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I can't really seem to find a suitable title for this post so I just named it as "The Untitled Post". I will be posting a pic which made me laugh so hard. Here it is:

Heck. so this is now how they express their feelings for the U.S soldiers. LOL! Well, this photo made me LOL to the max.

Now the usual stuff that I type before the main part of the entry...
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Last night, while I was about to finish my third post for this blog, I had a fight with my Mom. So I had to cut that entry short. I'll just edit it later. Now, I'll just post something about my fave musicians.

1. Justin Timberlake- This former N* Sync band member surely has the chops to be a solo artist. He has already produced two successful albums which are both produced by Timbaland. This albums are "Justified" and of course "FutureSex/LoveSounds". With Timbaland's genius recording, his latest album "FutureSex/LoveSounds" was a smash hit. My fave songs from this guy are "Sexy Back", "What Goes Around... Comes Around" and his latest single "Summer Love".

2. Maroon 5- this band formerly known as Kara's Flowers garnered its big fan base thanks to their smash hit "This Love" from their "Songs About Jane" album. Lead singer Adam Levine has this voice which is good. I love all their songs especially their latest single "Makes Me Wonder" from their latest album "It Won't Be Soon Before Long".

3. Coldplay- One of my fave bands ever! It has Chris Martin doing the vocal chores and some piano. Hits from this band are "In My Place", which by the way, made them popular in the first place. Another is Yellow also from their first album. From their X&Y album, I like Speed of Sound.

4. U2- Bono... Bono... Bono! This band entered the music scene in the 1980s with their first single "New Year's Day". This band was known for Bono's humanitarian views and even made a song about his(Bono) nation. That song produced was entitled "Sunday Bloody Sunday". This band has garnered lots of worldwide praise and has received lots of music awards. Their latest album features 18 of their prominent hits and is entitled U218 Singles.

5. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus- I only knew this band thanks to those Billboard charts. I really love their song Face Down from the album "Don't You Fake It" .

6. The Fray- Coldplay-like style of playing. With Isaac Slade playing the piano, it really just looks like a Coldplay look-alike. Their smash hits are "How To Save A Life" and "Over My Head".

7. Linkin Park- I've never ceased liking this band after all those years. They already released 3 albums which are: Hybrid Theory, Meteora and their latest album Minutes To Midnight. My fave song from this band is Numb.

8. Good Charlotte- this band has already released 3 albums. Notable albums from this band are The Young and The Hopeless, Chronicles of Life and Death, and the latest album Good Morning Revival. I love the song Keep Your Hands Off My Girl from this band.

9. Typecast- I really like The Boston Drama and Will You Ever Learn. The band members are thin though.

10. Fall Out Boy- Oh men! Two words: Awesome band! It features Patrick Stump as the vocalist and Pete Wentz as the bassist. Their latest single is Thnks Fr Th Mmrs from their newest album Infinity On High. They also make a record with Timbaland in Timbaland's latest album "Shock Value".

11. Timbaland- This rapper/producer is one of the best! He has produced lots of smash hit singles. He was the man responsible on Justin Timberlake's albums and Nelly Furtado's album "Loose".

12. Nelly Furtado- This singer, who according to my research is JT's girlfriend, first entered the music scene with her hit "I'm Like A Bird" from her first album "Folklore". Her second album flopped though. Because of this, she sought Timbaaland's services and it surely paid off. I like the song "Say It Right" from her "Loose" album.

13. Nickelback- This band famous single "How You Remind Me" was their supposedly last single. After this single, the band faded away and said they disbanded. In 2006, they got together again and released their new album "All The Right Reasons" featuring the single "Photograph" amongst others. The band won "The Rock Album of The Year" in 2006 besting Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Stadium Arcadium".

14. Incubus- This band accumulated success thanks to its single Drive by its Make Yourself album. The band released the album Light Grenades in 2006. I really love the single Megalomaniac from this band. This single was from its "A Crow Left Of The Murder" album.

15. Akon- One of the best rappers in the generation. His new album, Konvicted, has garnered lots of success worldwide. My fave song from this guy is Don't Matter.

16. Adam and Andrew- Emo songs at its best baby!

17. Evanescence- One of the best bands which has a female vocalist. Amy Lee really has a nice voice. Famous songs from this band are: "Bring Me To Life", which by the way, was featured in the 2002 version of WWE's No Way Out PPV. Another famous song is "My Immortal". The band has two albums out. One is "Fallen" which was no. 3 in the Hot 200 of the Billboard charts and their newest album, "The Open Door".

18. Gwen Stefani- The former No Doubt vocalist surely is famous worldwide. Her first solo effort, "Love.Angel.Music.Baby" enjoyed critical success worldwide. The first single from the aforementioned album was "Holla Back Girl". Her sophomore album, "The Sweet Escape", even bested the sales of her first one. The first single from the second album is "Wind It Up". What I like about this singer is the way her videos are presented. They are presented in a lively manner, IMO, they are expressed creatively. Try listening to "The Sweet Escape", her second single from her second album in which she collaborated with Akon.

19. My Chemical Romance- Emo rock at its best! IMO though, they are better during their Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge days. It composes of Gerald Way as the vocals and mikey Way as the drummer. I'm still digging more info for this band though. Try listening to "Teenagers" from their phenomenal album, "The Black Parade". "The Black Parade" has garnered lots of phenomenal and critical success worldwide.

20. Robin Thicke- This R'n'B guy has this soothing voice. His latest single, "Lost Without You", has been the no.1 in the R'n'B charts in the U.S.

21. 311- I love this band because of the songs "Love Song" which by the way was featured in the 50 First Dates Soundtrack and the song "Amber".

22. Bamboo- This band really rocks. Their songs talk about some social issues(listen to Tatsulok) and some life-related topics. This band has Bamboo MaƱalac as the vocalist. Bamboo was the former vocalist of Rivermaya. This band's first album, "As The Music Plays" was a success and their sophomore effort, "Light Peace Love" was also a success. Now, their latest effort "We Stand Alone Together" is also a huge success.

23. Rivermaya- I like this band in its Bamboo-era days. The band nowadays has gone like err... some emo type band but still impressive. It now has Rico Blanco doing the vocalist's chores.

24. Blue October- If you are looking for some relaxing alternative songs, then listen to the songs from this band especially the songs "Hate Me" and "Into The Ocean".

25. John Mayer- This singer/songwirter first used an acoustic guitar in his songs. But as his songwriting matured, he used an electric guitar to add more "edge" to his music. Try listening to "Waiting For The World To Change" from his successful album, "Continuum".

This will be edited in a while.

NBA Updates:
Golden State lost again to Utah. This time, Derek Fisher was the spark that the Jazz needed.

Chicago lost to Detroit. Detroit now leads 3-0.


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