L . . . L . . . L!

I got tagged by Kat so I have to do this entry. This entry would feature my top 10 list about things that start with the letter L! So let's get the ball rolling!

Jio's Top 10 List with words starting with letter "L":

1. Low
That song that sucks big time. No offense meant here.
2. Linkin Park
One of my favorite bands ever.
3. Love
It makes the world go round! That sounds cheesy!
4. Losing
I hate losing period.
5. Los Angeles Lakers
My favorite NBA team.
6. Luck
I simply need it in my life. No elaborations will be given.
7. Lost
I like this TV show. Sadly, I am lost on the plot nowadays thanks to me missing lots of episodes.
8. Late night computer sessions
They are fun and they ease my boredom
9. Lord
He is the Almighty One and we must respect Him.
10. Life
I am lucky to have one and be alive.

This is it!

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