This is the link to the article which I would react on later in this blog entry : CLICKITY CLICK.

First and foremost, video games are not promoters of violence! Video games are meant to provide fun and enjoyment. So what if it is a game that utilizes sniper rifles? Yes, the player enacts something that only policemen or military personnel can do but it doesn't mean that the player will also do it in real life thanks to that game. If I play "Time Crisis", would I be encouraged to buy a gun and start shooting people effortlessly? The answer is no.

Second, players of video games are persons who have conscience. Thus, they know what are wrong actions from right actions. A video game won't influence video game players that easily. A video game won't make players good shooters just because a handgun controller is used. Real life shooting using a gun and video game shooting using a gun is way different because in real life shooting, there are really lots of factors to consider while in video games, you simply just have to aim directly at the enemy but in real life, it is tougher.

Third, choosing "Time Crisis" as an example of a violent game is simply laughable. If they want their causes to be heard and scrutinized by the public, they must use games such as "GTA" and "Manhunt" as examples to strengthen their cause. Seriously, stop these nonsensical causes. A video game, whether violent or not, would not tinker the player's values system and conscience for Pete's sake.

Fourth, this one is for the malls. Please don't ban the games inside your premises. Yes, they are violent and reality tells us that many people who visit the malls actually play these games in the arcades. Did an incident occur that was somehow influenced by these games? The answer is none right? These games actually help people in earning moolah right?

Fifth, every video game has a rating ranging from Everyone to Mature. This means that only a certain age group can play a certain game. Take "GTA" for instance. It is rated Mature so it means only people above the age of 15 can play it. Sadly, many kiddies are playing it. Part of the blame can be given to the parents. I agree that the parents must lessen the playing time of their children if necessary but not for lessening emotional charges whatsoever. Parents must lessen the playing time of their children if only their purpose is for their children to focus more of their time on necessities and their priorities.

Sixth, the so-called advocate on banning violent games somehow implies here that morality is an issue here. Look at our country now, the crime rate is still high and crimes are being referred to as actions that destroy one's morality. With that being said, why is she only doing her part as a supposedly "concerned" citizen now? I really think that she's only doing this to gain media mileage and people who will follow her cause might just as well be coined as "people who got lost thanks to someone who misguided them."

Seventh, this stupid nonsense campaign must stop now! It will only mislead the public. In my opinion, the people driving this campaign really just want to get a share of the limelight. I hope this is not the case but it just really looks like this.

Video games, especially "Time Crisis", must not be banned. Remember that gamers are not easily influenced by forms of media that easily. Gamers have conscience remember that! Parents must somehow help by lessening the playing time if the purpose is to make the child learn that they have priorities in life in which they must focus at.

Campaigns such as this one is just purely nonsense and stupid. They really want to get a share of the limelight and by doing that, they are intoxicating the people's minds with bullshit that must not be tolerated.

Gamers don't have kiddish minds. Thus, they are mature when it comes to matters in life. The brains of gamers are not prone to influences to aggressive behavior. Games don't influence people to go megalomaniac and start shooting people without conscience.

Why ban such things? They are not doing anything to harm the society! For Pete's sake, "concerned" citizens must focus first on banning those persons who harm the environment rather than these innocent video games that only provide fun and enjoyment to both young and old. Also, banning these games will only make piracy a tougher beast to be slaughtered. Considering the fact that piracy hasn't that been minimized yet here in the Philippines, what would happen if the banning of video games would continue? It will only force the people to work underground but still, they would earn some cash. What's better here is that they should just let these games be placed in public places and no banning should be done.

To the "concerned" citizens, stop doing this shit! It will go to nothingness I tell you. Some of the public may be intoxicated with your bullshit but also remember that some of the public are not stupid either.

This ends my entry.



This entry is about the current status of our section, Exodus. Mrs. Pascual said last Friday that someone from the room said that Exodus is still diverse. To set the record straight, I WAS the person who said that Exodus is really a diverse section. I won't retract my statements either. I firmly believe in what I've said before and that won't change unless my classmates show their true personalities.

It sucks to know that at times, I feel that there is still a rivalry among all of us. For example, I feel that some of my classmates that came from Counsel last year think that it is still Counsel vs. Amity. For once, I really think that what I'm observing and feeling about this so-called "Cold Rivalry" is really true.

Why did I say that Exodus is still a diverse section? It's simply because we don't have the value or trait of oneness. Whenever we discuss something for the activities of a month, some don't even bother to share or worse, to listen at all. Also, some don't respect the opinions of others. For your information Exodus, I still have grudges against some of you guys. You don't even bother to give me a damn nice explanation about what happened before. I also don't appreciate the fact that you use as a prank - by that I mean, you insult me a lot. Thank you Exodus!

To the person who said that last year's Amitians and Counselerds are getting closer, think again! Some of the persons in Exodus have hidden agenda and hidden motives so I beg to disagree with what you have said last Friday.

As the saying goes, "What goes around, comes around." I hope that this won't affect those persons who are still "plastic". For Pete's sake, be transparent enough for the class. There's nothing wrong with being true to all of Exodus. Please stop thinking that there is a rivalry that is existing at the moment. The truth is, all I'm asking for is for you to remove your mask and be true to all of us.

For once I will say this, some of you will feel my wrath. I still haven't forgiven you guys for what you did to me on that first contest. Mark my words. I repeat, mark my words. I'm serious with this one and just pray that I will change my mind and just work with you harmoniously for the sake of unity.

I never felt that I belonged in Exodus. For some reasons unknown, I just really feel this way starting from Day 1 of the school year. Sorry guys but the truth is, you never made me feel that I belonged in this section.

Oh well, amidst all the things swirling and brewing in this section, I am still optimistic that we can iron this mess out and subsequently, produce better friendships, bondings, and of course, relationships among us.

Sorry if I have offended you guys through this entry.


I watched Raw earlier and I was not really impressed. Oh well, here are my thoughts about WWE as of the moment.

I still can't believe that Cena is still the WWE Champion. Please give the belt to a more deserving superstar like Umaga. Randy Orton is a viable candidate but his work ethic is simply unprofessional. Cena must go back to his "Thugganomics" gimmick. It helped him a lot before rather than this crappy "Soldier" gimmick that has left me feel disappointed. Yes, Cena has the charisma but please, let him do the raps again! Those raps defined his persona a long time ago and sad to say, they tinkered with the established formula and I dislike them with great intensity for tinkering with Cena's rapper persona.

As we all know, Batista won the Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship at the Unforgiven PPV. Again, I'm kinda disappointed since Batista always gets the belt back. I mean, he's turning into a Cena - a wrestler who always gets the belt. In the Smackdown! roster alone, they are more deserving guys than Batista. I'm not saying that I hate Batista but the storyline angle must change. Give the belt to Kane. Seriously, the guy deserves a main event push.

Regarding the Hornswoggle angle this time, I'm really hoping that when Kennedy returns from his suspension because of steroid usage, there will be a feud pitting him against Hornswoggle. Of course, the stipulation would be about Vinnie Mac's illegitimate son. The original plan was that Kennedy would be the illegitimate son but thanks to that suspension to Kennedy, Hornswoggle got the role instead.

To Chris Jericho, please return to WWE already. I miss your segment on Raw before. I miss the Walls of Jericho. Your skills are certainly electrifying and you are one of a kind. Your mic skills is really laudable.

Please give Fit Finlay a push! The guy also deserves it. Give him a face turn! Let him work the crowd and just see the results. His in-ring personality just rocks big time. The shillelagh angle in matches never ceases to amaze me.

With the return of the Undertaker, I'm expecting an angle involving The Phenom and Batista. What will be up for grabs? The World Heavyweight Championship of course. How about Rey Mysterio and The Great Khali? Let them fight each other and please, let Khali totally dominate Rey Mysterio. Mysterio is simply overrated.

I hope that by the time Umaga returns from suspension, his rivalry with Triple H would be a good one. This is certainly a good way of giving a push to Umaga. Umaga is just simply great. Carlito's heel turn is a laudable move done by WWE. He is way better as a heel than as a face. His edginess is suited to that of a heel if you ask me.

Thank you for making C.M Punk the ECW Champion! This should have happened a long time ago but later is better than never. Seriously, when he was part of Team DX in the Survivor Series, he really anchored the crowd in cheering and he just really works the crowd very well.

I'm really interested on how the MVP-Matt Hardy angle pans out. Yes, they are the current Tag Champs now and I'm interested on how their relationship unfolds. Maybe someone will turn heel. I just hope that it doesn't happen.

When will DX return? I'm missing those crotch chops, those tag team matches that are main events, and of course, the parodies. I'm certainly ready and I'm ready to bow to the masters and break it down!

Edge is really one great superstar. WWE needs him now! His adeptness in the heel role will surely be appreciated. WWE is not yet really great but little by little, it is reaching there. I just hope they do the right things regarding the champions as of the moment.

These are just my thoughts.



Before anything else, I will share you the link to one of the best Flash games ever: The Impossible Quiz 2, the newly-minted version and certainly, a better one than the first Impossible Quiz.

"You had a bad day. You're taking one down. You sing a sad song just to turn it around. You say you don't know. You tell me don't lie. You work at a smile and go for a ride. You had a bad day. The camera don't lie. You're coming back down and you really don't mind. You had a bad day . . . you had a bad day!"
-Chorus of Daniel Powter's phenomenal worldwide hit, "Bad Day"-

Since this is my 100th post for this blog, I would like to thank first some people who have inspired me to do some blogging. Here they are:
1. Celine - Well, her blog inspired me to do my first blog. She introduced me to the world of blogs through her impressive and inspiring blog. Thank you so much. If you want to visit Celine's blog, here's the link: CLICKITY CLICK
2. Renéé - You introduced me to the Blogger blogs. Thanks for influencing me to create this second blog of mine and this blog is loads better than the first one.
3. Jeff - Thanks for teaching me on applying CSS for the background of this blog of mine.
4. Arianne - Thanks for the tips about writing styles. They have surely helped a lot.

Well, as I'm typing this entry out, it is raining hard. I hope it's because of a typhoon. A typhoon's help will surely be appreciated since the upcoming school week will be like hell was unleashed by a demonic horde. Seriously, tests are coming and projects are attacking on full force. I would like to share with you the heavy work load that I'm doing thanks to school:
1. Test in Chemistry
Our Chemistry teacher, Mr. Bernardo, said that our test on Monday will have a whopping 300 items! Yes, 300! This is SPARTAAAAA! Oh well, my brain is already getting its juices drained and I'm also experiencing headaches now. The topics included are mostly that of things related to the Periodic Table.
2. Test in Math
Our test in Math will be about conics. It's pretty simple if you ask me. 'Nuff said.
3. Test in TLE
This is a subject that has been infiltrating my mind with words like "compiler" amongst many others. The test will be about the lesson entitled as "Evolution of Programming Languages".
4. Assignment in Chemistry
A reaction paper about the film we watched about climate change was asked to be accomplished. I'm halfway done through it so it means that I still have the chance of getting through this work load unscathed.
5. Assignment in Math
Thanks to that investigation last Friday, the supposed seat work was turned into a homework! Goodness gracious!

Oh well, I hope I can manage my time to do this load of things. My body has been experiencing pain, especially in the back, thanks to these things. Oh well, thank you school! *Ehemsarcasmehem*

I certainly still have more thoughts to come as I progress along this blogging adventure of mine. Once I have that Adobe Dreamweaver program back to normalcy, I will do something with this blog and make it look like it was written in a notebook full of scribbles and drawings.

Happy birthday to my grandfather! Oh well, I had fun eating with the relatives earlier in Tarlac. The feast was just really sumptuous. The steaks were really tasty and irresistible! The soup was well-made! I can't stop thinking of food now. Maybe I'm hungry or maybe it's just that I crave for food a lot.

I miss watching The Simpsons and Family Guy! School has taken over my usual weekend routines so it just means lesser time to watch T.V. How pathetic! I miss Homer, Stewie, Brian, Peter, Bart, and the rest of the gang from The Simpsons and Family Guy!

As I'm typing this entry, I'm listening to the song "Bleed It Out" by Linkin Park. Linkin Park has definitely changed and I miss the times wherein Mike Shinoda will rap all the time and then Chester will scream all the time. I miss the former Linkin Park.

If ever you are interested in visiting Jim Ross's blog, here's the link: CLICKITY CLICK. Jim Ross, by the way, is the commentator of WWE Raw.

What exactly am I thinking of right now? Well, I'm only thinking one person and some things that are related with school to be honest with you. The person has occupied my thoughts and I just go with the flow. In fact, it has made me feel better and certainly happier.

I wish though that my textmates will reply now. Nobody's replying to my text messages! LMAO! Maybe they are just really busy. Oh well, optimism is still the key.

This ends my 100th post for this blog. It will be edited once the thoughts are back. I just really have forgotten them so I wasn't able to type them in.




"With no vision, you will perish; with blurred vision, you will be frustrated; with focused vision, you will succeed!"
-Tim Redmond-

Oh man, this week has been tiring, fun, confusing, nerve wrecking, mind rattling, and certainly mentally exhausting. The school is embroiled in a huge controversy which I can't elaborate on in this blog since it is a matter concerning the reputation of the school. I have to be "confidential" and "responsible" about the things that I know.

The only advice that I could give to those implicated are just change the things that can still be changed while the damage is really not yet of magnanimous proportions. CHANGE FOR THE BETTER WHILE THERE IS THIS TIME. That's the bottomline. Have a focused vision which can help you in attaining greater things.

To the school, thank you for doing your job. You simply defined business with a capital B. You did a good job and I hope such strict measures will be done everyday to lessen the bad elements inside the school's premises.

"Throw it away. Forget yesterday. We'll make the great escape. Won't hear a word they say. They don't know us anyway. Watch it burn! Let it die! 'Cause we are finally free tonight!"
-"The Great Escape" by Boys Like Girls-

How can I react to this hellish week? Oh well, Thursday was fun. I played two basketball games in one day. The end result was . . . a sore knee, a tired calf, tired arm, and last but not the least, I experience difficulty going up and down the stairs . . . both at home and at school.

Last Wednesday, I finally logged in my Friendster account and saw her reply to my message. Thanks for the reply. You know who you are.

Now, I'm confused again. It all came back. The feelings, the memories of the past, the good times, the Freshman memories, the Sophomore memories, and the other memories came back. This time around though, I'm just going with the flow and to be honest with you, I'm enjoying it and I am happy that these memories came back. Well, I just hope that the friendship will continue now and no more unfortunate events will happen.

I've learned that you simply can't put a closure on matters. Time will do it for you. You will be the reactor instead of the actor. Matters will end when time thinks it is the right moment for the matter to end. That simply is life.

My mind is already tired so I guess I have to end this entry now. One thing's for sure, something has come back to me and I'm happy because of it.




"Indecision and delays are the parents of failure."
-George Canning-

Well, today has been marred by memories of the past. These memories have made me happy for some very weird reasons. I just miss the good ol' days with her - the times wherein I was happy when I think of her, the times wherein I bombard her with lots of text messages, the times wherein I chat with her through YM, the times wherein she said be optimistic and just forget the bad times, the times wherein she was my seatmate, the times wherein she simply was inside my thoughts, and to make the long story short, I just miss some things in my life.

At present, I am confused again. How many times have I said the word "confused" in this blog? Oh well, life is tough on me at times. I don't know why I end up on the losing side of things. My decisions turn out to be blunders. Well, part of the blame goes to my delays and indecisions in terms of acting to a situation.

I don't know if I'm liking her again. If ever that happens, I will quickly do something to stop whatever emotion that comes since someone is courting her now. It would be unethical on my part to like her again because of that. Geez, I will not avoid her. That's the bottomline.

If ever she has problems, I am still here. I am ready to catch her and help her bounce back. But I really doubt that she needs any of my help since she has tons of friends.

"If you want to do something, do it right away." This is a line that I will always remember. I forgot who stated it but it has been etched in my heart for quite some time now. I failed in things since I don't do what I want right away; hence, the logic of the line aforementioned.

I'm sorry to you. You know who you are. I have made mistakes here and I still have remorse for my actions.

Right now, I'm optimistic about my future life. I am currently happy because of things occurring and revolving around me. I will just forget the pain from the past and just treat things normally. This actually is her advice to me some time ago.

Previously, I thought of avoiding her since I thought that if I still have communication with her(may it be text or online messages), then I thought that I won't move on and make progress at all. But thanks to Jonel, I gained this paradigm to just treat things normally and take things in strides. That's what you call a sudden paradigm shift.

The bottomline here is there is no more mess for me to clean up. All is well. I just have to adapt to the current situation in my life. Maybe it's not yet my time to love someone . . . not just yet.




The Malu Fernandez issue has really been a hot one in Pinoy bloggosphere. Her article really talks about not having the following: JUSTICE, INTEGRITY, RIGHT ATTITUDE, RIGHT CONSCIENCE, RIGHT PRINCIPLES, and SIMPLY NO NATIONALISTIC PRIDE WHATSOEVER.

First and foremost, Ms. Fernandez doesn't look good aesthetically so she doesn't have the right to whine as if she's a V.I.P who deserves first-class treatment like that of those being given to divas and stars alike. I can't believe that Ms. Fernandez acts as if she's a good-looking diva. I believe that going under the knife won't actually help in adding "beauty" to her face.

Second, Ms. Fernandez was actually lucky to be seated next to Filipinos because if she was seated next to a person of a different nationality(who MIGHT smell nastier), then she is experiencing first-hand a living hell. Also, Axe is a widely-established brand. It is econimically affordable rather than your Jo Malone.

Third, I firmly believe that Ms. Fernandez has a huge problem with her attitude and principles. I think she is engulfed in a space no one could imagine wherein she thinks she is a beautiful person. For Pete's sake, she doesn't look good at all. Also, she is simply defining the term "STUPIDITY" with conviction and perfection.

Fourth, since Ms. Fernandez imagined herself as a sardine trapped in a sardine can, well, she is actually a blue whale, considering her size, that the plane can't accommodate. Scent is not the problem Madam but it's your paradigms.

Fifth, Manila Standard Today simply must be boycotted. Malu Fernandez returned as if nothing happened. That's simply bullshit. She is not a responsible journalist. She did not think that OFWs actually help the country a lot. She did not think that OFWs are her FELLOW FILIPINOS. She simply needs to go to a mental rehab facility to restore her memory and for her brain to function well to say the least. Manila Standard Today, with the return of Malu Fernandez, simply became despicable. Sorry to say this but I think you just screwed up your already-established good reputation big time by letting Ms. Fernandez return.

Seriously, I really think you deserve MORE BICKERING. I really think that you did not learn anything at all from all those comments hurled against you.

Manila Standard Today simply must explain why it did this and that. When it let Malu Fernandez, it added an insult to the injury to those OFWs who got persecuted even though what they are doing for the country is already a huge lift.

Malu Fernandez, you fail big time!



WRITER'S NOTE: The following entry will only be an opinion presented about the verdict handed down on former President Joseph Estrada and of course, the court case itself.

September 12, 2007 - a date that will never be forgotten in the laurels of Philippine History. This said date ushered in the new chapter of Philippine Politics and closed down one of the nastiest and ugliest issues of Philippine interest.

As history shows, Erap was ousted by the people through the "EDSA People Power II" event. This event was ignited by the refusal of some senators then, to open that secret envelope during the hearing or case against Erap.

After a long wait, approximately 6 long years, the verdict was handed down and it says that Erap is guilty of plunder but acquitted from perjury. If you are to ask me which verdic does Erap deserve, let us dig deeper to the circumstances of each verdict before I say my opinion.

A "GUILTY" verdict will mean that the Arroyo Government today is still legitimate and we did not have a bogus president. It will also result to economic progress according to investors. It will mean that no one is really above the law. But then, Erap's "fans", the masses, simply can't accept the fact that Erap's "obvious" wrongdoings marked his downfall. A "GUILTY" verdict will also mean that the judiciary system in the Philippines, though it is still lagging behind other countries and at times, incompetent, is still an active one and still a force to be reckon with.

A "NOT GUILTY" verdict will simply mean that the Erap ouster is illegitimate. It will mean that GMA was a bogus president from 2001-2004. That simply is the reason why many assumptions like "The government made Erap guilty just because of Edsa 2".

Right from the onset, I felt that Erap will be given a "GUILTY" verdict. The evidence was really substantial. Also, the X-Factor was none other than Chavit Singson. This former Congressman had the guts to spill the beans and thus, he exposed to us the injustices of the Erap administration.

To Erap's supporters, especially in the showbiz sector, the Erap case happened first before the Joc Joc Bolante case, the Jose Pidal case, the extrajudicial killings, and so on and so forth. That is why it was solved first by the Sandiganbayan. Simple logic please guys. In my opinion though, the verdict divided the nation simply because the people have contrasting beliefs and opinions. Showbiz people are meant to entertain. Showbiz people are not meant to be activists who bastardize the country. Enough said.

To all the people of the Philippines, just accept the verdict and move on. It's for the best of our country. Erap did a mistake and he has to pay for it. We simply have to move on and help the Philippines become a better place.

In my opinion though, the special treatment should stop now. Erap's now a convict then he still has this special house arrest! What message are you trying to present here to the Filipinos, Sandiganbayan? If you are to ask me, that means you're implicating to other criminals that it's ok to commit one offense to another since they will get special treatment anyway. WTF is that!

Also, to both Erap and Jinggoy, why are you whining now? If my memory serves me right, you said before that you will respect the verdict of the court no matter what it is. Now, the contrary is happening. Talk about being true and being principled.




PROLOGUE OF SORTS: This entry was composed last September 12 but due to time constraints, I was not able to finish it on time and subsequently, post it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

"That may be all I need. In darkness she is all I see. Come and rest your bones with me. Driving slow on Sunday morning and I never want to leave."
-Maroon 5's "Sunday Morning"-

I'm certainly not happy today. I can't believe that I haven't moved on yet. Dammit. I'm so effing stupid. I'm just really suffering the aftermath of my idiocracy in life. Oh well, life must go on and I can say that I deserve to be branded as a very stupid human being who just didn't fare well in making decisions in life. I thought that I can stop thinking about her. I thought that I can really do things without even thinking about her. How stupid of me think about that. Goodness gracious! I should just stop thinking about the past and simply occupy myself with lots of activities. Hopefully, all will be well.

So many thoughts . . . so many mistakes come afterwards. It has been like this for me since August 30, 2006 - that day that has set the tone for all the BS and crap that has happened. You might think that I'm crazy for this. If that's the case, then I might say that this certain "craziness" has caused my downfalls in life.

I've stated before that I was kinda "demoralized" by the past and I kinda "regret" it. That's normal. I was just immature for such a momentous chapter in my life and I just paid the consequences.

It's good actually that I am able to cope up with lots of stresses, both physical and emotional, this year. Well, I attribute that to just being able to hang in there when it is really needed. Oh well, this is getting nonsense.

It's my fault and that's simply the undeniable reality that I saw. If I didn't do this, if I didn't do that . . . you get the picture. Things wouldn't have had happened if not for my immaturity at decision-making. Oh well, there's a saying that goes by "Think about the positive side of things."

Last year, she was the cause of all the happiness. This year, I can't comment on it. I have a reputation to protect and some other things prevent me from doing it anyway.

Happy Birthday to Yao Ming and Celine! May you have better moments in your life and wish you all the happiness.




"Some of those that were forces are the same that bore crosses"
-"Killing In The Name" by Rage Against The Machine-

Memories just flashed through my mind earlier so I decided to just post an entry about it. First and foremost, sorry Chiel! Second, this day was actually uber fun. I bought three books earlier in National Bookstore. The three books were: "Tuesdays With Morrie" by Mitch Albom, "The Anansi Boys" by Neil Gaiman, and "The 6 Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make" by Sean Covey.

After all the strolling in SM Clark, of course, we returned in this house so as to celebrate my Grandma's birthday. Well, after all the rituals, I went back to my room and play the PS2. I played of course, MLB '07: The Show. I'm currently engrossed in the Career Mode of the game.

I'm currently doing some stuff related to the iPod. That is I'm adding some songs. At the end of this entry, I would be sharing to you the newly-added songs list. I'm listening to the song "Welcome To The Jungle" by Guns 'N Roses now. The song is just really damn nice.

Few more entries and I would have then 100 entries! Yes, a hundred entries in this blog! Oh man, never mind my fantasizing moments.

Recently, I'm happy. I don't know why but then there is still one unanswered question hanged by the past. She didn't answer one question that I asked last week. I don't know why she didn't answer it and I hope to get the answer some time soon.

Okay, this is it for now. School is back again tomorrow. Dammit.

1973 by James Blunt
Welcome To The Jungle by Guns 'N Roses
I'm Yours by Jason Mraz
Beautiful Girls by JoJo
Wake Up Call by Maroon 5



"Understand that most problems are a good sign. Problems indicate that progress is being made, wheels are turning, you are moving toward your goals. Beware when you have problems. Then you've really got a problem. . . Problems are like landmarks of progress."
-Scott Alexander-

September 7, 2007- a date that I would never forget. I simply won't forget this week and that special date that I have just mentioned. You see, I've been doing acts to get closer with someone for this present week. Only time will tell if I would court the girl or not. One thing's sure though. She has certainly made me happy.

As you can see, there was some confusion in my part because I still can't forget the pain. I still can't forget all the anxieties that I've felt. I still can't forget some of the bad events. I don't know why. It all just keeps on coming back to me like a stray bullet. I really want to be mad at myself now. I want to end my misery but I simply can't overcome some uncontrollable circumstances.

I'm just really happy that I am starting all over again a new life. A new life wherein I hope I could manage to shrug off the pain inside and just be a stronger person. I just really hope that I could follow the thing that the "past" said. That thing was I should just forget the pain and move on. I've tried to do it but then, it all botches up in the end. Dammit.

If ever you misinterpret this entry of mine, I'm deeply sorry. I just can't forget all the pain. I'm awestruck by everything that has been happening regarding my emotions and past events. I'm sorry. I just can't contain it any longer.

As seconds, minutes, hours, and days pass by, I'm slowly getting closer to the conclusion of all these things. The puzzle was solved but the puzzle is not the only problem. There has been some fault in my part too. It was I who caused this mess so I really think that I must fix it. Seriously, who doesn't want one's mess to be unattended?

This week, I made a decision on whether I must be optimistic and continue or just hold back and raise the white flag. Well, I've decided to be optimistic. I just really think that I must do it. There's no more holding back in my part now.

Today, I was supposed to treat her and just hang out with her but Mother Nature was just harsh. She released this rainfall which was kinda being nice. Thank you very much.

But then, I must not worry for this event. There are still lots of opportunities for me to be exploited and certainly, I hope that this opportunities will lead me to a happier life.

Thank you for making me happy. I've gained a reason for me to be stronger again and bounce back. Thank you present. You know who you are. I must save Gil(Final Fantasy term for money) for me to be happy. Ehem.

This is it for now. I must still think of something for all the money that I've received in FFX.



"However far away, I will always love you. However long I stay, I will always love you. Whatever words I say, I will always love you. I will always love you."
-"Love Song" by 311-

Last night, all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that I have unintentionally created were finally put together and finally formed a picture. All because of a YM chat, the puzzle was solved. I can't believe that it would happen at all. I was simply dejected yesterday before the chat. Thank you for answering those questions that were left unanswered.

Maybe it's all my fault after all. I don't know why I keep on thinking like this but I really think that it's all my fault. If I didn't ask her lots of times, this would not have happened right? I felt sorry for myself that time. Seriously, I was "demoralized" by everything that transpired.

I'm not saying that I'm regretful of everything but then, it made me weak - a weaker person in terms of strength of character. But I'm now fine and that's all that matters for me at the present.

Thank you for still showing me kindness even though I didn't show you kindness during my "recovery" period. Thank you for explaining your side. I greatly appreciated it.

I really never thought that I would have the chance again to chat with her. Thank goodness "Doodle Method"! You saved me! LOL!

I have moved on but at times, the pain goes back like a gunshot. It all happens in the blink of an eye. But then, I am trying to forget the pain now. Hopefully, all will still be well.

Yes, it takes time to heal but then, I have managed to mask it thanks to all my friends. Thank you(err. . . the past that is) for making my life positive again. Thank you(the present this time around) for making me happy again.

This is it for now.



"When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us."
-Alexander Graham Bell-

Today, we had our Recollection in our school. It was a really fun experience for all of us in Exodus. We got closer because of the said event. We really took advantage of the event and bonded to the max during lunch time. The gang was just really close during the whole event. Patrick was of course, saying his DoTA mastery lines. Jov, meanwhile, was saying that all of the DoTA players in the class are nothing but chicken feed. Marti was again teased with someone. LOL! Atan was just his usual quiet self. Apollo was just doing his thing as usual.

First activity was really fine and it set the mood of the activity. We listened to the song "Power of Love" by Don Moen, the great singer of Christian songs. The Recollection was mostly a venue to release all the insecurities regarding our own respective lives.

I can say that Lunch was the best time ever. Jov ate Nissin Cup Noodles. Pat ate bisteg. Marti ate bacon. Atan ate Chow Fan. Tristan ate quail eggs. Renato also ate Chow Fan. Bilog ate hotdogs. Yours truly also ate hotdogs. While eating, Atan suddenly cried. Of course, we comforted him. Jov was really just getting food from Marti so as to fulfill his food desires. I also got bacon from Marti. In short, we really shared our food.

I treated Jov, Pat, and Marti with KitKat. For some reason, I just did it and enjoyed the moment. Well, they said that I was acting like Santa Claus to them. LOL!

My fave part was when we passed a bond paper then our classmates would write a comment about us. I was really touched by their comments especially her comment. It was uber sweet. It was heartwarming. It really made me happy.

The Mass was also not boring. Tristan made me awake all the time alongside Cherie and Gemma. They made some fun with the way they sing the songs. Yes, it's unethical but I can't help but laugh out loud especially at Tristan.

Now about the quote by Alexander Graham Bell. Through this Recollection, I simply got an opportunity to get to know myself more. I appreciated this day a lot. I have gained a deeper insight about the real me - my own identity to be exact, that is. A "door" closes when we sin a lot, when we commit miscues a lot, for short, simply when we commit mistakes. A "door" opens when we have the will, the determination, the guts, and simply the attitude to be better.

Let's connect this quote to our own lives now per se. When an opportunity comes, we tend to decide first on it before we act. If you are to ask me about this matter, we simply must think seriously and heavily in matters like this. All factors must be considered. Of course, this is decision-making and we simply have to decide for our betterment. "Let every situation make you decide on something in life." This is something that I learned in the Recollection earlier. I believe in the principle that when we make a decision, chances are, we will be wiser and more mature in life. When an opportunity dies, we all tend to mourn about it. This must not happen. We simply must remember that there are second chances. We must not be oblivious from this forgotten fact. It simply is a matter of principles and beliefs in life.

This is it for now.



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