"Give me something to believe in 'cause I don't believe in you anymore anymore"
Makes Me Wonder by Maroon 5

Hmm, this entry won't be about my life just yet. I'd rather post something different for this entry now.

A shocker happened in American Idol. Highly-expected to be a part of the finale, Melinda Doolittle was booted out of the show. I was extremely shocked! When Jordin was told she was safe, I said to myself that it would be an all-girl showdown. Then Melinda gets called, I said uh-oh. I was really expecting that Blake would be eliminated when Melinda was called. I was expecting Ryan Seacrest to say "Melinda, you are safe" but that didn't materialize. Now this season wouldn't be predictable after all. Good thing, Maroon 5 performed live and sang "Makes Me Wonder". Ü

About the elections this time around, Fr. Ed's margin over Lilia Pineda has been lower and the race is now closer than before.

According to reports, "Blueboy" is winning the mayoral race. While "Tarzan" Lazatin is leading the congressional race.

Now, the senatorial race quick counts. According to NAMFREL, it's still 8-2-2 in favor of GO. Da*n it. But the quick count stated that only 16.37% of all the presincts in the country were counted so there is STILL lots of hope.



Kev said...

Argh, Melinda got eliminated. It would've been a more interesting battle if it was Melinda VS Jordin. Oh well... Hehe Still enjoyed this season's run.

Sa January na lang ulit! :P

Jio said...

Well, January means another season to be seen and be an obligation to watch on TV


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