First and foremost, I was shocked that I was a student of Exodus. I really thought that I was in Genesis but good thing, I landed in Exodus. Yes, it was a good thing that I landed in Exodus because . . . I can now be more serious about important things in my life. It's not that I'm mad but I consider landing in Exodus a big blessing indeed. 'Nuff said.

Another is, I'm now officially a Windows Vista user! The OS is so nice! The interface is cool! There is a niggle though, you need high requirements for it.

Next week is the beginning of school and I'm excited to go to school! Well, I will have my haircut on Sunday to make my hair short just like my hairstyle last year.

Now some NBA Talk:
1. Kobe Bryant has officially backed off from his trade demand. He said that he will just tell Dr. Jerry Buss his complaints and move forward.

2. The Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Detroit Pistons by the score of 109-107. LeBron James was the man for Cleveland as he scored a career playoff-high of 48 points- scoring the Cavaliers' last 25 and 29 of 30, to lift the scoring load for Cleveland. The key moment was when he made that three pointer to tie the game at 107. Then he made the winning basket by driving hard at the basket. For Detroit, it suffered a big blow when forward Antonio McDyess was ejected from the game because of a flagrant foul that he committed on Anderson Varejao. With the win, Cleveland now leads 3-2 and pushes Detroit to the brink of elimination.

3. Billy Donovan, the current head coach of Florida University, has been hired to be the Head Coach of the Orlando Magic.

4. The Indiana Pacers have officially hired Jim O' Brien as their Head Coach. O' Brien was the former Head Coach of the Celtics and the 76ers respectively.

5. The Memphis Grizzlies have now hired Suns assistant Marc Iavaroni as their Head Coach.

Expect John Cena vs. The Great Khali at Sunday’s One Night Stand PPV to go a lot longer than previous contests. Given the fact that Cena can use weapons and brawl outside of the ring, he will not have to rely solely on trying to sale Khali’s lack of wrestling ability. The WWE creative team does not feel comfortable booking Khali in long wrestling matches due to his lack of skill inside of the ring.

Preliminary plans for Sunday's Randy Orton vs Rob Van Dam match at One Night Stand were for Orton to squash the ECW “legend.” However, after Vince McMahon learned that it had become public knowledge that this was Van Dam’s last match with the company there have been whispers that McMahon intends to keep RVD around for another week or two to outsmart the “smart” fans. Furthermore, do not be surprised if RVD walks out the winner at Sunday’s PPV and even remains with the company for a couple more television appearances.
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This is a Coke commercial(It's old though). It features GTA-esque graphics but GTA is used in a good way here.


This is Message In A Bottle by The Police. It is one of the acclaimed rock songs of all time. This song is featured in the famous game, Guitar Hero.

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