THIRD POST... w00tness

Before anything else, this blogsite of mine in Blogger has been so good. Problem is... it doesn't upload music unlike Xanga. I have to do some surfing in Imeem for music purposes. Bummer.

Now the usual stuff before the main part of the entry...
NOW DOING: Chatting with Jeff(Look at his blogsite. It's in my LOOK AT THESE sidebar), forum posting, watching Disney Channel and doing some downloading
YM STATUS: Diego Corrales 1977-2007 R.I.P
CHATTING ABOUT: My YM status, Timbaland, Akon, Soccer(Chelsea, Arsenal and Man United)

Now the entry...
First, the image header in this blog is my signature in the forums I'm registered at.
Second, I made another blog because I miss doing some posts in Blogger.
Third, heck, the Blogger site has to be improved. In the afternoon, the site botches up. WTH is that!
Fourth, just comment about my blog in the cbox located on the left side.

NBA Updates:
1 Detroit vs 5 Chicago
Detroit leads 2-0
My comment so far: Chicago's backcourt has been limited by the defense of the Pistons. Prince has been on fire on the first two games and Chicago has to contain the whole starting unit of Detroit because one of them can change the complexion of the game in the blink of an eye

2 Cleveland vs 6 Toronto
Cleveland leads 1-0
My comment so far: The Cavs' defense in Game 1 was spectacular. They defended the paint well. LeBron James' cold shooting was remedied by his supporting cast. Defense would be the key in this series

8 Golden State vs 5 Utah
Utah leads 1-0
My comment so far: Chaos vs structure. The Golden State team likes running and running and making plays at times without using playsets. They play small with Al Harrington as the Center. The Jazz have to make the Warriors pay for going small with Boozer and Okur. Okur can stretch defenses but Game 1 was close. It was a matter of shot selection.

2 Phoenix vs 3 San Antonio
Spurs leads it 1-0
My comment so far: Offense vs Defense. High scoring game is the Suns' liking. Score in the 80s is the Spurs' forte. Nash's play proves to be the key. If he was not sidelined for 45 seconds in Game 1, we would have seen a dramatic finish. Barbosa has to improve. The Suns have to limit the speedster Tony Parker's penetrations and kickout passes.

Oh yeah, tomorrow is enrollment day. But I've already enrolled so all I need to get is the books. Hmm... hopefully, tomorrow would be a great day.

Bull's Eye! See ya mates! Savvy?

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