"I'm so sick! Infected with where I live . . ."
- I'm So Sick by Flyleaf -

Goodness gracious!
I am freaking disappointed. That subject . . . yes, that subject. It pissed me off. It affected my day. It made me look like someone who was misguided. It totally ruined my day. Take note, I got pissed off with great intensity. In all seriousness, I was quiet then bang, that thing got brought up again. I do not want to be talked about because of that. It makes me weak and the past makes me feel . . . whatever. I cannot describe it. After that person brought it up, I was silent most of the time. Filipino time . . . I did not show any sign of happiness until I forcibly showed a smile - something that covered the real feeling.

Like come on, I should not be dragged in the discussion unless it is necessary. It is just . . . vintage school talk which can get annoying at times. I am trying to get over some things and I just cannot because of things such as what transpired earlier. I won't elaborate on this.

Back to that thing which pissed me off. I mean, I recited and I was called by another name. It pissed me off big time. I mean really, why the heck? Is this just frustration or what?

Enough of this crap. Well, the day was not that sh*tty all the way. It had some fun moments. Morning was fun and torture at the same time. I had difficulty speaking because of that cough so I had to adjust my voice and because of this, I got called "chipmunk" by Trish. In all seriousness, I did sound like a "chipmunk".

The day would have been good but then, that time ruined everything. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day. And I will have a haircut tomorrow as well. I plan to do something as well. I just do not know if I will continue with it.

"Let me live without this. . ."

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Mr. Was said...

Oh I know the feeling.
It is actually been happening to me right now as well.


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