Another day filled with goodness. Earlier, we had our Wordfest in Holy Angel University and we finished third! Yey! I was really happy that Renato and I finished third. The thing here is that we had to do the clincher to get the third place. The experience was really good. It tested my composure. It tested my patience. I was really sweating during the contest. And, after every question, Renato and I prayed the "Glory Be". It was our "secret weapon". The word that made us get the third place was the word "umpirage". W00tness. It was all worth it. And also, Holy Family Academy was the overall champion in the Pamicalugud 2008. Yey! Way to go!

Well, since there will be two important Benedictine Sisters that will come on Monday, we practiced earlier two songs. One was this "Mabuhay" song which made my ears bleed and the other one was "The Mission" which was added with actions that I won't comment at. It was fun because we did not have any classes.

We also prepared for the upcoming Employees' Day. First and foremost, thanks to Sister Ida for giving us the day virtually. Second, thanks to the preparations, Ms. Penilla was able to squeeze in more time for Renato and I to review. Third, thanks to the preparations, Friday was fun. Thank you very much. Last but not the least, thanks to the preparations, Friday was simply a "no class" day.

Emo simply sucks. An emo look doesn't give you that "handsome" look. It just makes you look sick and disgusting. Mah gawd, Chicosci and My Chemical Romance have been indeed bands that are good in spreading the virus of emo-ism which simply sucks. Case in point. Well, my next entry would be about some lists. And probably, the pictures of the events will be posted here and on my Multiply.

So, I have now ran out of ideas for this entry. Yes, I am indeed happy and thanks for everyone who said "Congratulations", "Good luck" , and the like. So, yeah, this is it. KTHXBYE.


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