It's just hours away before my birthday. I would be turning 15 already. I can't believe it! It certainly has been a year of rocky obstacles and some fun musings with my online friends namely the Rawr team and Konkon and Rikku_yunie. I also won't forget my friends in the "real world" namely Patrick, Jonash, Marti, Aidz, Atan, Mc, Jonel, Danica, Renato, Patricia Anne, and many more like the Amitians last year and one person that I won't disclose.

Man, it has been 365 days before I will turn 15 tomorrow and I certainly treasured my 14th year of existence. There certainly have been challenges like that of fighting my inner demons and all those matters of the heart. It certainly has been a wonderful ride in my journey going to 15. Seriously though, I've enjoyed every minute of it.

Thanks to all those musings and ramblings, I have been more mature to some extent and certainly stronger. Thanks for the memories everyone!

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