Just arrived at home...

" If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?"
- Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol -

After 3 days and 2 nights, we finally went home after a well-needed outing in Subic. I really had fun there! I took some pics but I won't upload them because of some certain reasons. Heck, I just really had a good time there and made me feel great! I'm feeling well now and it's just like that I can conquer any obstacle now. It looks like I've regained my confidence in the end.

The house where we stayed at during the outing was so huge! The house was owned by the boss of my Dad. Traditionally, only the family would stay but this time around, the friends of my Dad and Mom, who consequently are my Titos and Titas, joined the fun this time.

While traveling, I kinda fell dizzy but thanks to Mentos, the #1 Freshmaker, I felt ok the rest of the way. Once we arrrived in the house, we ate some snacks and did our thing subsequently. I just played some PS2 games and then slept.

The children of a Tita of mine were really fun to be with. Heck, one of them even blamed his sister for not voting Zeke of PBB fame to enter the PBB house anew. The boy, named Anton, said with gusto: "Ikaw kasi Kin 'di mo binto si Zeke! Tingnan mo tuloy ang nangyari!" Heck, after this was said, everyone in the house laughed so hard! Sleeping time came and the room was really cold and I can't seem to sleep but thanks to some boring music and I finally got my sleep.

Well, earlier, we just played billiards once we woke up and then swam in the pool and gathered some seashells and stones. After all those stuff, we packed our stuff, which were lots BTW. After that was done, we went off and after the long time traveling, I'm happy to arrive at the house safe and sound.



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