Here is again another survey. This time, I stole it from Gabby's Multiply which can be accessed here: LINK IS UNDERLINED. Well, let's begin!

Name 15 people in any order:
1. Ira
2. Celine
3. Jeff
4. Gabby
5. Gio
6. Patrick
7. Paco
8. Jzan
9. Atan
10. Marti
11. Mc
12. Adrian
13. Raphael
14. Tristan
15. Ian

1. Does number thirteen know number fifteen?
- Hell yeah.

2. Have you met eleven's family?
- Not yet.

3. Would you ever date number twelve?
- No. Come on, he is a man and I am straight.

4. Have you ever gone at a party that number fourteen was at?
- Oh yes! I remember one which was Carmina's farewell party way back in grade school.

5. Has number six met your family?
- Yes, he has met the family lots of times already.

6. Is number five good looking?
- Err . . . lolwut?

7. Do you think number eight would come see you in the hospital?
- I do not really know.

8. Do you think number three has a crush on you?
- ZMONG! Seriously though, that is impossible.

9. Does number two live close to you?
- Nope. She lives in a far away place.

10. Are you good friends with number seven?
- Yes!

11. True or False: Number one is the only child.
- Absolutely false. She has elder siblings.

12. How would you feel if four and nine were dating?
- OMG! I would feel very very shocked. Both are witty by the way.

13. Have you ever went out of your state with number ten?
- Oh yes and I remember that time. I was really depressed then and we poured our hearts out and became crazy human beings.

14. Would you make out with number five?
- BS! Come on, doing that thing will be the worst sin that I have ever done if it comes to fruition. Come on.

15. Does number two like Fall Out Boy?
- I really do not know.

16. Do you know number three's address off the top of your head?
- Sadly no.

17. Do you think number one would like to date number fourteen?
- I do not know but one and nine will make a perfect match.

18. If you had one whole day this month with number six, what would you do?
- Talk about lots of things, play videogames, then some other boy stuff.

19. Would you be surprised if number thirteen asked you out?

20. Does number five have a MySpace book?
- I don't think so.

21. How do you know number fifteen?
- A good friend and a classmate for 3 years.

22. If you and nine were to hang out and bring someone else from this list with you, who would it be?

23. Are you and number ten Facebook friends?
- We do not even have a Facebook account!

24. What's number seven's mom's first name?
- I do not know really. I shall check the directory soon!

25. Have you ever went to lunch with number eleven?
- Yes. When I have the appetite to eat lunch, I eat with him and the rest of the gang.

26. What song reminds you of number eight?
- Any metal song period.

27. What religion is number twelve?
- Roman Catholic :D

28. Is number fifteen the life of the party?
- At times yes!

29. Is number ten hot?
- Ask him that please.

30. What school does number nine go to?
- Holy Family Academy and he is my classmate!

31. How old is number twelve?
- Fifteen years old. XD

32. Have you ever been to number seven's house?
- Nope.

33. Would you be jealous if number three and number fifteen dated?
- ZOMG! Both are committed already to their ladies come on.

34. Have you ever spent a night with number eight?
- No haha no.

35. Does number eleven ever make you mad?
- Nope. But he thinks I am always mad.

36. Have you ever been in a class with number fourteen?
- Oh yes! He has been a classmate of mine for six years.

37. Have you ever had number six over?
- I don't know really.

38. Are you related to number five?
- Yes, internet-related that is.

39. Would you walk pretty far just to see number four?
- Oh yes. I love my daughter so much.

40. Have you ever written a letter to number one?
- Nope.

41. Would you ever run away with number two?
- Why not?! If she wants it, it's damn good.

42. Are one and eight friends?
- Nope.

43. How long have you known number thirteen?
- Since Grade 4. :>

44. Would two and ten make a good couple?
- Ten is committed and as for two, I do not know.

45. What's the worst thing you've ever done to number five?
- I do not really know.

46. What's the most fun thing you've ever done with number nine?
- Play Guitar Hero!

47. One inside joke with number three?
- Ahm . . .

48. What if six and eleven went to prom together?
- What'd you say?!

49. What is one random memory you have of you and number four?
- The time when we were talking about how weird our split personalities are.

50. Is number seven straight?
- Susmaryano. Oo siyempre!

51. What's the most unbelievable thing that number twelve has ever told you?
- Hmm . . . I can't remember!

52. Is number four a vegetarian?
- She is not IIRC.

53. Have you ever been scared for number fifteen?
- Yes I was during that accident that happened in second year. :>

54. When's number six' birthday?
- November 30!

55. Have you ever met number seven in person?
- Nope.

56. Do number nine and ten go to the same school?
- Yes and both are my classmates as well.

57. Would you be willing to date number eight?

58. Does number fifteen have a Xanga?
- None.

59. Does number thirteen have school tomorrow?
- None because it's a weekend.

60. Are you currently missing number twelve?
- Err . . .

61. Does number fourteen play an instrument?
- The recorder!

62. Number eleven:
- Likes to play basketball and is a good friend of mine.

63. Have you ever been to a party hosted by number five?
- Nope.

64. Did you get number four anything for their birthday?
- I have not given Gabbeh anything.

65. Are number one and three acquainted with each other?
- Nope.

66. When's the next time you'll see number two?
- By Monday.

67. Does number five play a sport?
- I really do not know.

68. Have you ever gone for a walk with number eleven?
- Yes . . . a walk around the school grounds that is.

69. Does number four like country music?
- I don't think so!

70. Would you go to a baseball game with number six?
- Sure! Why not? ;))

71. Is number two female or male?
- FEMALE! 'Kay?

72. Does number nine have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
- Soon right Atan? I repeat, SOON.

73. Does number three's family adore you?
- No and heck, they don't even know me!

74. Do you think you would be on number fifteen's list of fifteen random people?
- Meh.

75. When's the last time you have seen number seven?
- I have not seen him yet in real life.

76. Does number ten own a bicycle?
- I think yes!

77. Do you think number eight and twelve would go along?
- Maybe!

78. Would people make fun of you if you dated number fourteen?
- Yes and it will be a scandal in school!

79. Does number fourteen have a fourwheeler?
- If you mean car, then yes!

80. What color is number one's hair?
- Black and it looks good.


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