Well, it's already 9P.M and that just means that another school week is about to begin anew. Hopefully, I can settle the issue with my fellow Exodudes regarding the YouTube videos. I watched Raw last night and sadly, they didn't show the explosion of Vinnie Mac's limo which caused him to be "dead." I watched Smackdown earlier and they also didn't show that explosion. What a bummer JackTV. Thank you very much.

Well, since KHQ has been spammer-free, I haven't been enjoying a lot lately. It's because there's no one to berate, retort and pwn at. It's so frustrating.

This day is just a day that is worth to be mentioning due to the fact that it's Father's Day today. Also, for Golf fans, Tiger Woods is now second in the U.S Open.

Hmm . . . I just really gave someone some photo comments earlier. Her pictures are the best. BOTTOMLINE.

Uhm I have to cut this entry short.

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