link to her awesome site: EPIC BLOG.

As I'm typing this entry, I'm currently listening to Led Zeppelin's newest album, Mothership. I do recommend this album for rock music lovers. I am also pleading that you listen to Radiohead's latest and awesome album, In Rainbows. This album is just pure epic goodness and I recommend the track, Jigsaw Falling Into Place.

So this is my second entry for this year and sorry for not posting that often now. My blog is undergoing some minor construction. If you do want your blog to be featured, please give me a logo or picture or whatever so that I could use that as an image link.

This past school week has been fun. Oral test was again the bomb. Bilog obviously made the class laugh with his "innovative" speech. Solita's speech was also epic win. Her gestures made all of us laugh to our heart's content. Friday was hellish though. We were made to watch a boring Filipino movie. Seriously, I was freaking bored with it so what I did was talked with Jonel and talked about some things together with Lucille, who continues to pinch and punch me whenever I say that name, and Genevie.

So before I slept last night, I was really thinking hard about a solution for Trish's second sidebar problem. After minutes of heavy concentration, I finally got it goodness gracious. Seriously, I did get it.

For the first time, I am not thinking about anything that is sad or whatsoever. I am just being optimistic, reacting to whatever that comes in my everyday life.

So yeah, I'm freaking bored and blogging eases my boredom. My next entry would probably be about WWE, NBA or MLB. Stay tuned.




GAME: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08

Imagine yourself as Tiger Woods with a 2-stroke lead at St. Andrews in the British Open. Suddenly, Vijay Singh makes a birdie to cut the lead to 1. Then, your fairway shot lands in the green but your impending putt is 30 feet away. Then, in expected fashion, you make the pressure putt and win the event.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08, one of EA's crown jewels of the Sports genre, let's you play pressure situations such as what the first paragraph stated. This game is definitely the king of all golf games and this version solidifies its reign as the king of all golf games.

Graphics-wise, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 looks good. The animations of all golfers look splendid. The courses are nice and sport out that golfing atmosphere that makes the game unique. However, the occasional glitch appears. In this game, the occasional glitch appears in the form of giving the player the wrong camera view when the next shot forces the player to stand next to a tree and the ball landed in the thick rough. Also, ball trajectory is shown in a great way and this makes this golf game good. Also included in the game are various real-life brand names of golfing merchandise such as Nike, Calloway, Ping, amongst many others.

The game lets you choose from 23 pro golfers from both the PGA and LPGA Tour - 19 from the PGA Tour and 4 from the LPGA Tour. You can play as Tiger Woods, Jim Furyk, Adam Scott, the list goes on and on. The game features 18 courses. From the Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, up to the Kiawah Island course, the game does have a good amount of realism included. However, there is still no "Create A Course" option so that somehow lessens the game's fun value.

With EA's fondness of the analog stick, it is evident that this game utilizes the analog stick a lot. You swing the golf stick by pulling down the left analog stick and then you subsequently pull it up. The harder you pull it up, the stronger the shot attempt. Meanwhile, you putt by pulling down the left analog stick and also pulling it up subsequently. Also, a feature coined as "Putt Preview" is present that lets you play a putt without affecting your score. However, beware that you only have limited time allotted for the "Putt Preview" feature. And in my opinion, the "Putt Preview" feature decreases the challenge of the game.

The game does have variable modes included and the one that stands out is the "Tiger Challenge" mode. In this mode, you make a new golfer from scratch and let this golfer partake on various matches and gain experience along the process. After defeating the various tasks, you will then face Tiger Woods in a one-on-one match. Also present is "The PGA Tour Season" mode wherein you participate in various tournaments and stamp yourself in the history of the PGA Tour.

Sound-wise, the game falters. The game does have sounds from the atmosphere such as the chirping of the birds but then, there is no commentary this time around. Sound is only the game's weak spot.

One lingering question does remain. Is this year's version better than last year's version? Aside from updated courses, updated golfers, and updated game modes, it is pretty much the same so I suggest that if you have never played a game out of this great gaming series, buy this year's version. It definitely is your money's worth. But if you are more of a golfing purist, buy last year's version essentially because there is no "Putt Preview" feature.

The game tends to be easy but if you do want a challenge, you can always toggle the sliders located in the Options menu.

The game is great but it is not meant to be played on 6-hour sessions. My suggestion is that you play this game on a spurt-setting like allotting an hour or two for this game.

If you want to play a golf game on your consoles, buy this game as soon as possible and see the magic that this game provides.

Graphics 4/5: The golfers look great. The golfers almost perfectly match their real-life resemblances. Watching the animations is a joy. The courses look like their real-life counterparts as well.

Gameplay 4.5/5: The analog controls make this game fun yet challenging. This is one golf game that sports out a good control system and the analog control system definitely pays off. However, the "Putt Preview" feature decreases the fun factor of the game.

Sound 3/5: The weak spot of the game. However, crowd noise adds realism to the game. Atmospheric sounds add a nifty touch.

Replay 5/5: You can go online and challenge players all over the globe. Or you can invite a friend and have a 1-on-1 match or compete together in the "Team Tour" mode. Multiplayer options are many and this adds value to the game itself.

Overall 4/5: A good golf game that lets you play your modern golf heroes in real golf courses. What else could you get? Definitely, a must-have game in my opinion.

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