Again, this survey came from this site: CLICK. So now, I have to randomly name 10 people now.

1. Gabby
2. Trish
3. Mc
4. None
5. Jed
6. Kamille
7. Joycee
8. Mom
9. Jitka
10. Haley Williams!

What is 4's voice like?
- Ahhh...

Would you trust 8 with your life?
- Yes

What would you do if 1 died in a car accident?
- I would cry like a father who lost a child.

What color are 9's eyes (guess if you don't know)?
- Black

When was the last time you saw 6?
- I have not seen her yet.

What is the most annoying thing about 10?
- Nothing!

How long have you known 7?
- 5 years or so.

If you could, would you trade lives with 3?
- No. I love my life.

What would you do if you saw 2 at the mall?
- I would say "Hi" to her and wave my hand!

What was the last thing you talked about with 5?
- The New York Yankees!

What is 6 good at doing?
- She is good in giving advice especially about love.

Do you like 10's clothes?
- Sort of.

Does 7 have a big house?
- I think so.

Would you hug 2?
- A friendly hug most likely.

Would you want 5 to come to your funeral?
- Yes!

What is 10's hair like?
- Very nice with red color!

Would you laugh if 4 fell on their face?
- I see.

Could 9 survive alone on an island for a month?
- Maybe yes. She has good instincts anyway.

What do you want that 3 has?
- A good lovelife.

How often do you see 1?
- Every time that she is online.

How did you meet 2?
- I met her in school. That was Grade 4 and then there, she became my classmate.

Are you related to 7?
- No.

Does 10 make you laugh?
- No.

Have you lied to 5?
- No.

How old is 1?
- 13 years old and 4 months

Is 8 single? If not, who are they married to/going out with?
- Yes!

Would you vote for 9 if they ran for president?
- Yes!

What was your first impression of 6?
- Naughty well because we had an argument.

Could 4 be a model?
- Ahhh.

Have you hurt 3, or have they hurt you?
- No and hopefully, it won't happen.

Has 2 been to your house, or have you been to theirs?
- She has been to my house.

What town/city does 6 live in?
- Muntinlupa City

What is 3 most scared of?
- I do not know really.

Do you know 4's birthday?
- Huh?

Does 7 know 8?
- No.

Does 5 know 10?
- Yes he does.

Does 9 know 1?
- Err no.


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