Kinda tired...

Today, we went to SM City North Edsa and went to various stores. Heck, those comic books are darn expensive. My legs were tired after the walking. I bought some clothes. I really need them! Heck, The Block was so nice! So big, full of space and really cold! There are also lots of stores especially Fully Booked(Damn! The prices are a killer to my wallet!). Heck, seeing The Company perform some songs was a plus.

We ate our lunch in the food court specifically in that Jollibee store there. We ate our dinner in Shakey's. Hmm... my legs are kinda wobbly thanks to all those walking. We really spent a long time in that Surplus Store just because we were choosing and buying consequently lots of clothes. We didn't spend lots of time in the National Bookstore because it was hot there and I was having hiccups that time.

One bummer was that it was raining when we were going to The Block. Heck, I really got wet just because of the rain. Another is that those hiccups. One is, I think I overate. Damn it.

The experience was nice! I really needed it for me to refresh my mind. Mother's Day is coming and I'm kinda not excited yet still I'm excited. How stupid of me. Anyway, maybe my brain isn't functioning well at this moment. Heck, I'm kinda happy now but still tired.

In the upcoming days, I'll read some guides about adding a second sidebar in my blog. Hopefully, it will work out. I already have lots of ideas for this blog but those darn HTML codes are nerve wracking and they are doing one heckuva job destryoing my patience.

This is all for now. See ya mates! Savvy?

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