"If I could fly! See the world beneath me!"
-If I Could Fly by OceanLab-

Boredom was the cause of me making this entry. I really have nothing to do. Well, depression is still present which makes my life jerky. What I did was so freaking stupid. I felt ashamed and heck, I might just as well avoid the person for me to learn my lesson. I see no hope of it getting fixed really. After all, I deserve this thing. Karma really strikes back fairly. So yeah, my advice is be careful with what you say guys.

Depression is still present. I have managed to not think a lot about some problems but heck, depression just really persists. Oh by the way, my birthday is near and heck, I feel unhappy about it for some reasons. One, the giving of report cards are getting nearer. Two, I fear my CLE, Math, and Physics grade. Three, I am still confused. Like I really don't know what to do with these emotions. Never mind. I can manage anyway.

I feel sorry to myself for doing that sh*tty thing. I am so damn pissed off. I feel like I really have to avoid the person. Well, anyway, I do not really know.

School life has been tough. Most of the time, you deal with college applications which give you a hard time since there are a ton of requirements that are needed to be processed. Then you have to line up for the processing then those numerous recommendation letters. Mah gawd.

Oh well, hopefully, I will have a good month of August. That is simply what I am hoping for.

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