"Only the strongest will survive! Lead me to heaven when we die! I have a shadow on the wall. I'll be the one to save us all!"
- "Blow Me Away" by Breaking Benjamin -

We had our Shakesperean play earlier and we kinda messed up big time. Heck, my dubbing wasn't good either. In short, I failed big time. Also, it was kinda disrespectful for the people not to give even a simple applause or clapping for us. Way to go guys! But then, Isaiah helped us and we also helped them. A simple Intramural team-up have resulted to this kind of bonding. Very laudable in my humble opinion.

Then, there are those things that piss us off. One thing is that tests suddenly come on the days of practices and on the day of the presentation itself. I mean, it's just like there is no consideration at all from the teachers. Also, I think there should have been an elimination stage first so as to reduce the number of plays come culminating activity day. Seriously, all of the plays took a lot of time and also, I think that the activity must have started much earlier than usual.

Also, I just think that the 15 minute limit is just ridiculous. Sorry for the term but I think it must have been a 25 minute time limit. By the way, I just really felt that it should have been a competition. I'm not implying that we are winning it outright but then, if it is a competition, it would have spiced things up. As usual, Genesis had a nice play which can be described as "innovative" and "creative".

Well, I slept at 1 A.M last night and woke up at 5 P.M. That is what you call a four hour sleep needed by me. Earlier, I felt very sluggish up to the point that I really wanted to sleep big time. Thank you script for making me type in the wee hours of the morning.

Currently, I;m updating this blog of course and I'm listening to some music. Jordan by Buckethead is just so damn good. It can hurt your ears though if you don't like rock music that much.

I just really appreciated the fact that I still managed to survive this hellish week. I am sincerely hoping that by the time that Christmas season comes, all pains are gone and let them be bygones.

Mcoy and Ethel are already out in the PBB House. Screw you Big Brother! Screw you! Seriously, PBB will be boring like hell now. Mariel is about to go out so in my opinion, there would be no fun factor now in this show.

This is it. Next entry will be about something that has been running on my mind for 3 days already.


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