The Miscellaneous Entry

Now that school day is getting nearer and nearer, I want to do these adjutments:
1. Sleep early because my "biological clock" or "body clock" is still set at sleeping late at 2am.
2. Wake up early because I'm still used to waking up at 7am. I have to get used to waking up at 5am.
3. I have to get used to not using the cellphone because I won't be able to use it during the school year.
4. I have to CONTAIN and LOCK all the remaining emotions inside me. Why? This emotions caused my downfall last year. I learned my lesson and indeed, I rushed things. I feel sorry to myself. Very sorry indeed.
That's all for the adjustments.

Well, now that I'm still trying to forget, my mind has been boggled by it. I've been doing everything to cover it up but my sheer stupidity and hard-headedness prevails always. At times, I want to be invincible. I want to be invulnerable. I want to be a man who can be tough, strong and determined enough to beat those problems regarding the matters of the heart.

Removes the mask that has been covering the truth that I've been hiding.

I consider myself a failure at times because of all those things. I regret it at times but I should not regret it. At least I learned something right?I mean, I was just infatuated then I did that? I mean, man, that four-letter word makes a person do foolish things ha? I've been asking Ate Kat for some nuggets of wisdom and she was right. She said that I just have to be serious about my studies and when I do that, forgetting will follow. Hmm, going with the flow has been essential too. I mean, at times, I'm happy and sometimes I'm not. I mean, I have to do some "soul searching". Having chatmates have helped me. I have vowed not to do some idiotic things related with love but I have to control myself from not breaking that vow of mine. I'm sorry to myself but I'm okay now. I just have to release this statements and emotions subsequently to remove the pain inside. This indeed makes me wonder. Da*n!


Makes Me Wonder by Maroon 5. This is the No.1 song in the Hot 100 of the Billboard Charts.

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