"Sending out an S.O.S! Sending out an S.O.S"
-"Message In A Bottle" by The Police-

So yeah, when I woke up earlier, I was like sad and felt like a man who got lost in a betting match and lost millions of dollars. That is how depressed I am now. I feel like a total jerk for doing that thing. I feel like one moron who does not possess good moral conduct. I mean, I should have respected that and not asked that freaking question. It is just bullshit to the infinity.

Now, I do not know what to do. It's like facing the world with no one around you. I have been here before. The problem is that I am not that capable enough of making that right decision. For some reasons, I have still managed to conquer this problems. However, enough is enough. It's my sheer stupidity and immaturity that is causing this barrage of complicated problems. It's just plain and simple.

I am sorry really. I am really just stupid.

Depression really is a tough thing to overcome. You counter it with positivity. However, how can one be positive if there is nothing to be positive about in the first place? Damn it.

Before my frustration, caused by my inability to recognize that I have to be careful with my words, explodes, I will now end this entry.


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