First of all, thanks to Diana for lending me the new album of Matchbox Twenty which is Exile On Mainstream. Please do give the song "How Far We've Come" a try. It is worth your listening pleasure and I am telling you that you won't be disappointed at all.

Currently, I am researching on how to input that calendar icon for my blog. Seriously, this is an uphill battle and I am having a tough time inputting the damn code already. Well, anyway, I will just try to do my best with this and hopefully, by tomorrow, I already have the calendar icon working.

I am watching American Idol and I still can't forget Renaldo Lapuz because of the "We Are Brothers" song. That song is just "nice" and that guy should be in the finale of American Idol. I just can't believe that some of the people who auditioned are just so stupid thinking that they do stand a chance especially that girl who thought like she is a Mariah Carey-prototype. LMAO.

OPM sucks. Seriously, they provide us mediocrity and stupidity at its best. Chicosci started this emo shit and emo is a genre that needs to be jumped. "Your Guardian Angel" by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus needs to go to the trash bin because the jologs are singing it to their hearts' content. My Chemical Romance is another band that is crappy. Gerard Way is a homo even though he is married. They are freaking posers for Pete's sake. They are saying that they are not emos but judging from their videos, they are saying the exact contradiction of what they said. The bottom line is that OPM artists must not be emo. They must be original and they must be good in the first place. Another song that I'm irritated at is "Crank That" by Soulja Boy. Seriously, the song is atrocious and it is pure shit. Oh, by the way, I do hope that the "Beautiful Girls" phenomenon stops. It is getting sick and disgusting every second.

Tomorrow, I will be going to the "Wordfest" event in Holy Angel University. Wish us luck. Hopefully, I can do good enough tomorrow. Seriously, memorizing words is kinda hard and it makes me feel that sense of headache and that sense of "nosebleed".

So, I still have to do something with this blog and I will end this entry right now.

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