English class was fun and we did this thing with the literary brochure. Then, we had our C.L.E discussion about the Gospel and the Salvation History. Chemistry was dreaded because of the quiz about the History of Chemistry and some other stuff like those chemists. Math time was more of some discussions and seatworks regarding the Multiplication of Rational Expressions.

T.L.E time came and we did the database thingy again. In Filipino meanwhile, we discussed and dissected the poem about being a patriotic Filipino.

English was more of tiring because we had our recitation and fortunately I got out of it unscathed because I got 10 out of 10. We had then a quiz in P.E.H.M about those Reproductive Health terms. We then had our Library period and we made our very own book review. I reviewed Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Math time came and we discussed the Division of Rational Expressions. Social time came and we had our first-ever quiz and it was fairly easy. I got 15 out of a possible 15 items.

We then had our Chemistry class and we discussed something about the Safety Rules in the Laboratory. Filipino was still discussion and we were informed that we will have our very first seat work regarding punctuation marks this Friday.

English class kicked days off with a bang as we did this
quiz regarding Literary genres. It was hard at first but one I got the flow of things, I knew it. Question number 20 was something "shocking" because it's something regarding the nickname of our adviser. Unfortunately, I didn't get it. Damn nicknames damn!

C.L.E time came and we did some group sharing regarding the topic "How did God save you in your life?" I shared something about my two vehicular-related incidents that occurred last year. The first incident happened way back in August of last year. I was with Marti then. We were boarding a jeep, specifically a Villa Pampang one. I said to the driver "Para po!" woth gusto and the jeep stopped. Then of course I did the normal thing which is to go down the jeep then suddenly, the jeep moved and I fell down butt-first and left hand-first. That was extremely excruciating! Fortunately, I was able to recover in a matter of 3 days. The second incident happened in March of this year. I, together with Apollo, Chester, Brian, and Jansen boarded on a tricycle. The tricycle then started going and I fell from the backride! W00tness! Danea's story amused me and also Jonel, Danica and Loiuse's also.

We then had our T.L.E quiz regarding databases. Math time came and we had our seatwork with Division of Rational Expressions. Chemistry time came and
we presented a show of sorts regarding Safety Rules in the Laboratory. Then we had our Guidance in which we talked about Conflict Management. Now, this talk affected me a lot. I would now like to talk and settle things with the person I've been avoiding.

We reported in the A.V.R for our Reading class. I made this Powerpoint presentation about drug addiction. The lowdown was that the group accumulated 27 points out of a maximum of 30 points. After Reading came Social Studies. We discussed about the geographers and some cartographers. We then had our English class in which we made something related to Beowulf. Then Math time came. We danced our "Math Dance" which rejuvenated the class a lot.
Then we discussed about the Addition and Subtraction of Rational Expressions. Chemistry time came and we had our orientation in the lab. Then we had our much-awaited P.E.H.M class. We did some warm-ups and some aerobics. Then we did some 50 meter sprints. Well, this ended the day that I had fun.

We did our English oral tradition poems. Fortunately, I was able to finish the poem in time. Thus, I helped my groupmates. After English time came Math time came and we still talked about the same old topic.
After Math time came C.L.E time. We did this thing regarding social issues then we must connect the issues to the question "How did God show His saving plan in the social issue?". We were able to finish the task in time fortunately.

Filipino was more of a seat work regarding punctuation marks. The questions are really amusing enough. In Chemistry time, we had our actual test and I got a 13 out of a possible 15 together with Jonel and Danica. While doing the test, we were laughing really hard because at first, we don't know really what to do. Good thing our composure settled in and we made the experiment well.

We then had our club meetings and we had our club pictorial in which we really had fun. Well, this day is nice but I want to settle things with her now.


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