Dora as an Illegal Immigrant
AUTHORS: Shift, Random, Secret Identity, Megamaniac, and Shaq_wade

I got a map!

Map: "If there's a place you gotta go

I'm the one you need to know
I'm the map. I'm the map, I'm the map"

Backpack: NAAM-NAMNAMNAMNAM! Delicioso!

Dora: Everybody say "Jump!"
*Dora jumps a border*

Dora: Where are we going? *clap clap clap* to another border!

Dora, Dora, inmigrante ilegal!
Boots: Ay! Dora! Muy Policia!

Megamaniac: What's inside Dora's backpack?
Secret Identity: Lots of tequila

Dora: We must escape the police! Would you help us? Great! Now start running! Run faster!
Dora: Can YOU find all the police and help us escape?
Random Mouse Icon: *clicks the police*
Dora: Gracias! *whispers to Boots* Hurry, let's get to the safehouse!

*Backpack, backpack, backpack, backpack*
Backpack: "Hey, everybody! Dora needs a bottle of tequila. Can you find the tequila?"
*Random Mouse Icon clicks on backpack*
Backpack: "No, that's not tequila! Th-that's my special spot! No one's supposed to touch that!"
Dora: "Goddamn random mouse icon! C'mon, Boots! We got to split! I hear Swiper's looking for some tequila... We may be able to get him stoned and he won't bother us again."

Swiper: Hey man, I hear you got weed and booze. Cough 'em up . . . or die!
Boots: "Swiper, Dora wants her tequila back."
Swiper (mumbling): "I-I-I g-gg-ots nothin' Dora."
Dora (demanding): "Boots, check backpack."
Backpack (screaming): "N-NO, BOOTS DON'T TOUCH ME! AH!"
CONCLUSION: Boots is a pedo!

Boots: "Shut up backpack! The longer you stay still, the shorter this will last"
*Backpack looks and feels very uncomfortable*

*Map checks on backpack*

Map: Backpack, why are you crying?
Backpack: My uhm. . . uhm . . . you-know-what got touched. Dammit
Map: You better shut up for now.
Backpack: Map, do you have the tequila?
Map: You bastard! You have it!
*Backpack cries while map goes hysterical!*
CONCLUSION: Backpack is emo!

Dora: Well, whaddaya know, my tequila was with me all along.
Boots: Wow. You sure are wast- Ay! Muy Policia!
Dora: Put map back in backpack and let's go!
Backpack: NO!

Diego: Hey Dora! Over here!
Dora: Ay Diego you little... nevermind! We're being chased by the police!
Diego: Grab my hand then!
Dora: Boots! Grab on hold of backpack
Boots: OK!
Backpack: Oh God the humanity!

Boots: Backpack! Quit whining or I'll do it more!
Backpack: Augh! OH GOD NO HELP MEEEEE!!!
Map: *is stoned*
Diego: *is drunk*

Dora: Where are we?
Diego: In a treehouse
Dora: Is it safe?
Diego: Fine! Then it's a safe tree house! I hear you got some tequila. Let's drink!
Dora: Sure!
*grabs backpack and starts searching the bag*
Backpack: Umf... *starts to tear*

Dora: Backpack! Don't tell me your getting intoxicated with excessive lead!
Backpack: I was about to say . . .
Dora: Say what?
Backpack: *cries like hell*
Dora: Just give me the damn tequila!
Backpack: *still crying like hell*

Well, since Backpack was still crying, they tried to remedy the situation but unfortunately, nothing happened and the rest is history.



バカ・金霊 said...

oh WTF, this epic is so made of win! WINNAR!! and it's over 9000!! *crushes scouter*

seriously, I laughed my ass over here while reading...

me lieks it! *thumbs up*


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