I admit that yesterday's entry was uncalled for. I mean, I think I crossed the line of some "borders" which shouldn't be conquered. If this said "border" is taken down, many things will be affected like respectability and credibility. I'm more into trouble now I presume.

Yesterday's entry though removed the excess baggage in my system. I don't think that it was the right thing to do though. I may have really crossed the line with the entry. If that's the price that I have to pay, so be it. I'm sorry though. But I think saying sorry adds insult to injury. But saying sorry also is important and I'm sincere about it.

This is now called "facing the music". I have to pay the consequences for what I did and that's the bottomline. I deserve it anyway.

On a lighter side though, I'm more comfortable now in doing some things and when I'm alone, I don't think of it too much.

NBA News:
The Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Detroit Pistons by the score of 87-91. LeBron James was the man for Cleveland. But a rookie named Daniel Gibson took the spotlight away from James as he made clutch jump shots and free throws to make Cleveland stay in the game. Series is now tied at 2 games apiece. This time though, the referees did a superb job on officiating the game. They engaged in non-partisan officiating. They were consistent and were not biased. Kudos referees!

This is all for now!

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