I'm really sad about some things today- including myself. Well, there is this thing that I'm going through now. I'm certainly having a tough time. School makes me forget the problems but when I'm doing things that aren't school-related, my mind makes me think of something else. It seems that my feelings won't simply go away. The heart would say something about showing how you feel and then I must push through it. My mind would then say that I must forget everything that I feel and just focus on my studies. This situation really is a mess that I want to get myself out. . . quickly.

I want to go with the flow but it's hard to do so. Bah! This is just plain awful. When will I have the chance to show all the feelings that are inside to . . . uhm . . . you-know-who. Then I'm thinking at the same time some things that are the vice-versa of the things that my heart is telling me. Oh never mind my being nonsense.

While typing this entry, I'm actually sleepy and while I'm sleepy, I pour out more of my truthful side. That truthful side is more of a personality of mine which divulges the "inner self" of mine. Err, this is getting really nonsense.

Am I still a person who thinks some things awkwardly? Yes I still do. Anyway, I'm really fatigued now. For some reasons, I'm really excited for tomorrow. I'm kinda more serious now in approaching things. I mean I really think of the consequences first. But then, personal problems still linger inside my system but I'm doing my best to go with the flow. Do I still think of the past? Yes, I still do. Do I regret some decisions in the past? Yes, I regret some decisions. But I, hopefully, can improve myself and of course, be a better person in the process.

This is the music video of the song "Pain" by Three Days Grace


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