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This picture depicts a scene from the comic version of Spiderman. The guy in the lowest comic pane is Morlun. He removed Spidey's left eye much to Peter's dismay. The scene is bloody isn't it? Well, there are already lots of Spidey comics out there and I wana buy one haha.

Here are some news about Mr. Rob Van Dam leaving the WWE:

As things currently stand, Rob Van Dam will be finished with WWE after the One Night Stand pay-per-view on June 3rd in Jacksonville, Florida. While WWE Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis was told to re-sign RVD and made an effort to do so, negotiations have ended, and RVD will be leaving the company.

Bad blood has brewing between Laurinaitis and RVD since Laurinaitis was going over the new company policy that talent could not leave the arena on TV days due to the fact that Sylvan Grenier got a speeding ticket after rushing back to the arena after leaving to go to the gym. During the meeting, RVD sarcastically asked the question if they could go to the gym in the morning before the shows.

Perhaps the breaking point in Van Dam’s relationship with WWE occurred after he learned of the re-forming of ECW and asked to get off of the RAW brand to head the resurrection of ECW and what really happened after that. Also, RVD had asked for time off after signing, citing how WWE offered Big Show a deal where he’d be paid for merchandising rights without having to work for a year. People within WWE felt that to be a dangerous precedent and refused to add that stipulation to his contract.

RVD felt that WWE had limited what he can do in the ring and refused to push him in comparison to Bobby Lashley, when Van Dam felt like he was over way more than Lashley. While RVD’s WWE finale will be before his contract actually expires, he’ll be paid until the end of his contract, but will be off of television to prevent him from working with TNA fresh off his stint with WWE.

At this point RVD is looking at working a limited schedule and make some money from special appearances and autograph signings. RVD also wants to take some time to spend with his wife, whom he has said to love to death, and hates being away from.

Source: www.rajah.com

This show is one of my faves! It stars Raven Symoné as Raven Baxter. This gal is so good. She can impersonate lots of jobs like a lawyer(in last night's episode, she imperosnated a lawyer and that impersonation is so damn good). That episode last night really was hilarious and kept me awake.

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