"I hear Jerusalem bells a ringing!"
- Viva La Vida by Coldplay

So yeah, I had my first day of classes for the S.Y 2008-2009 earlier. It started very early for me. I woke up at 5 A.M to get my day kicking off. After all those morning stuff in the bathroom, I ate my first breakfast for the school year which was a tasty hotdog sandwich. Then there, I dressed up and read the newspaper while waiting. So the first front page headline that I've read this school year is "Presidentiables say "no" to snap elections". Then after reading for about 30 minutes, the school service came.

Of course, in the school service, there is a radio which plays songs. The first song that I've heard from the radio in the school service this year is "Nakapagtataka" by APO Hiking Society. Fortunately, it was not the Sponge Cola version which was very poor.

Then, yeah, we finally arrived in the school after all those fetching. Heck, I was like lost at first until I saw my friends. We talked and talked and talked until we were asked to go inside our rooms. I was shocked to see some familiar faces and I was shocked too to see that some of the unexpected happened.

Then we had our first flag ceremony of the school year by 8 A.M. By 8:15 A.M, we had our first prayer service for the school year. By 8:20 A.M, we passed our admission card. By 8:21 A.M, we had this discussion about the handbook which was . . . boring to be honest. Like we talk about this rules stuff, it made me sleepy. Then we also had our schedule for the new school year. It looks weird to see that all subjects have only a one-hour time allotment. Pretty good still but weird.

By 9:05 A.M, we talked about those committees thing. I wanted to be in the "Cleanliness Committee" but then, we were too many so I was moved into the "Liturgy Committee". Yes, I am the only boy there if I recall correctly.

By 9:10 A.M, the first joke by our adviser, Mr. Dungca, was said! It was like LOL for the win! By this time too, the first loveteam of the class was made. It featured me by the way. Seriously, LOL. By this time too, the second joke was mentioned! Woohoo! By this time too, the index card thingy was mentioned too. By 9:11 A.M, the third joke was stated! Nice! By 9:17 A.M, Marti has done his first classroom sneeze! LOL!

Then the discussion continued and then some introduction(the never ending I suppose) until the bell ran for recess. We had our first recess of the school year on a Wednesday at exactly 10:30 A.M. We had our first CLE class by 11 A.M. We had our first lunch at 12 noon. Then our first MAPE class by 1 P.M. Then our first English class by 2 P.M. Then, we had our Math class which was weird at 3 P.M

Mr. Santos was acting like weird. He was singing some Cat Stevens and some other classic songs probably from Frank Sinatra. Seriously, he thought that I was sleeping wherein fact, I was just like making doodles since I was bored. That's pretty much it about my first day.

"Roman cavalry choirs are singing!"

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