This survey was taken from this site: CLICK. So the survey goes likes this: I have to name 15 people randomly then boom we go.

1. Gabby
2. Kamille
3. Jeff
4. Paco
5. Gio
6. Jzan
7. Patrick
8. Marti
9. Atan
10. Adrian
11. Mc
12. Tan Kit
13. Isabelle
14. Renato
15. Joycee

Does 15 have a friendster?
- Oh yes she does!

What would you do if 7 kissed you?
- I would die!

What is your favorite thing to do with 10?
- Talk about console games.

What city does 13 live in?
- I viewed her Friendster just for this. The answer is Batangas.

How did you meet 3?
- Through the Internet.

How long have you known 1?
- For a year now.
Would you go on a date with 14?
- Now, what the heck!

What is your favorite memory of 8?
- When he did push ups then mentioned the name of his crush way back in Grade 6

What was your first impression of 2?
- Naughty.

Have you ever had a fight with 4?
- None as of now

Have you ever dated 9?
- Now what?

Where did you meet 12?
- In the Internet too.

Does 5 play an instrument?
- He plays the drums.

Have you ever gone camping with 6?
- No.

Have you ever been to 11’s house?
- No.

Is there anything that annoys you about 9?
- Let's just say that he often contradicts my opinions.

What is 8’s worst fear?
- Losing his love I think.

What does 1 usually have for lunch?
- The food from their dinner last night according to herself.

How long have you known 15?
- Hmm, 5 years or so.

Where have you gone with 3?
- To many websites LOL

Have you ever done anything illegal with 4?
- None.

What does 11 want to do when (s)he is older?
- Become an engineer.

Are 3 and 14 friends?
- No.

Have you ever dated 7?
- Earlier, you said kiss now a date? Come on!

Does 2 have any pets?
- Yes, in fact she has two kittens and a cat.

Are you related to 12?
- No.

How does 5 do his/her hair?
- I do not know.

How old is 10?
- 15 years old.

Are 1 and 15 dating?
- Same-sex dating?! Oh mah gawd!

Do 2 and 12 know each other?
- Yes they do!


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