With Fr. Ed Panlilio's win in the gubernatorial race in Pampanga, many people wondered if he could serve two duties at the same time? According to Pangasinan Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz, a Canon Law expert, Fr. Panlilio must resign his priestly duties first before doing political duties. To quote Archbishop Cruz, "It is no less than the Universal Canon Law prohibits any cleric - deacon, priest and bishop -from assuming any public office that partakes of the exercise of civil power. There is clearly an infraction of the Universal Canon Law."

This lingering matter has been the talk of Pampanga since Fr. Panlilio won. This matter has even reached the Vatican and in the Catholic University in Washington D.C. They asked which rule would prevail, the Canon Law or the Vatican's "allowing to perform two duties at the same time"? Well, according to Fr. Robert J. Levis, it is a grave scandal and an act of disobedience to God.

Many Kapampangans have been ignoring this issue since... they firmly believe that with Fr. Panlilio emerging victorious, Pampanga has a better chance of attaining good governance.

If you ask my opinion though, Fr. Panlilio must resign from his preistly duties to avoid legal issues in the future. Law and order must be enforced and as the Canon Law implies, what Fr. Panlilio did was deemed illegal.


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