The Lowdown

Some NBA News first:
1. The Utah Jazz were beaten by the San Antonio Spurs by the score of 91-79. Game was held in The Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah. The game was intense and close for let's say, 43 minutes of the game until Manu Ginobili, the Argentine guard of the Spurs, took over alongisde another Argentine, Fabricio Oberto who did the dirty work inside. I said that the game was intense and close for 43 minutes until the 44th minute came. Well, Manu Ginobili took over the game in a sense that he made the whole Jazz team lose their composure on their OWN COURT. People might say that Manu flopped and I agree. Because of his flopping, Derek Fisher's focus was alienated, distrubed and obviously, his game was off. A factor taken into consideration also was the REFEREES. The referees did a POOR JOB on officiating the game. I mean calling a second technical on Derek Fisher even though he already received his sixth foul which automatically ejects him, was so unfair. I mean, he did not even make a gesture which provoked the referees. Man, the Spurs will now surely win the series on Game 5.

2. Rashard Lewis has opted out of his contract with the Sonics. This means that he is now a free agent.

3. The Houston Rockets has officially fired head coach Jeff Van Gundy. They have now hired Rick Adelman, the former head coach of the Kings, to do the coaching duties.

4. The Charlotte Bobcats have hired former Mavs assistant Sam Vincent as their head coach. Former head coach Bernie Bickerstaff will now do managerial duties only.

WWE News:
1. The Draft Day comprising all three brands, namely Raw, Smackdown and ECW, will be two weeks from now.

2. John Cena and Bobby Lashely lost to the trio of Umaga, Shane McMahon and The Great Khali on Raw's main event earlier.

3. Well, there are now rumors that Edge will face Benoit after Benoit rematches with MVP for the U.S Title so stay tuned!

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