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As any Disney devotee would know, High School Musical was a movie that is worth forgetting. Many people loved but still many people hated it. This movie came out in late July last year and was considered a smashing hit.

But I beg to differ from the people's view that it was one of the best movies ever produced by Disney. For me, it's simply overrated. The script sucks. The lines were cheesy! The storyline is typical and rehashed from previous Disney movies. The message presented in the movie which is to pursue your dreams no matter about the risks are is so damn awful considering the fact that no one in the film made a bold move to pursue their respective dreams.

I noticed that everyone in the film has this protagonist-attitude. In real life high school, there MUST BE ALWAYS that someone who is rude. In HSM, we only got Sharpay, who by the way has a very poor fashion sense. In real life, there are always LOTS of "antagonists."

Music-wise, I consider it as cheap and retarded. It is also laughable to say the very least. The lyrics of the songs are not inspiring, not suitable for the music industry and it degrades the music and movie industry. There is this song that is "Breaking Free" which sucked. Another song that sucked big time is the song "Start of Something New". IMO, the title shoud've been "Start of Something Bad."

Now the production numbers. A fan of HSM would surely practice and memorize the crappy song and dance numbers. The dance numbers are simply lame. The song numbers, as I've said earlier, degrade the music industry.

About the emotions of the actors this time, it was evident that both Troy Bolton(Zac Efron)and Gabriela(Vanessa Anne Hudgens) that they liked each other. The problem here is that they didn't kiss in the movie. In real life, they would've kissed each other in the movie.

This movie is really over-hyped. Since it was over-hyped, I watched it and I was very disappointed. It's a Grease rip-off. FYI, Grease was also a musical with the same theme as that of HSM starring John Travolta and Ms. Olivia Newton-John. What's even worse is that there will be a CHEAPQUEL coming soon. Another worse thing is that there would be a Philippine live stage adaptation of it! It simply disintegrates the music and movie industry. Overall, this is a movie that sucked big time.
OVERALL: 4 out of 10

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