Hell freaking yeah. I had a bad Friday! What a way to end your school week right? Seriously, Friday was going to end in an okay way until someone thought of doing something for fun which I think is not funny at all. In fact, it is bullshit and nonsense too. For one, that person who initiated the damn thing should have thought that all the nonsense jokes they have been making towards me are corny and the jokes are being insensitive. Also, why the hell are they making fun towards me? I mean, I have been riding with the flow for a long time but I think it is time for me to say that enough is simply enough. Stop doing those corny things. Insensitivity is a term that I can say now about some of the people.

So yeah, I am pissed off. BTW, thank you Renato, Diana, Patricia and the others who "consoled" me yesterday. I appreciate everything men and women. Thanks. BTW, I won't attend the closing party no matter what happens. I think that the people must realize that I was just riding with the flow so as to avoid any tension but I've had enough. Seriously, at times, I think the people are getting insensitive and stupid at the same time. Those are harsh words right? But I have some basis for telling that. All I can say is I am pissed off and I must not have been in that section in the first place. I did not feel any sense that I belonged in the section to be honest.

About the damn jokes this time. For me, at first, they were okay. Then, they started getting shitty and over-the-top. Yesterday was the day wherein I let it all out. Sorry but I think I have to raise my point. I don't like being the laughingstock of the room. It is bullshit. Seriously, I had enough.

The Los Angeles Lakers won earlier against the Clippers. As a result, the Lakers are now the number one in the Western Conference. W00t! Expect my playoff analysis entries by the time the playoff picture is known. So stay tuned.

My next entry will be about the Jun Lozada mess. Seriously, I have lots of thoughts regarding this. Hopefully, I can squeeze in some time tomorrow for this entry.

This is it.
I am still pissed off.

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